IoT Chain - the chinese IOTA

Veeky Forums it’s literally retarded if you don’t stack up on this coin now. This is the most obvious 5x coin atm.

Read up on it and get in while mcap is so low.

820 here. Will I make it?

5x by Feb

what exchange you getting this on user?

you have double amount of me so yes we all will make it

Can it hit $100?

This is another icx or xlm or wabi ...

This is rocket tier


Fuck off I'm trying to accumulate

mcap isnt thaaat low really
any bigger western exchanges soon?

Look at IOTA's mc idiot. We're gonna shoot straight past that

Its accomplishing what IOTA wanted to accomplish, but its without the myriad of technical problems that IOTA had.

Also, Binance got sent 120k of these, so i mean one would think it would be listed there.

Iota is bad tech . This is the real thing

I stacked like 50eth worth. This will be 2b market cap this year, possibly before end of Q1

Okex is pretty bad, why can't I see all orders?

How big are the partnerships? Shill me the coin I’ll buy 10k

Huobi also works if you cant get it to work. Never used Okex so I cant really help you with that

this is going to run just like XRB. watch and cap this

Computer scientist here. Although the website looks pretty, the white paper and technical foundation seems rather week, some examples:

1) they have obviously no idea how PBFT works (they can't event name or explain it's phases properly) and a consortium-based Byzantine fault-tolerance protocol is not suitable for an open decentralized system.
2) Do they even know how to integrate the directed acyclic graph (DAG)? The purpose of DAG is establishing trust by having multiple validators forming a chain where the length of the chain is crucial for how trusted the transaction was (again completely different than consortium BFT where you achieve consensus among a majority of 2f+1 voters
3) roadmap is fucked up. They basically will not have a running TEST (!!) system before '19

My opinion: This is no better version of iota but rather a Chinese scam attempt.

You could write equal amounts of FUD for IOTA and that is worth $10 billion.

>Muh chink junk
That goes without saying

>Working product before coin is even on market
i dont think IOTA can beat that

Who the fuck cares, Verge had a 4 billion marketcap and went x200 and it's utter trash

when 5x?