You guys bought ARK right?


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Of course I did. Is 2000 enough?

when is it going to moon

Only have 300.

only have 250

literally now

i have f-forty

It's breaking out. Is anyone good with the Fibonacci retracement tool? Is this the breakout beyond the 38 line? pls respond


I'm so jaded about ark. Every time it breaks out, I am only disappointed

I've seen fractal projections taking it to .002 soon. That's right, over 3.5x from right now. But I'd be happy if we passed .001.

Is it departing? It's my only portfolio coin that hasn't made significant gains this week.

I don't understand what you said, i'm not good at this. Could you explain?

he's measuring it's value relative to bitcoin

Just got myself 3000 pal.

>The moonshoot will feel good bros.

I can't explain because it's just the way God designed the universe.

But I can show you this:

What do you mean by .002 and .001?

I only know how to draw the fibo retracement and my only knowledge of it is if it breaks the 38% line (like it has done now, right?) it will moon. Professional trader right here.

Is my theory correct?

Nobody understands what Ark is or how it works. It's never going anywhere.

My hands are of iron, forged in the fires of mount hodl, your fud is nothing to me

Don't project your stupidity on everyone else.

he's referring to ARK's price in BTC. Ark is currently at 0.000575 BTC.

>tfw left the ark at 52000

I deserve this punishment

0.00057633 BTC

I own ARK and have spent hours reading about it. The more I read, the more I don't understand what the fuck the point of holding ARK is when they talk about "smartbridged" transactions occurring off of the main chain.

smartbridges make using it to buy shit in the real world really easy, xlm and fairx make it the smarter investment imo, but ark has a smaller market cap and right now meme triangles are saying things that are sexier than anime

Yeah but I bought in late and now have weakhands.

when moon

literally now, some fuckboy whale is selling low to try and force it down, but his sellwalls are breaking


As soon as it gains momentum, the whales put up huge walls and back down it goes

Rinse and repeat since September

no, its breaking, check bitrex, the price is going up again, he always dumps his load all at once, it should be steady downwards at this point

Oh shit, it's actually doing it again.

Why does Ark have to entice me to actually keeping it off the exchange so well. I'm never able to flip these huge dildos because it's in the wallet.

Sold it all for ICX which will beat ARK in every way.

I mean you only make peanuts with the delegate system, you can make more flipping it, after this im dumping it into stellar lumens to triple my money again for FairX, its gonna be mint

It's fucking over. That fuckboi wins again

>I mean you only make peanuts with the delegate system, you can make more flipping it
Yeah, but you can also lose it. This was a really easy one to do IF you'd had it on hand though.

it dropped fuck all mate, people are buying and its still breaking the triangle, you watch, its going to go really fucking bullish any second now

Yeah. I bought 1200 at less than a dollar. Then made 100 through staking. Then I read the slack log. Then I looked at the price. Then I sold all but 100.

This coin is fucked. If you want a good Proof of Stake coin, check out COLX. It's like 60 sats right now.

Hope you're right, breh. I've seen this too many times. Ark would be at 20+ if these cocksuckers would stop playing games

I sold 1000 Ark yesterday for ICX. I'm still an Arkie, but you'd be fucking stupid not to hold ICX.



I can’t wait to sell this shitcoin and buy more stinky links


Cmon tars

This coin will never have a proper mooning as long as those whales are around

They are dumb as fuck

I honestly think these walls will be broken, its been steady around 60k sats for a while now, despite massive volume

Yep, they don't understand that by suppressing Ark's price they are only hurting themselves in the long run. Other projects (ICX) have already surpassed Ark because of the dumb games these fuck heads have been playing. The whales are either competitors or the Ark team themselves

Probably someone who invested in the ark team or someone on the team, it would explain why they're on so few trading platforms

No it’s because people like me will keep selling until some news about a real product comes out from the team. There is nothing this chain can do at the moment that every other major chain isn’t going to do in the next year. Make money while you can and bail

I remember months of LINK fud memes, which were hilarious, but this reminds me of that. ARK will moon yet.

I mean, its at least a 30 dollar coin in value imo, its just being tied to btc because of wharu

in other news, despite sellwalls, ARK is holding value above what wharu is trying to dump at

I doubt it will. Seen this happen too many time. After a big green spike you think it's gonna run only to have the whale shut things down and then the price will stagnate and languish for a few more weeks until the next random spike. Rinse and repeat the process

this is the dump and its going up not down, just hold on tight and pray the Arkmarines climb those walls

What abou ARK at the moment makes it worth over 1b? There are faster coins, coins with optional privacy, coins with VMs, coins with pay cards, coins with decentralized exchanges and here they are with 100m in development funds and can’t squeeze out a single one of these promised features. It’s going to die soon because they can’t move fast enough in any realm.

Also shit marketing and even their website is unclear what they are going to do next, so how long do you sit and wait? Are the staking rewards worth losing out on actual projects coming up worth over 1b?

I tried to warn them father

I've lost faith in ark mooning ever
still holding my bags from last summer though because I'm a retard

Ark isnt shit compared to a lot of the lowcap projects at the moment, but its also already out there, which means more people will find out about it, even if eventually these better projects kill it, its why btc and eth have high market dominance despite being shit


So much this. Fellow retarded arkie holder. Got cucked by Ark so badly

Yeah and your BTC and ETH buy you less and less every day. Good reasoning.

Thats a really stupid thing to say in a market crash, especially after btc hit a 21k ceiling a week ago

it isnt rocket surgery


i'm still accumulating

wat dis

As a long time holder, I would advise against accumulating more Ark. Why would you accumulate when there are so many other projects out there that are growing so much more quickly and are doing the same things as Ark? It's like you want to invest in bonds instead of crypto

the sexy asian loli that is sucking your dick fampaichi

800 enough? I get around 1.3 weekly

The most obvious 3x-5x of the history of crypto

Yeah, you may be able to afford a used Kia Sorento at the end of this year

I really want some movement, the devs being unsure of how to use ARKVM and how the token will function in the ecosystem has made me so tired. I can't imagine selling because of the staked gains but I just want some good news either from the devs or from the price finally going somewhere

also fuck the whale, why is he so autistic, he should have cut this shit out weeks ago if not months ago

if you feel the urge to sell, that's when you should hold the tightest. the whales want to break you, they want a get a hold onto those big ico accounts

People holding ARK bags when ICX is gonna dumpster you in under a month holy fuck. You waiting for ARK to go past $10

>accumulating this late

sz mate we are gone

it's not that I feel the urge to sell, I somehow feel trapped in this coin because of staking and I'm afraid to take the risk of selling
my real fear is that the devs seem uncertain of how to move forward. They're also sitting on a ton of money and aren't marketing all while djselery and canna still somehow have a job and push people away with the stupid shit they say

The whale really is absolutely destroying the project. In the time he started this fuckers multiple competitors have come along and surpassed Ark in market cap, public awareness, hype, partnerships, everything.

I'm not sure if his intentions are to accumulate more Ark or are simply nefarious and intended to ruin this project. If it's the former, he must be brainlet because he doesn't realize that what he's doing is harming the project long-term. He's fucking us all

That high was a lower dominance high then ever

yeah btc is dying, but its been shit since 2013, and eth wont die for another few years either, my point remains

It’s probably Lisk lol

I really thought that getting the coin on more exchanges would kill his efforts but nothing has really happened

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It's okay user 20 ark more and you're looking at minimum monthly payout on biz_classic


>In crypto
>Professional trader

Well that sucked

Maybe tomorrow it'll moon..

it consolidated at higher than 55k not sure what you expect, straight moon up to 200k?

The ARK / REQ partnership will be huge.

Pulling an XRB or ICX would be sweet

it would indeed, user...

The whale cucks Ark once again

he's gonna end up cucking himself if he keeps doing this

>can do at the moment
>that every chain isn't going to do in the future

As well as the rest of us deluded arkies

It hurts so much. I got in so late (around $3.20), but was full of enthusiasm because the project is so promising and biz_network is so great.

But these fucks constantly hold us back while normies randomly buy literal scams and go 10x in days.