Alright Veeky Forums, I cashed out $900k, and now I'm needing something to make the money seem real...

Alright Veeky Forums, I cashed out $900k, and now I'm needing something to make the money seem real, so I've decided that I'll be getting a sailboat. My question to you Veeky Forums, is which sailing yacht would you buy in the $100k-$120k price range. Right now I'm drawn to the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43DS (pic related), but I'd like your opinions and suggestions.

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>Using over 1/9th of your cashed out money on a fucking boat

>muh boat

Buy a decent car(decent, not a porsche) with those money, idiot, don't waste them on a boat, unless you also have an island to run to during an apocalypse

Another fag who made it is about to get rekt by the “buy a boat” meme kek. I honestly don’t even know why so many people far for this shit.

I once inherited a million dollars, let me tell you that even if you don’t fall for the boat meme, you’ll be down to 300k within two years, at which point UNABATED FEAR will tear through you as you desperately invest left and right to reclaim your millionaire status and by the time you realise how dumbly you spent money you’ll be down to 100k.

>tfw I literally have a bank statement that shows 90k expenses in one month

The operating costs and upkeep coupled with inital cost will easily drain 1/3 of this guys wealth.

fucking kek

this one should be right up your alley OP

Fuck you

If I inherited 1M I would probably live off it for the rest of my life, how could you do this?

This is a nice bait thread, you got tons of (You)s and they all fell for it

9/10, expert level

You're going to end up poor just like everyone else who encountered a windfall and have no clue how to manage money. Your problem is that you see 900k as money to spend, not as an income generating pile of principal. Spending 120k out of 900k has a huge opportunity cost, not to mention the cost of insurance, maintenance, marina spot, and other expenses for a yacht. You have an opportunity to be set and enjoy a high quality of life until you die. You're going to squander it. What's next after the boat, membership and expensive meals at the boating club? A sports car to go with it? A new mast?

Charter a yacht for a day instead of buying

>user enjoying sunny days on his boat with some girls in bikinis (girls fucking love boats) while you are circlejerking with hodlfags around your portfolio full of fake digital money in shitcoins

I thought boats and stupid shit like that are what you buy when you're a multimillionaire?

I'm actually being serious guys, I've got another $3.2m still in crypto, and $800k in safer investments. I've done the sailing/yachting thing since I was 14 with my dad on his boat, and I'd like to get one for myself. I'm aware of the expenses, but it's something I'd like to do.

A fool and his money are easily parted. You fucked up idiot not everyone is as dumb as you.

do it while you are young and you will look back at it as the best years of your life, bro

If you missed all the good coins, come here before its too late

A slightly used Subaru Impreza WRX is the only Veeky Forums approved vehicle

are you gay?

Hold your cash until the next recession, or buy a boat in a country in a recession. Sailboats were being pretty much given away in 2011 in the US.

Lmao fucking brainlet

cant argue with that. boat looks nice, get it.

Everybody knows: if it floats,flys, or fucks - rent it.

Rent the boat you fucking dipshit
You're not gonna sail more than once or twice

This is all you OP.

OP do you even know how to sail?

dont get a jeannaeu they are factory line plastic-y shit no one will respect you for. Its the same as beneteau or other shit. get a Hanse or a swan or soethin. DYOR

Buy a fucking boat user and live your life while you still have time and money.
Don't listen to the envious snakes on here that are constantly moaning about shitcoins. Don't listen to the sociopaths that say "invest" all the time and realize one day they are 50 years old and their dicks don't work, but they still have fake millions in crypto. JUST be smart about it and you will be fine.
Do a cost and up-keep analysis and make your own decision about what will make this shitty existence more enjoyable.

Because he doesnt know the value of money or hard work

I only bought a sailing book because of L O S T.

OP I’m not a hater! I’m happy for you! But please wait to buy a boat... build passive forms of income first! Boats are just holes in the water you throw money into...
if you want nice toys atleast buy things that hold value well like guns...

Jeanneau's S.O range are nice mate.
If you're into the luxury lines, check Beneteau? 423 same sort of size.

Had my eyes on a Moody 42 for a while but ultimately wouldn't want to be single handling it. Not as flashy, but have a thing for them.

Man, I worked for the first time this year as a low-tier officer worker with a 40 days contract and I earned about 2300 dollars.

It was a terrible experience, and to think that could be the rest of my life scares me to death

I do actually, I've done a florida-nova Scotia transit with my dad, as well as a shit load of day sailing, and I'll be getting my royal yachting squadron yacht master designation after I complete 2 more courses this spring.

Any specific models you'd recommend?

Last pic.

Isbn 0756609445

That's cool man. How do you recommend I get into sailing this late in life? I'm in my early 30s. Got a badass power boat already (radon 26) but have always been interested in sailing.

What book is this?

What a waste of money

I just posted the isbn

everyone here is right about what money pits boats are. That said, I myself would someday like my own boat. More of a motoryacht guy than a sailboat guy, but I would like to learn how to sail too. Enjoy it OP, but sock away some "maintenance" money!

>Someday Azimut, someday

i plan to do this. buyer one towards the lower end of your price bracket. expect to pay 50% again on top to make it sea worthy. live like a sea gypsy for a year. your other crypto will be worth more.

If I'm honest, early 30s is still plenty young to get into it, my dad was in his fifties when he started. I'd recommend looking up local sail trainers and doing courses with them, you'll want to work towards ASA or Royal Yachting certs. You can also look at crewing boats for transits. If you just want to dip your toes in to ownership, then something like a c&c 30 or a Bayfield 29 would be a good cheap option for $10-15k while being big enough to be able to stand up inside and enjoy your time on the water. Also don't be scared off by all of the boomers at the marina.

Dude a Hurricane ripped through the gulf a few times there Should be pleanty of CHEAP slavage title boats

OP is a retard that will be poor within a year or two, the thread.

Jesus, how can people be this stupid...


Tfw i was supposed to be you , motherfucker , i wanted to buy 32 btc in 2011 for 200 usd and everyone shill against me and no one let me use their bank account and this was pre localbitcoins.

I wanted to sail all over the world but since you faggot jumped onboard and i did not i will help you at least.
First off don´t buy that buy an old sailboat full keel , buy an old one and restore it and don´t buy something as big.
Buy something like a Baba 35 or a Hallberg Rassy 35

Now if you excuse me im going to put a bullet in my brain.

You'll probably get more serious responses in

Don’t forget:
Docking fees
Sailing classes if you need them
Gas (boats hold and burn tons of gas and it adds up real quick)
And of course the depreciation.

Just figure on spending whatever the boat costs if you keep it for 5 years.


you buy boats like that when you have 10-50 million.
not fucking 900k

How long would it take to really cash out 900k? Coinbase is 10k a week? Kraken is 100k a year.

Coinbase can be raised.

>im a retard therefore everyone else is
good job squandering the money someone worked hard for and left you

>decent, not a porsche
fucking kys

porsche is unironically the greatest car manufacturer in the world

They have boat clubs you can join for a few hundred monthly. I would recommend that unless you plan to actually sail around the world. No point in buying one of you're just going out on the weekend to fish and drink

OP, you're living the dream. Ignore this bullshit FUD. A sailing yacht is the dream of many, man. Congrats. Just watch out for maintenance costs as other anons have pointed out. Maybe buy a cheaper one at first just to test the waters.

A smaller one is actually better for places in the Bahamas with shallow waters. You'll feel like a pirate, mate.

>Not a Porsche
LMAO dumb cunt

Top Kek

I also bought a boat from crypto. But it is a hobby, no investment.

My fiance to be and I are un-ironically looking into buying a seaworthy houseboat .
These are some luxury ones, but they have 5 different types.
Check it out!

>My fiance to be
>My wife to be to be
Just say girlfriend you fucking faggot, what did you buy her a promise ring?

If you're not just LARPing, please don't buy a boat. You think you're going to use it and have the time of your life doing so but you're not. It's a tremendous amount of upkeep and effort. If you don't have someone to do all the work of maintaining it for you, then you're buying yourself an unbelievably expensive chore. Just another goddamn thing you have to worry about and deal with. Don't buy a boat.

nigger don't do it

it's about the dumbest idea you could have

Let me join you as your crew and let us sail across the seas trading crypto via satlink internet and generally fucking off from port to port. I dont want to be paid I just want to adventure.

Pls respond.

I'd be down, where are you located?

if you ask this board every idea is stupid because everyone is to greedy to actually spend a money and enjoy in life.

New jersey

>enjoy in life

Does seriously anyone here enjoy their lives?

Fuck. that's not too far actually. I'll probably post in a couple of months if/when I get the boat. Keep lurking until then, I'll be sure to make a thread when it happens.

add me on snap if u want

actually i dont care about the snap thing but i do have a question... do you hodl majority?

As in what coins do I hold/how did I make my money?

A few thoughts spring to mind here. Many of the people saying "Don't do it, it's just one more thing to worry about and put energy and money into maintaining" have the underlying assumption that it's just one part of your normal life, which also involves owning a house, paying taxes, and having a stable permanent on land presence in some country where you have all the normal responsibilities that go with that. It has always seemed to me that if you completely abandon the on-shore responsibilities and make living at sea your only responsibilities, then instead of adding to responsibilities, actually you're taking them away.
This gets more and more the case as boats get more technologically advanced and lower human maintenance required, when it is less economically burdensome to own effectively a large comfortable home that you can re-locate around the world at will via the ocean, the whole argument against not doing it based on the liabilities collapses somewhat.
Also, seeing this discussion between yourself and another and having seen it repeated many times, enough people seem to have this same idea that I wonder if it might be profitable to join forces and get something larger, an old cruise ship or something of that nature, and keep a permanent crew as well so the owners really do just use the facilities as if they were a house. Something like the cruise ship "the world" except not as pretentious and status signalling, and more like something to abandon the nations of the world and pursue goals unbounded by them.


>buys tiny boat for 100k

kek lul

Bought $15k of BTC at $450
Bought $15k of ETH at $8
Made it on numerous other moon missions and lucky buys, recently got lucky with ADA, bought $100k at 3¢, also did well with ripple recently. I've just been at it long enough with enough initial capital for it to not be anything too special, a lot of it has been luck.

Currently I've got a bunch in DBC and POET.

Sailing yachts are entirely different to motor yachts, you can't really compare them.

It could be worse. You could have sold 100 BTC for 30k, thinking you made a killing.

I've seriously considered braining myself.

Do you even know how to sail, user? If not, why the hell is this your first major purchase? If you are actually interested in it, learn about it and get some training. Don't just buy a boat because Hollywood taught you that's what real richfags do lol.

OP normally I would suggest staying the fuck away from boats but since you know very well what you'll be getting into then I say go for it.

really good post user

Ignore the faggots OP. A boat is a great investment for your family to escape the country if the shit hits the fan. Get whatever you want but make sure it has a good stock of provisions. Lots of seeds too so you can set up a farm once you find yourself an island. Maps too. Seeds+Maps+boat=winning

The Veeky Forums boat full of pajeets

For that price range I would get 50ft probably so I can cross oceans

If OP is for real then this is a prime example of the difference between a rich man and a poor man with a lot of money.

Why the fuck are you buying a boat? Unless it's been your lifelong dream then don't blow your money on a whim.

Dumb shit like this is precisely the reason most loterry winners are back in the gutter 12 years after they get their cash.

possibly the ugliest p.o.s. I've ever seen

fucking underrated post

Sometimes I really believe Veeky Forums is nothing but 16-24 y/o dudes. Y'all are so immature sometimes.
>muh boat
>muh super car
>muh mansion

Good point.
But having 75k LINK has allowed us to plan out our next 10 years realistically.
Eventually get married somewhere along the line and sail the world.
2018 is going to be fun :)

OP, unlike plebs, charter first some Athena 38 catamaran or something along this line.
The sea and parties are best enjoyed on catamarans.

So you insult my idea without posting your ante?
Get real douchebag.