This has been baffling me for weeks

So when Bitcoin dies, will BITCOIN cash die with it? Will it stay relevant as a pair and store of value because of it's security, better utility, and upcoming smart contacts?
>Inb4 no one knows
You wisefags tell me what you think of bcash

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If bitcoin dies it's its own fault. Bitcoin cash is free from the limitations the core has imposed on itself. You would see a large correction alongside every other coin but BCH would be one of the best picks at this point. Implying BCH wasn't what killed BTC in the first place.

Yes. Bitcoin and BCH are destroying each other and people are flocking to coins with better tech - privacy, low fees, speed.

yea but those coins dont matter if no merchants use them. its just speculative

when btc dies bch will have the strongest network in the business all for itself

those miners are not going away, and all there is to mine is btc and bch. those miners are some of the richest people in the world, never forget that. they will keep the golden goose alive. but btc will dies, its already choking on its own puke, it was poisoned by blockstream

No. No one cares about BCH for any fundamental reasons. It's a coin propped up by bag holders and shills who hope someday somehow they can steal BTC's place.

They're partly the reason BTC's in such a depressed state.

>when btc dies
wont be on your lifetime, cashie
>those miners are some of the richest people in the world
lmao are you fucking serious..


go back to plebbit datadash, you're retarded

But we now have currency agnostic protocols like REQ or OMG
Buttcorners and bcucks can get fucked for all i care

merchants are adopting bitcoin cash.

>t.smalltime niche merchant accepting only bch as payment

I've been taking btc as payment since 2011, fully switched to bch. I have a good friend who runs an anonymous vps service that also only takes BCH.

darknet markets are also switching to BCH. if you didn't buy as much as you could at $300-$600 I'm just sorry for you at this point

>ethereum doesn't move shit
>bitcoin silently tanking

what a load of bullshit


Bitcoin Segwit is destroying itself. Bitcoin Cash is doing what Bitcoin Segwit was doing before Blockstream took control.

If Bitcoin Cash is responsible for keeping Bitcoin alive and well. Bitcoin Segwit is not Bitcoin. Bitcoin Segwit was a fork off of Bitcoin (Cash)

Scaling is the most important aspect. BCH is the only one openly shooting for over 30k a second.

>ethereum doesn't move shit

Lol, okay Raheesh, just bought 100k

>corecucks don't know 1 million tx/sec has already been tested
>corecucks dont know craig wright is actually satoshi
>nchain (satoshi) patenting amazing scaling tech and licensing it for free to bch

I suggest you go read all of satoshi's old posts. or buy the book of satoshi on amazon if you are lazy. then go watch the talks craig wright has been doing the last couple months. and buy some fucking bitcoin (cash)

>yea but those coins dont matter if no merchants use them
Guess what, no merchants are using BTC or BCH. It's all speculative.

>Bitcoin Segwit was a fork off of Bitcoin (Cash)
Ok Roger, I respect your point of view.

Yeap. All this infighting are only exposing flaws of blockchain technology itself. Fast, low fees, private transactions, etc. Literally a plethora of choices in the market right now. I think we still have 2-3 years min-max to discuss nuances of transactions using crypto. Since nothing has even begun adopting any form of transactions aside from bitcoin in japan and vending machines in SK.

>muh satoshi's vision
I'm sure he would be fucking happy to see so many altcoins pop up, and people having the option of BTC and BCH.

What I still do not understand is WHY we must have one or the other? How about just having both.

Bitcoin cash will die before Bitcoin does.

Bitcoin has two small chances to survive. Being used as a reserve currency by banks disregarding the utility and lightning network whenever it's finished.

Bitcoin cash has nothing when compared to other alts.

>So when Bitcoin dies, will BITCOIN cash die with it?
Anything with the same or a similar name will be put on a bad light and people will rather use BitBeans.

You mean BeanCash??? (Satoshi's vision btw)

>WHY we must have one or the other? How about just having both.

of course we will have both. there will be diehard lunatics still mining both chains no matter the price. I just see much more upside with BCH. And I see too much risk holding BTC. At this point the segwit chain is being kept alive by the miners but they could send it to chain death spiral at any time unless core hardforks the PoW algo or the difficulty algo. And the possibility of a full satoshi reveal plus dumpening of 1million+ segwit coins would crash btc to $0 temporarily.

Bcash will soon be 0.1 of BTC. It won't go away completely, but it'll be largely irrelevant soon. Screencap this.

>And the possibility of a full satoshi reveal plus dumpening of 1million+ segwit coins would crash btc to $0

I doubt Satoshi would dump his coins, he would probably just start shitcoin ICOs. Nor would him dumping 1m coins cause the price to go to zero

Oh and BTC doesn't have to change, that's what forks are for.. The vast majority of people perceive it as a store of value (yeah, that meme, but it's the truth) and it works just fine in that function. There is nothing wrong with leaving BTC be and spending BCH at the same time. There does not need to be a flippening. Straight retarded.

And as good as this is for alts, you have to consider how BTC being destroyed will destroy the credibility of cryptocurrency.

agreed he probably would not dump. right now as an outsider to me it looks like:

>craig has proven ownership of genesis block to the people that matter - gavin etc.
>this opened the door to investors
>supposedly his 1m BTC is locked in a multisig trust until 2020, possibly multiple others of the satoshi team are dead (hal,dave kleinmann)
>probably craig has been borrowing against it to private investors to fund nchain

will be interesting to see what happens in the coming couple of years

bitcoin cash seems mostly irrelevant, no?

also to add, the leaked emails and docs indicated craig and dave kleinmann operated a BTC mining operation early on, so its probable that craig has more early BTC than the 1,110,111 locked in the Tulip trust

That story is a load of shit and everyone knows it. I think they are just trying to profit as much as possible from this endeavor. I believe their greed will destroy them.

It's quite clear who made BTC and what their intentions were.

Care to elaborate? It's not clear to brainlets like me

Then how come very few people that have looked at the evidence and still dont believe it?

The small and loud minority knows this too. But they do know that getting on board something that can be seen 'as a contender for the bitcoin name' is EXTREMELY profitable.

If they are not that cunning, then they are being inducted into a cult like mindset. Luckily for them, they are near the top of the pyramid.

Look up what "Satoshi" and "Nakamoto" means in Japanese. Such a big clue-in

>muh satoshi cult

yeah I get your point but I am looking at the fundamentals. BCH is just a better bitcoin. Fuck, it IS bitcoin before it was irreverably destroyed by segwit. And you can't dismiss Craig's academic background so regardless if he is or isn't satoshi, he is bringing legitimate tech improvements to bitcoin.

If it scales, it wins. 'muh centralization' is not a valid argument either.

Im not dismissing Craig's intellect or ability, or even Roger's passion for Bitcoin... I question their intentions and how badly this can turn out for the Bitcoin 'brand' as a whole.

Still not convinced BTC has to change when there are alternatives to BTC. A lot of them

BTW, do you think Satoshi could buy blockstream? Was wondering what would happen if he came out and did that.
>Sugar city as the main cause?
>A clever chronicling of history as a book that is in the process of happening and throughout (all nodes).??

For useful coin information

>The Central Intelligence translation is too simple
>Check out how indirect of a language Japanese is!


bitcoin cash seems linked to bitcoin in some way, price depends too much on it, I expect it to die as well.

Everything will die for a while, but BTC will just be replaced by the closest thing to it. (Which at the moment is fucking Ripple, and that's VERY scary)

It's in everyone's best interest to replace the pope of funny internet monyz as soon as possible.

I believe both will tank and take all alts with it. Afterwards BCH will emerge as one of the top coins leaving BTC behind until it scales or becomes completely irrelevant

It's called BITBEAN CASH!!

bitcoin may loose value and hover around 10k
but it probably will never die out completely

kek... So, about BeanCash