Where are you my niggas? Show yourselves

Where are you my niggas? Show yourselves

Picked up more last night, hoping it dips again today and I will do the same.

fuck off samefag pajeet

COLX is not a Pajeet coin and it has resulted in nothing but fat gainz so far, kill yourself.

why is this always at 70 sats?

i saw it go up to 100 and down to 50 and then back to 70

cryptopia when? Veeky Forums were first movers on colx so most holders here should have a masternode making it truly /our/ coin

where do I buy this coin? Binance doesn't list it

Coinsmarket or tradesatoshi.

I refuse to use those Pajeet exchanges. Until this fucking thing can AT LEAST get on cryptopia I'm staying clear and I've been following it since 23 sats, not mad, but come on any coin can get on cryptopia.

>tfw bought at 4 sats
not touching my wallet until at least 2000 sats. it will pull a verge sometime in 2018, just wait and see

Well, I'd get in before the whitepaper releases this month!

the releasing of the nw whitepaper and roadmap isnt even the best thing. in january alone, colx will be listed on cryptopia, zerocoin will be implemented and then the whitepaper and so on

That's what everybody thinks though. People who make the extra effort to get on pajeet exchanges get rewarded

what's wrong with the pajeet exchanges? Do they scam?

coinsmarkets was pretty easy to use. no ID needed, can just buy your shit and withdraw it out of that shit exchange

waiting for cryptopia, they should just pay shillAfee to pull a verge then

500k holder

Whats the chanes this gets to .50 cent at least?

i dont see it happening but i also said xvg would never get to 10c. coin burn+ mn lockuo can lead to a nice supply squeeze

what makes this coin special in the sea of sub 100mil privacy coins? it just looks like a pivx fork with a different supply.

In with 10mil MN @

as much as I like this coin, it still having a retarded name after the 17th coin swap rebrand makes me kek from time to time

I don't think people trust MacAfee anymore bro.