Where can I run to escape crypto taxes?

where can I run to escape crypto taxes?

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1. Warm weather
2. Legal drug use
3. Low cost of living
4. Low cost of Brazilian whores
5. No crypto tax

>5. No crypto tax
proof please


1.Hot girls
2.13% tax
3.GDP will grow to 8 trillion at least until 2050
4. Once you want to invest in real things put money in Norilsk Nickel

prison, unless you denounce citizenship and never step back in USA again

Don't come to Switzerland. We're full. Okay? Comprende, amigo? Good.


1. Warm Weather
2. Legal drug use
3. Low cost of living
4. Low cost of Indian whores
5. No crypto tax

>4. Low cost of Indian whores
not everyone wants to rape the std ridden casteless roasties

thank god I'm not an American

what's the crypto tax situation like in CH?

>what's the crypto tax situation like in CH?
None of your business.

Is it true that New Zealand might a good option to cash out? I daydream about having a huge ranch for me and my family to live at with some sheep and dogs.

>thank god I'm not an American
I'm pretty sure the same protocol exists for any modern-day nation. No government is going to just let you not pay taxes on money earned while still a citizen of that nation.

Did you really earn to have to escape the country like a thief?
I will pay my taxes and let every snake in my life who ever doubted me, know that I made it. Driving my lambos , fucking the sloots

spit it out you mountain Jew

Who cares about being American when you have millions of dollars

>Low cost of Indian whores

Given what the average Ganges-bathing Indian female is like, I vomit at the thought of a prostitute in India. Everything in India is a fucking disease.

>modern-day nation
Please. Who are you kidding? You're getting assraped by your government (or those behind, glowing in the dark...), and all you do is clap. Very funny. You know, burger, you guys were cool, once upon a time, as it still as usus to toss tea out into the sea, and grab your fucking guns and go shoot some fucking president. Just look at you. What have you become?

All crypto gains are tax free. You just pay tax on your wealth and fortune at the end of the year, which isn't too much, in comparison anyways. End of the story.

nope. for non-Americans, it doesn't matter what your citizenship is only where your residence is
you will likely by liable for taxation on all income and profits derived during your stay in that country but it'll cease the moment you become a tax resident elsewhere
only America employs such a cuckening tax system

Puerto Rico is crypto tax free. Only takes 183 days of living there to establish your residence.


good shit. what's the total EOY wealth tax? how can I calculate it?

literally this. if you get rich you should leave the US and move to a low cost country that's still safe enough with sufficiently decent infrastructure and health care system and live like a king for cheaper.
the US is great due to its very high salaries and financial opportunities if you're during the FIAT accumulation phase but once you're done accumulating why spend it on overpriced coffee and real estate?

btw what cantons are the most recommended for crypto in CH? you're probably still gonna get cucked at the federal level

>You just pay tax on your wealth and fortune at the end of the year

Wow, so paying % of your wealth over a lifetime vs. paying a one time fee. Sure sounds like a great deal...

Warm weather
Black sea, sand beach
Tax only 10%, if you want to pay it

>what's the total EOY wealth tax? how can I calculate it?
depends on the canton you're situated in. See: estv.admin.ch/estv/en/home/allgemein/steuerinformationen/fachinformationen/schweizerisches-steuersystem/das-schweizerische-steuersystem.html


1. From 14% to 65% tax
2. Vibrant multicultural society
3. Le strong leader president
4. Middle high cost of living
5. About to collapse in the next decades

in austria crypto gains are 100% tax free as long as you hold minimum 1 year

Hmm, not sure. Probably Zug. Maybe some other, wealthier mountain jew around here knows.

>implying other countries don't have a tax on wealth/fortune

>living somewhere with snow

I'd rather be dead thanks.

>as long as you hold minimum 1 year
why are there such bullshit rules in place? What's the fucking reasoning here? Well, still better than burger laws. Or can you imagine paying taxes on each and every fucking traded? top kek

>You're getting assraped by your government (or those behind, glowing in the dark...), and all you do is clap.
>mfw I wanted Trump to win
>mfw he's been delivering

let me guess, you also can not swim, and you don't know your father.


>pay over your lifetime
>pay one time

Yeah, I think I'll stay in America thanks.

its meant to "punish" speculations

but yes, worlds better than burker tax laws


Delete this I'm not done accumulating

>implying you can't "optimize" your taxes and shit
I mean.. once you're that fucking rich...

> what's the crypto tax situation like in CH?

No income tax. But wealth tax, which is very little. Cost of living here is ridiculous though. Don't come.

No income tax? What? You mean capital gains tax from crypto?

Portugal has no crypto tax.

What if the kings of crypto decide to buy large parts of an independent island country, to make it the crypto capital of the world?

> No income tax? What? You mean capital gains tax from crypto?
No income tax on investments. No capital gains tax on investments. Just a wealth tax levied on your total net worth.

Any Danes here? Am Norwegian living in Denmark, so I got a bank account and stuff in both countries. Apperently its the only country i Scandinavia without a tax on Bitcoin, but I've heard that they are thinking of implenting a tax on it. Anyone who could fill me in on this?

I'm norwegian but can confirm there's a 25% tax in Norway and no tax in denmark at the moment but nobody knows for how long

here, fuckers cointelegraph.com/news/ukrainian-top-lawmaker-wants-to-exempt-crypto-income-and-profits-from-taxation

can someone please confirm this Portugal meme?

but as long as you dont cash out and hide your crypptos...you dont get taxed on that net worth?

Yeah. Been talking with my other Norwegian friends and they are considering to send me their crypto so that they can avoid the tax. Nothing illegal there right?

I though there was a city literally paying you to live there because everyone was old and dying in Switzerland.

yes. up in some mountain shithole in Valais. Is jew trick. Don't come.

Delivering what?

Does it count if you made all your gains before moving there?

Peru, literally no one here cares about crypto enough yet, the government is fighting itself because of odebrech garbage.

I can even give you a tour myself desu (By Peru I mean Lima).

Food is delicious, if you're white you get girls easily and the climate is always okay never too cold.


Have you reported any capital gains for crypto?
>tfw student og frikort B-)

Puerto Rico, no capital gains tax, easy women. Watch out for shit skins with guns and corrupt police.


But you have to worry about Russia invading all the time.