LINK may possible be in the next palm beacb report

Not even trying to shill. We all know this coin is super undervalued and has a huge potential, but if this is what I’m thinking, the moon mission will begin sooner than we all expect.


let them FOMO in later

the supply is already constrained like XVG was and now we're 2 months from a huge bull run

> Community: 7

The fuck? We literally have the best memes!

Shhhh just FUD it, if any bizraelis are sleeping on this they deserve to be poor

That some 2017 shit, it's all about Mcovfefe's twitter pumps in 2018.

You say not trying to shill
And then you post a 100% fake picture

Why, user?

You clearly don’t know PBC shill

If you visit this board and didn't buy any LINK, I'm sorry but you're late and retarded and by the time the peanut faggot tells the boomers about it, it will be $3 each.

they have a community grade? kek...


normies don't deserve our gains

we are the equivalent of early ETH holders (which had the same massive FUD as LINK when ETH was only $1)

If you listened to Veeky Forums and did some research with ETH, you would've realized Smart Contracts are the future and could've 500× your money.

LINK will minimum go 100x probably 10x fairly soon here.

We could easily see more than 100x though.

I'm holding on to my stack till the nodes are released

I think the people bullying Rory bought the score down

They are talking about reddit and twitter, who haven't got in yet.

I fell for the ETH fud way back then, ain't made that mistake this time nigga!

When's the dip so I can finally buy in?

the dip was 15 cents'

with the whales owning most of the supply, the time for dips are over

All those green name tags......

This is 100% fake right?

no its from rowling stone

Why does this mean it might be in PBC? Rowlingstone looks like its just two gay guys.

B-but calling his stepdaughter his wife's black mistake was fun

That isn't the format the PBC buy alerts/ reports have been in the past.

t. PBC subscriber

The retarded LINK shilling is what makes me never want to even look into what it does, just like bazinga coin. Please stop pajeets, I know you can't because you aren't humans. We need flags.

You had your chance to buy in a month ago, your FUDing won't affect the price anymore

>as participating organisation can settle payments and transactions in LINK rather than traditional fiat currency

I hope that by "participating organisations" they actually meant the data demander and data provider (node operator) and not banks sending links to eachother like they could send ripple.

Either someone didn't express himself correctly or they have no idea about Chainlink

It is the format of the Rowlingstone newsletter, which I had never heard of, but I don't follow crypto newsletters, and it seems like its an unimportant one. So this might be real.

I don't understand why the OP is saying this has anything to do with PBC though other than dumb shilling.