Rate mine plz

Wtf is payfair? Shill me on it... Also glad to see everyone's switching to delta

You just not put your ark on your delta?
Also are you new that's not a lot of coins... 6/10

>228k PFR
>tfw only have 20k

I would drop XMR & LTC. The prices are too high. Cheaper coins are more likely to double in price faster.

I personally hate IOTA. The wallet is horrible. I think it's overpriced. The price hasn't been doing anything for a while.

I would drop Po.Et for right now and buy back in when it costs 30 cents or less

A simple reason.

I don't give a shit about whether it will be implemented in the future longterm. Hell, I don't even give a shit if it's a pyramid scam.

The coin is 3 fucking cents. I'm buying even if it's nothing but a scamcoin i'm buying in at the bottom.

And Biz shilling it means it's eventually going to go up even if only temporarily.

only newfags use delta

also PFR is a scam


Muh Blockfolio... Yeah ok, it fuckin crashes constantly.

Sorry it doesn't work on your iphone


Today I finally realised I'm a retard

Got into alts on Dec 17th, the %ages are all time gains in fiat terms. Anything to move around? If BTC and ETH recovers, my whole portfolio moves up.

Funfair, chain link are good holds, never heard about the rest.
IMO little too diversified for big gains. Put more into funfair if you're holding for good gains, otherwise just keep researching and buying the dips. A lot of coins will 2-5x early 2018

Looks solid, you have way more funds than me

LG G6 cuck, where's your portfolio btw

you never heard of my coins anyway

Started off in August with 2k dollars red pulse and req will take next year imo

Translation: I only hodl fiat

Certified chad reporting in

Started with around 8k.

Believe anons.

Rate me

Any suggestions welcome, just started yesterday. Right now im just getting my feet wet.

I need advice what do

Changing my folio from left to right today. Did I do good?