I held about 5 coins that mooned over 300% in the last 30 days, some mooned 1000%+. I sold them all for BTC when it approached to $10k and never bought back into anything. Furthermore, I sold btc at 12.1k, rebought at 17.2k, and sold at 18.6k

I've been trading for over half a year and can't believe how fucking stupid I am

Fuck you

bitch what the fuck

i sold req at 0.00045

Forgive me father for I have sinned.

I have bought high and sold low to the point where I lost 90% of my initial investment.

I get complacent when my coins are doing well and overgreed past the points where I told myself I would exit until I end barely making 10% if lucky.

On that point, should I sell XRP?

Yes buy XLM

I bought ltc at 322

I would have 2x-5x more if i had strong hands, but always got FOMO'ed. Also I'm a poorfag and still keeping 2/3 of my money on bank

I fell for an etherdelta clone site and instead of checking the ssl I went ahead and imported my wallet EVEN THOUGH I WAS ON THE CORRECT SITE FIRST.
Bye bye 70 eth and the rocket mission that would have been mine.
That money wuz savings btw

Im shorting bitcoin to 7k.

I have weak hands. The only reason I’ve been able to make money is due to luck.

I sold my stack of REQ sub ICO because I'm a complete faggot. Later I got in at $0.06, but now I could be 20K REQ instead of 11K


Fuck I'd unironically think about killing myself.

Fuck me thats atrocious

I bought 30million Mooncoin at 1 sat and haven't sold any...

I sold my 300k REQ stack 2 days ago at 34 cents, not even kidding

now have 130k usd instead of 250k usd, I want to fucking die

fucking comical


it hurts mate, it hurts

Smoke sum inwuyana lad, you'll be poor forever

I own LINK.

did not sell xvg at 1 700

I cashed out amidst BTC fallout, due to being disgusted by cuckbase bcash dump.
Feels so bad being nocoiner

I'm a normie

I lost a wallet with 50+ ETH too brother


Stay strong man....