Congrats on this, seriously

congrats on this, seriously

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Personally think this moon was like a month early, but thanks.

is 50 k link enough to make it anons?

>that fucking wall

>He doesn't know

user.. Multiple investment companies have published reports that they think REQ is the best investment in the ENTIRE CRYPTO MARKET.

Please also think about the Ycombinator connection between Coinbase and Request Network.

Exactly this. Not sure if we can sustain a random moon like this. Nothing will come in the next weeks to month.

i had a couple hundred REQ sold them at like .33 cents to buy some other coins.
Oh well. You cant win them all.
congrats i always knew REQ would make it but there are just too many good coins out.

Did the exact same fucking thing, are you planning to get back in? or don't you see a point anymore

>got into the coin meme now in December
>always felt this was the right bet

I'm a nocoiner and better than you

Where do you go to buy REQ?

Traded my req and ada for xrp when it was .66. Might buy back in, but xrb and xspec are looking too good right now.

Do you hear yourself?


Not too late user.

I just sold the remainder of my XVG and LINK bags and went all in to REQ. This has momentum like we've seen with ANS back in the day.

Don't squander this opportunity. They happen only 1-2 times per year.

Was 50/50 REQ and LINK and pulled everything out on the 29th in anticipation of XLM news. I've gotten a good 30-40% out of XLM but I would have made +100% if I'd just stuck to my guns.

But I'm happy for you REQtards who are making it right now. Many lambos and early retirements to you all.

>tfw only 2k REQ

Feels bad, but already almost made three times my initial investment. Wish I got verified in time fuck.


why do people predict utter bullshit in crypto
>this will be only $1 EOY 2018 LAWL
do they not know how fast things go up? It might be a dollar next week

I remember threads were people said "TFW only 2k ETH"

Just hold and don't daytrade and you'll make it.

you're going to Jupiter m8

>Next week

Stop fudding.


You disgust me, stop with this fucking FUD already.
REQ is going full Andromeda

should I dump my NEO for REQ?

>It might be a dollar next week
Whales and bagholders will dump their profits. REQ will never be over $1.

>Next week
Nice FUD faggot, everyone know it will be $2 tomorrow MAX
Lmao for real? I know that thinking in a similar growth rate for REQ is kinda too big, but could you imagine it? $700 per REQ?

Moon is now $5 value, comes with main net.

>REQ will never be over $1
>REQ will never be over $0.7
>REQ will never be over $0.5
>REQ will never be over $0.2
>REQ will never be over ICO price.
Just kys please.

>will never be over a dollar

NEO doesn't have the same explosive upside potential. Makes no sense to sit on it while REQ is experiencing the kind of growth it is, without even any news. Imagine what happens with Coinbase listing and main net launch..


>biz sees a moon and acts like they called it all along to make everyone else feel like shit for missing it and FOMO into buying at ATH

classic biz

but isn't this buying in at highs?


The potential marketcap (assuming 100% marketshare) is 5 TRILLION DOLLARS.

That is 10x the size of the entire cryptomarket right now. That is the potential marketcap of REQ. Do you understand the sheer potential of this project? I am not joking when I say that REQ might beat bitcoin by marketcap eventually.

But user, I DID called it. Everyone did. And I got a lot of shit for it. There was even some particular faggot with a steemit article who won't just shut the fuck up about how bad was REQ. Now look at us. Fuck you for not listening.

It's like buying ETH at $7 last November and complaining that it was expensive.

REQ and LINK were shilled nonstop on this board for months

i cant believe how long this sat at 4c and biz didnt accumulate... hahahahaa

Seriously? I'm an oldfag.

Do you remember when ETH was shilled like no tomorrow and 50% of the threads were about ETH when it was below $2 and people thought it already mooned? I do.

Do you remember when Antshares got shilled on Veeky Forums after it "mooned" to $1 and everyone thought that was the peak? I do.

If Veeky Forums shills a coin based on their fundamentals it will eventually moon, hard. LINK has a similar fate. Every oldfag can see the patterns by now and it's very different from pajeet shilling as well.

Newfag spotted

I remember this. Fondly. Every day I had people laughing at me for accumulating well below ICO. REQ was going nowhere, they said.

68k stack here and comfy.

I envy thee.

Same user.

We were defecated upon almost daily throughout October and November.

Screenshot is from yesterday. Probably substantially more today, haven't even checked my portfolio today, and I don't really care until REQ achieves $5.

Same. No fucking way I'm missing out on this obvious moon-ride like I did with ETH and NEO. Third time's a charm right?

Sorry, 2-3 days ago.

Fuck this makes my dick hard.
Now let your imagination loose. What's your max estimated price for REQ?

What exchange did you buy on? I need to get off coinbase quick.

Don't sell at $5 man. REQ will be a gamechanger I just feel it. 3 billion marketcap is too low for a project of this scale.

Nigga why don't you just use LocalEthereum and then transfer that to Binance? For real, do you prefer those 20% fees?

For everyones sake I am going to stay away from REQ. Everything I touch dies. Im broken and down alot of money

Depends really how slick the product is.

If it's idiot/Norman-friendly and fires on a Slavephone, I'll sit on it for a while longer.

Now's the time to buy the dip. New floor is 75 cents.

Is 3.5k REQ enough to make it?

Whoa user. Those quads give me faith. Alright I am in

bought all i had left of btc at 5820 did i do good?

Gonna see a huge dump at $1. Hopefully req will have the potential to rise again - the team seems solid though.

Are you're OK with 5x in the next 4 weeks.

Are you happy with $25K?

Held Req for a month, 3x'd, but every pump was seriously nerve racking, full of anxiety. I decided to sell 3 days ago at 49000 Eth, now everyday I have to come back to see this.

Historically milestones such as $1 actually caused a pump. It's things like $5 and $10 that usually cause psychological check-out points.

I'd be more than happy with 25K in 4 weeks lmao. is that possible with such a portfolio?

you deserve to be left behind

hope so, i wann buy more

just buy back in

sold all my XVG i bought at the dip just now and bought REQ at 6000 thanks guys


Stop watching graphs and prices all the time. If you make consistent gains just ignore Veeky Forums and everything else for a week.

can you .png this?
thnx user

I guess so

never buy at ATH, even though Req has consolidated at 3 new ATH before running up again.

It was partly because I had to watch every other piece of shit coin moon for no reason. Weak hands deserve this.

Its going up and I'm moving my stop loss as it does Ill buy back if it falls.

How much has the volume increased since last night? its at 4400 BTC 24 hr now if it has substantially increased I see it doing another 50% today

You don't have what it takes user.

You won't be prosperous.

How will my portfolio look in a year? Im not selling shit.


Just two days ago the volume was under 500 BTC.

This is pretty amazing actually. A total and utter shitcoin like Verge has a volume of 10,000 BTC.

Just think how undervalued REQ still is.

Good job dropping that NEO

Whats a good buy in price/floor?

Is REQ going to reach .90 today?


Anything below 0.001 ETH is gonna be great from now on
It will dip into 0.0094-0.0095 (best case scenario) after the run is over (1+ hour) and then correct back to around 0.0015 ETH
Probably not, but it will happen before Friday

How the fuck do i tell my mom that i earned more than 1k $ in one day.

You don't tell women about finances. Not even your mother.

You don't, not unless you have to.

If you want coping/emotional support, stay vague and don't mention numbers. If you have to, mention numbers 1% of reality. She'll congratulate you and be plenty happy you made $10.

Fuck my mother has been watching me from the $20 I started to the $9K I'm now. Should I worry?

You don't. If you wanna brag do it anonymously. You don't tell family/friends about gains.

1.5k in LTC 700 in XRP 200 in XLM. What should I move to REQ or should I just chill where I'm at


Exactly, people don't realize that REQ wasn't even top 100 few weeks back on CMC. Considering the connections backing this project and the caliber of its use-case, it deserves to be among ~ top 20 on CMC, bringing it's current marketcap to roughly ~2bil aka a 4x its current price at minimum.

You don’t tell anyone.

Reddit is full of these fags. They worry about the slightest thing. I really don't understand this. When everything was crashing 30 percent I was calm as fuck and just played video games. I also have 80k so it's not like I don't have a lot to lose. However, it's fake internet money at this point. I didn't realize those gains yet so who cares?
I firmly believe that is what makes you successful in crazy bull markets. Not giving a shit and taking risks. Plebbit tier is never going to make serious money because they actually care about 'fundamentals'. I'm not going to own that coin in two weeks why should I care?

Yeah but you need to recognize when something is a short term hold and when something is a long-term hold such as ETH/Antshares.

REQ is within the ETH/Antshares realm.

you guys are good people....REQ reddit is a fucking circle jerk

Is 2000 REQ enough to make it Veeky Forums?

You have to define "make it". For some people it's six figures, others eight.

another 2k fag here , all i need is 15k $

Tell her you lost it all on a couple bad moves, move it to a cold wallet on an external HDD, and pretend crypto was just a phase and pretend you learned a lesson or some stupid shit like that.

That's 6000 dollar eoy.

>tfw if I went all in on request instead of XRB I would be richer

move half LTC and half XRP into REQ

Because at the time when it was 5 cents that was really far away. I always believed in the project and though it would get close to a dollar around this time but it’s best the give conservative estimates in order to avoid disappointment l.

it feels good to win lads

Fair enough, it's kind of a vague question. I'm not talking about becoming a millionaire and buying a lambo. I'm not really bothered about flashy things. Making it to me would be living a pretty normal life, only not having to worry about wageslaving for at least a few years whilst I do things like travel and learn new skills.