Yfw Veeky Forums talked you out of buying raiblocks

>yfw Veeky Forums talked you out of buying raiblocks

Fuck.. same here, at 0,75.

>listening to Veeky Forums

Same board that thinks that XRP is a plot by the jews to get your precious outdated, overvalued, fee-heavy BTC shitcoin

implying it isnt


but XRP is literally shit. Enjoy a short time of joy and gains before the nigthmare arrives

I just barely got on the crypto train user and hadn't realized that everyone on biz is retarded.

Newsflash from 2019: BTC plug pulled as literally every other coin on the market now is faster, more enviroment friendly and has cheaper/no transaction fees.
Thousands of Veeky Forumstards who bought at 12k and followed the hodl meme now commiting suicide. Collective suicide note says "atleast I didn't let the jews win" and includes a picture of a drawn pink wojak

>negligible fees

tell me what does 'literally shit' mean to you?

>bought at 1.22
>sell at over 2

What's the problem with this? All crypto is just a series of pump and dump and you know it.

yfw its not too late but you wont buy it cause youre a pussy. top 5 coin

I'm gonna sell next moon. This is becoming normiecoin due to the small price and people not knowing what marketcap is.
I bought below one USD anyway so I don't care about current price, I'll check back on it when I see the next 50 percent increase.

I'm a poorfag user. Wish I could. I will never trust biz again.

>buy high sell low!


i was one of the first people to tell you guys about raiblocks. thinking its too late is a logical fallacy, sure you wont be a millionaire, and if i got in a week earlier maybe id be a billionaire, but its still guaranteed gains.

now learn from your mistake, and next time you see something go all in

Get outta here kike

god, that's why you read and research on your own. There is good advice here, but you must distinguish between the BS and the truth.

You can still buy and 2x. It will hit 6 billion market cap. There is no way it won't.

>Veeky Forums told me not to buy at ATH
>up 50% portfolio in a day

ath is fine for good coins.

Reddit is nutting over that webm someone posted of 1 second transactions. The second this hits binance we're 2x within a week.

I caused that.