I think this piece of shit is finally about to do something. Get in fast.

It's the same logo as xrb only black and white. I have big hopes for this

lol solid observation

It's not doing anything you dumb fuck

Well someone bought about 8 BTC worth near the ATH a couple hours ago so I thought it was about to moon. Maybe I have to wait more.

Look at chart it's about to lift off

The money snake is coiling up. Patience

If it is, then lucky me, I'm balls deep in this

bought some last night because the idea is fascinating

This shitcoin will bleed and be useless until q3 2018.

It's not doing anything you dumb fuck

it's about to lift off retard, last chance to get in

Finally someone will take my bag!! (just kidding I bought in at 1.10 but still, this shit hasn't moved in days now)

I wonder if professional fudders are ever paid or if idiots actually believe in pnd groups

Followers never win

I'm 70% ENG in my long hold portfolio, I want it to do something

Anyone else have the 'Smart contract' porfolio of 50/50 LINK and ENG
both blockchain agnostic, low market cap, great teams...
who else??

This a meme coin will be useless once iota takes off.

I'm sitting on this coin, it'll have it's days. Definitely not super noticeable for normies

ENIG and IOTA aren't even trying to do the same thing u stupid pajeet.

normies will come late and last, institutional investors will come first. A project this good won't go unnoticed

Iota has a much more relevant dapps market place

fucking hell pajeet you did it again

Smart refugee cities aren't really relevant anymore since Isis is finished faggot they can all go back to the sandpit

war between saudi arabia and iran soon mate, screencap this

(((they))) will make it happen to fuck europe harder