Am I going to make it in 2018?

Am I going to make it in 2018?

No you need to add LMC

not with btc and eth

Shill me on LMC pls, I want to get rid of my BTC while I am still plus on it and put it in more exciting coins.

>no link

haha yea, keep dreaming kiddo

Put the BTC in DBC. DBC is going to fucking moon very soon. It's about to get put on Hyoubi, and the chinks are extremely hyped about it.

buy mooncoin right fucking now

Tell me why I should sell my remaining BTC and put it into link

What is Hyoubi? A chink exchange?
Sounds like great time to get rid of my BTC then

We have a VERY similar portfolio so I fucking hope so! Good luck.

Godspeed, user
May good gains come to us both in 2018

Are you also thinking of buying some REQ?

You have no xlm... Do you want to make it?

Yes user, shill me hard pls

Not without some STRAT

raiblocks is a great choice but sell xrb and eth for funfair. way more returns for your money once it hits $1 by summer 2018.

Hope I will make it.

put some ITC in there and you are good

Will I make it user?

There are so many coins that I would like to invest in but not enough capital to do so... The money you guys see in my blockpholio are all my savings (I'm 23) and I see cryptos as my way out of wagecucking the rest of my life.

I just want to make it better than my parents did so that I can support them when I get older, and maybe actually own the place where I live someday

Is it too much to ask?

I should've really bought some when it was 150M market cap... Regretting it, I knew it had potential. I'm already holding my bags so it's just a matter of waiting for me now.

If I were you I'd definitely buy some REQ though. Get like $500 worth.


Ok, I'm going to sell all my btc and buy 500 bucks of REQ and the rest of it in XLM

Wish me luck

Fuck my shit up senpai.

if you're not holding xlm, you're not going to make it

Will buy XLM tomorrow