Remember to buy DBC before it goes on Hyoubi (which will be some time within the next few days, possibly even today)

Remember to buy DBC before it goes on Hyoubi (which will be some time within the next few days, possibly even today).
This thing is going to fucking moon. It has an insane amount of hype in China, and it's not even on an exchange there yet. Easiest x20 of the past year.
And before you freak out about the max supply, less than 10% of it is in circulation. It has less than 1Bil in circulation at the moment.

If you haven't yet signed up for Kucoin (the only exchange DBC is currently on), my referral code is 1dda6

2x today?

lambos for all

We are all gonna make it, Deepbrahs


>It has less than 1Bil in circulation at the moment.
No. The current circulation is 1.5B and some more. It's on the whitepaper.

Already mooned

It's not over yet. Trust me.

How do you know it has insane hype in China?

who the fuck are you?

these fucking sell walls, imagine whales weren't manipulating this coin 24/7

Already shilled my self into buying it, got half at .08 and half at .12 let’s see how this shit plays out

If it doesn't moon upon Huobi it's gonna instantly fucking dump because so many buyers bought with that exact expectation.

Actually, no. Current circulation is 1.125B. 600 + 300 + 250.

giant 2 million dbc/eth wall on kucoin

How do we know this is going on Huobi?

Are people actually this retarded to ask questions like these?

Yeah. Guess we’ll find out which it is soon enough.

I mean by today/coming days. I have looked it up on Huobi and they do not point to anything helpful.

What are we setting our sell orders at?

It's not even on Hyoubi yet, and this is a chink coin. It's going to fucking skyrocket.


On the website it is stated "after 1st January", so there is obviously no fixed date. My personal guess: It will happen some time in the coming week, but I may be wrong.

Exactly. HODL faggot. It's only been four days since the coin came out. Have some patience. It's on one shitty exchange right now. After Huobi, it will be less prone to whale manipulation.

might sell ltc for this, seems promising

Why haven't they delivered yet?


Here we go boys and girls. ETH wall is gonna fall believe.

Let's go /brainlets/, weak hands leave now we don't need you on this mission

faggot with the 2mil sell wall bout to get cucked

Yeah, I have never seen a whale that has suppressed price as much as this whale has been doing with DBC. I fucking hate him with a passion.
Kucoin is having a contest right now to see who can trade the most DBC, and as soon as that's over (in like a day) he will hopefully stop.

Alright, thanks for the heads up. I wasn't looking in the right place.

> 2bln sell wall is getting eaten in to
> was told that it would vanish and move up
> whale genuinely selling his coins

its ogre

Is 4000 of these enough ?

Don't forget about the corporate partnerships it has with Samsung and others.

They said on their website that they postponed it until after the 1st.

Sell wall getting depleted. We'll see what's going to happen

Why isn't this whale moving his sell wall? Already about 100 million ETH worth bought up.

There will always be new moons user

Yeah, just hold. DBC's communication is pretty bad, I wish the statements were more clarified.

Right, for once it's not just rumours that a coin will be listed on a large exchange. I have a good feeling about this

Don't assume it'll moon on a different exchange. Most coins don't.

>tfw put up a sell wall and forget about
>tfw it gets eaten up within a matter of hours

Fuck that whale. Tear down that wall anons!

Probably hoping demand will drop. Been supressing the price too long though it's happening.

Have no fear, Dupa Bwane is here!

It appeared less than an hour ago



The long awaited battle has started. /brainiacs/ vs. the faggot whale's sell wall.

This is true, chinks are known for dumping on their own coins when Americans have plagued it. Even ICX has been dumped on a couple times, clearly by koreans late night

you mong can you read 2 billion would be the entire circulating supply + more. Its 2 million

They had to add NEO to Huobi first.

I got in a few hours ago. This was the biggest wall by far. Just surprised it hasn't moved up yet. Hoping it's some dude in Beijing that fell asleep.

All anons aboard

way to utterly miss the point you spacker

This one will though, because this coin is by chinks and for chinks, and the company behind it is known in China for previous AI accomplishments. As soon as the chinks are able to buy it, it's gonna go way up.

Might be. I'm waiting it to hit Binance to be honest. They can handle NEP-5 tokens as of now and they love chink projects like these. It's very likely to get listed there too in Q1.

The voting that is currently on in Binance shows what coins people are interested in. DBC is in the 4th place next to Dragonchain, maybe they will list the most voted coins and not just the top 1, who knows?

seems like you missed basic math

itt : Western pigs who will get BTFO'd by chinks

you: a jew

This whale isn't trying to accumulate, he's legit cashing out. He would have pulled the walls a long time ago if he was trying to accumulate.

This. People are getting excited that the chinks haven't been able to pump it, however, they haven't been able to dump it either. They're the ones with most of the ico bags which were bought at like 10x less than the current price. I'm expecting a lot of wojak posts soon

Kind of what I'm concerned about here

Its in the chinks best interests to make this thing succeed. At least to build the hype to $2B market cap. Look at Golem, non functioning yet it has 1B market cap.

Not to mention NEO is also chinese and look how good of a technology it is.

It's very recent, popped up in the last hour or so, i think he's just hoping that the wall will win out.

coming down at a much faster pace now though

>They're the ones with most of the ico bags
user, you do know that they couldn't participate in ICO, right?

Doesn't matter. The price is still trying to go higher than it despite such a huge wall. He's blowing his load early for sure.

Some will, but there are a lot more players in Huobi. It's kind of like the Bitfinex or Binance of China no? So normies will buy.

Besides, for some this is a long term hold not a short term play. I'm expecting this to get to $2 by June or July

ez cum ez go

If you bought 2 days ago, you've already 2x'd it. Maybe he's just trying to play it safe and come out with double his millions.

Someone explain why do people sell for 178 when the sell wall at 182 is getting eaten up nicely? They could sell for 181 just as easy

Maybe bots doing whatever calculations between DBC/ETH-DBC/NEO pairings?

It's literally all right here on the whitepaper. Where are you getting these numbers from?

This. Top fucking kek.

Is this the next RaiBlocks style moon?

We're about to get so rich.
>Chinks couldn't even participate on Chink ICO
>Only on Kucoin, later Huobi (Chink exchange)
>Will be working with NEO, Ontology, Microsoft China and Alibaba

Whales can also buy from their own walls in order to make it look like there's more hype than there actually is. That causes people to FOMO and buy into the wall as well as any higher walls the whale put up earlier. This tactic was literally described by Wolong in his paper. I got out as soon as I saw the whale was placing down walls right after old ones were being taken down; he's not even being subtle about his behavior.

And who the fuck are YOU?

Just dumped 13 ETH worth at 180. I'll take the 8% profit. All these walls seem actually legit and not accumulation. If it moons I'll buy back in at 182 but I'm hoping to get back in at 160.

raiblocks was an ethereum style moon that we wont see for another couple months


are you retarded?

It hasn't dipped that low since I went to bed last night. This is only going up.

>All these walls seem actually legit and not accumulation.
That's a good thing then, that means the whale is going to fuck off after this wall.
I could've told you that. I've been watching this thing these past few days, there is extreme momentum with this thing.


>goal is $10k
Am I going to make it by end of January?

So when is Huobi listing? Wasn't it expected to be today?

This is a really interesting idea. This basically means to let it to 2x or so so and then get out before said whale dumps it all again, right?

commencing liftoff in 3.....2.....1


if you plan to put 9k in then sure

Put 10k into DBC yesterday. When this hits Huobi I'm going to be fucking rich.


Maybe february, though, don't panic.

XEL and GNT are also great as they are the big three of the supercomputer coins. I put my bets on XEL, but I'm trying to scoop up some DBC

Over 25% of the wall is down now. We can do it!!!


But there are buyers the reddit page is growing still.


Also signing up for KuCoin, some one gimme dat referral.



Look at this.
I think it's the whale eating his own wall trying to create FOMO.

here :) 1vKcP


No he’s selling to himself because he’s trying to win the most volume traded contest.