Been researching all day for my next buy and still can't find anything

Been researching all day for my next buy and still can't find anything

>PFR definitely a scam
>FUN I don't get why it would keep raising besides hype
>Substratium bad team
>HST no product, no active github, nothing
>RLC don't have bitrex
>Enjin Coin too focussed on minecraft
>LEND too much competition
>XRP too late
>ICX already have a big positoin, not sure if I should increase it
>REQ already in
>XLM already in
>NEO too late for a moonshot
>Enigma will never fucking moon
>XMR/ADA too slow
>TRX too ambitious and risky
>OMG no product
>XRB too late
>SC too much competition and not negative sentiment
>XVG lol
>SALT overhyped going down
>PIVX too much competition
>deep brain thing won't ship and too late to profit from the bubble


I really don't know where to go with a long term hold that will 100x by Q3

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I am personally against chinese coins but VEN might be worth looking into

Not too late for XRB lol
And also look into ITC and DRGN for sure

Ill give you my gems that are not the biz meme of the week, friend.


Increase your ICX stack. Going to be a good month for it.

research SNC and CND

IT WASNT TOO LATE FOR XRB are you fucking kidding me why do you hesistate it literally went up 20% from me watching it in the past hour

XVG is just late releasing Wraith, the gains are still possible when it's out. Their OSX platform was released already, Win + Linux to follow

does this chink have any social media I can jack to

Your analysis seems completely on point.
I think you're good just increasing your stack of REQ when it dips a bit in a few days, no need to buy anything else.

Get in DBC you fucking retard. It's about to fucking moon. I can't believe that there are people who are too fucking dumb to see the future growth in this. The chinks are ultra-hyped about it and are waiting for it to be listed on Hyoubi.

try DRGN, PRL, PBL, Ven


it'll go down friend

>thinking fundamentals matter

this market is all hype. invest in the shitcoin that has the best marketing hype

>long term hold that will 100x by Q3
You'll be lucky if this market lasts another week.

What is the marketcap of this?

DRGN is still unlisted on major exchanges
so if you go through the effort of signing up for fairly new KuCoin or the mess that is Etherdelta, you could be rewarded

>NEO too late for a moonshot - $5 bil MC
>XLM already in - $8 bil MC

People like your are fucking retarded.

Even if a coin like FUN is raising for no reason. Guess what?


You should get a shit ton of FEM!

Around 130M.

Don't waste your time with dash ever. Drgn or aion or do a split

>FUN I don't get why it would keep raising besides hype
Lmao, just check back on FUN in march brainlet.

This. Shitcoins are not investing. This is fucking speculation. Try to make quick money while this lasts lol

Fucking sold my dragons for bounty didn't I to try and get quick gainz.

But BNTY will 100% moon and DRGN will go back to $1 if I panic trade now...

Wabi is your golden opportunity my friend. Buy now b4 the 2nd pump over 20k satori

true, buy if you dont believe in the coin your hands will be jelly and drop them when a small dip comes

thats why i hold only SNC and CND at the moment (already sold REQ)

check out QSP (quantstamp)

Xlr solaris


Just get verified on shitrex and buy RLC, such high potential for a Q1 moon mission.

XRB isn't too late.

You will easily see a 2x on binance listing. It's only 3 billion marketcap.

I got in ada at 3bil marketcap and look at that shit now.

go big into this, better team than substratum:

Im only holding icx for longterm and daytrading shitcoins.

I just put $10K on MCO (Monaco)...

Another coin about to go parabolic very soon.

>literally nothing smart contracts related which is pretty much what 2018 will be the year of

Fucking pajeet detected

Don't forget POE, shit fucker

link is about to do a 10x in the next 3 months

wait are you not in a pump and dump group?

Jesus Christ you’re literally retarded. Your research is absolutely horrible.


All in on ICX. It's by far the safest hold with easily the highest upside potential.

>Went big in ICX

PRO and QASH are primed for takeoff

>what is ICX
Kys yourself.

Very undervalued: XFT
- fantasy sports platform, beta has been released two days ago
- masternode holders get 50% of platform revenue
- sub 3M marketcap
- marketing & new exchanges this month
- starting to see some traction

Probably a good risky side project, with good potential to at least 10x in short term

>kill yourself yourself

The name is shit

I invest in good, undervalued projects. Don't care if name is not the best, will not matter in the end. And stuff can be renamed, you know (Antshares to neo, e.g.)

I'm all in on rlc and have been for quite a while. I think it's bound to break out real soon

Dogecoin Dark to Verge.

>Not holding VEN or OMG

Screencap this and try not to kys when they explode

Literally anything on kuckcoin

Why can't enigma moon?

Great post OP. A lot of anons are going to ask you about LINK obviously. Do you share their optimism? I just can't fathom the tiny team with a non-technical dev like Sergey delivering a sophisticated piece of software.

>Trying to use logic in crypto
>muh bad team
>muh no product

How new and cute of you


>>RLC don't have bitrex
Excuse me?


Wow you just BTFO'd me, I better do a 360° and walk away.

You're sleeping hard on TRX live a little risk EVERYTHING

Id consider ETC and maybe Zcash. Both seems to be solid picks but since you want it to x100 then stick to shitcoins with Mcap sub 20M.

CMT (CyberMiles)

Check it out, be blown away by how it can be so low right now, and thank me later.

I'd go QSP.

I only have 147 rlc. Will I make it?

GVT and HST are my two big holds for 2018. Considering getting in on HOQU once it hits exchanges in February as well.


Your welcome

Buy COB for free CMT
I'm blown away that COB is so low right now.


ETH just released Casper on testnet

basically this

Wabi your welcome

Anyone know what the next coin to hit Kucoin will be?

CMT or just put everything on icx

Nexus hasn't mooned yet

Take a look at GRC

Unless you're a yank of course.

They don't accept new sign ups m8

it's called correction

I already 4x in the past week. This PnD thing is too easy. Comfy af.

I went into PIVX because
>better team then its competitors
>already have a vpn service people use
and the thing that really matters
>only 6M market cap

It's not too late for XRP. This is only the beginning. XRP is going to go nuclear.

XRP is a coin designed by and for billionaires and trillionaires.

$90 Trillion - global paper and electronic money
$70 Trillion - global stock markets
$215 Trillion - global debt
$215 Trillion - global real estate

Asumming a supply of 100 billion coins, if 1% of these assets moves into XRP, that's a $5.9 Trillion market cap, or $59 per coin. For XRP to hit $1000, 17% of global wealth needs to move into XRP. If the circulating supply of XRP is kept at the current level of 38 billion, only 6.5% of global wealth needs to move into XRP.

Ripple is an inside job. Ripple is owned by the same people who own the central banks. Ripple may never release all 100 billion coins into the market. At some point they may "donate" tens of billions of coins to various central banks and then the central banks will use small portions of those reserves to intervene in the markets every few years. They could use XRP as the new global reserve currency for the next 80-100 years until the supply runs out. Then they abandon it in favor of something else.

Dumpass, if you turned 360° you'd be walking back towards me

What about POE?

I have some POE but it's not a company with big goals so big gains are not really expeted


fuck off pajeet
to newfriends: these groups are scams and you will lose your money


Buy when its low/sideways and no one is talking about = profit.

>>being this new

Did you look into QLC? Icodrop rated it pretty high and it's flying under the radar. Built on NEO platform. Social media is slowly picking it up, but still underrated imo.

OH wait youre serious


Instant, low fee, no blockchain bloat. This is what bitcoin should be.

Decred. Actual working on-chain governance. DAO/proposal system ($40 mil+ to spend by stakeholders), privacy (devs are privacy nuts, I suspect it will rival Monero), Lightning Network integration, mobile wallets, hardware wallets and more coming in 2018. Very talented and innovative dev team. Might be added to Coinbase/GDAX (project lead gave a talk at Coinbase, Charlie Lee is an advisor). Staking returns of ~20%/year.

>deep brain thing won't ship and too late to profit from the bubble
Not really, a whale set up a sell wall at .13 cents at the eth pairing so this is probably the best time you'll have to get in before the moon launch.

ICX and QLC will have the best months. Look at the roadmaps. It's all there.

Nigger a broken clock is still right twice a day.

Post portfolio

BTS you autist


CND's github is a joke though. they have a weekend project arbitrage bot lol