We bleed a few percent and you all disappear? Where muh ICONites at??

Never been so sure of a coin in my life. We going to mars!

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430 ICX reporting in

Losing my faith into this coin. Literally everything is mooning...

6.8 poorfag reporting in

1.5k ICX here. Not selling until after mainnet

All you have to do is give it a month, have just a little patience.

got a nice little stack i bought at 1165 and 1805 and so glad i did.

>icx going to be listed on coinone
>korea is chomping to get their hands on this shit and is going to fomo hard

srs think its going to be ~$50 per icx in the near future


Been accumulating the past few days

We gonna make it, bros

25K here. Literally gonna retire next year at 23.

Nice, I have 1800, hoping to get to 2k by mainnet

solid stack, breh

what was your entry point? ico?

I missed ICO, but I'm sitting on a couple coins that are giving very favorable signals. Waiting for a good exit point before I pour everything into ICX.

Could you Icon bros perhaps be patient for a week or two? I would be ever so grateful.

What's the deal with the South Korean exchanges right now?

poorfag from venezuela here, only 100 icx
am I gonna make it lads?

Right now we know about the self regulation. More details will come out in the first weeks of Jan, but over all it looks pretty positive. My guess is, with the main net launch we will see mass listings of ICX and then the party starts.

Hodling this like a muhafucker , coulda sold after the mainnet delay but fuck it ICX MARINE FOR LIFE. expect a pump next week lads and thats when the normie fomo hits

Fellow icx babywhale here with 26k we are going to make it bro. Are you all in on this or what are your other holdings?

It's a sleeping dragon

Caress it, feed it, groom it and watch it grow...

One day it will be big enough to carry us all on it's back and fly us beyond our childish dreams of moons.

This is the coin that will take us to Nirvana brethren, it was only meant for the patient.

These icx threads reek of desparation. Youre honestly doing yourself a disservice at this point.

I hope so, I only have 50 left. It hurts. Though I don't really know why I'm bothering, I should probably rather spend the money on penny stocks. ICX already had an insane run.

ICX is around 90%. Ive also got $15K in XRB and 12K in BTC.

I'm not sure if you're serious. People are just excited and want to share that excitement with other holders. ICX hasn't even dumped.

i agree with the other user that replied to you.

I think korea is just working out everything before crypto fucking explodes even more than it already has. not worried about it.

and tf are are you talking about? either shit tier fud or youre grade A retarded. there's no desperation. icx is one of the comfiest holds in this space atm

I'm getting back in by Friday, I've been riding other moon missions in hope of increasing my ICX stack for the January explosion

This is the only coin I hold that hasn't made me money. Is it time to cull it?

when a coin is stable like this one >>>
stability in crypto means incoming explosion

We appear to be in good shape:


This is actually gonna be the next Eth, whoever isn't in is actually retarded.

Whales are desperate now. They tried to surpress it with 3 walls. 47 BTC 38 BTC and 51 BTC wall, all pulled because the pressure was too high. Could mean literally nothing, but i am bored right now.

I am watching as well, eyes glued to screen, im convinced ICX is due to breakout at any moment like yellowstone super volcano

its moving up.

just broke .0004. this isnt going to stay down for long. buyers arent going to wait for mainnet to launch before they make their entry

I retract this statement.

why should ICX be more valuable than NEO?

from their page it looks like some magic blockchain solution, yet all you are really buying is an Ethereum token

grew quite a lot from ICO price already and I dont see it outperforming NEO, but prob this market is retarded, so why not.

pls explain

yeah you fucking better, ICX is nothing but good to those who have stuck with it in the past. dont betray ICON.

You might wanna read the WP, and some deeper articles about theloop project. Doesn't seem like you have done any research, except loading their homepage.

China has NEO
Japan has NEM
Korea now finally has ICX

All hail to the masterchains. ICON (ICX) is quite big in Korea, they are calling it the Samsung of crypto. They already have working product, they have Universitys and Hospitals testing their product, and they have been around since 2014 (I believe). Veeky Forums will most likely wake up and see the sleeping giant soon.
This is one of the ICO I believe is not a scam and worth your investment.
Samsung was big in Korea back in the days and quite unknown to western world. that is why it is called Samsung of Crypto
And koreans believe ICON will be huge in the future and so do I
Do your own research if you wanna become smarter
Koreans are quite known to have many whales, and they wil surely shill their own coin

why the fuck its not mooning. All my shitcoins in my stack are mooning. fuck this coin. should i sell my icx stack to get req moon and buy back this icx at low price next week?

Poor pajeet reporting in:

I can only invest another 100$ until the next payday which will be in 2 weeks.

What should I consolidate into, I already have:
180 VEN
250 REQ
48 ICX

That Japanese way of marking "yes" and "no" might be very confusing for Westerners, it's almost contrary how it's done here.

its starting literally now

u only missing LINK in u r lambo land


What happens if they run out of sell orders?

Wouldn't it gave to go to at least $20 for you to retire semi-comfortably? I'd be happy for just a humble 2x


If we break the 4,2k barrier, i think a lot of people will start to FOMO in, everyone is waiting for ICON to move.

Walls getting eaten

what's going on here?



Got 350 of these fuckers. I kind of feel better when a coin isn't being desperately shilled all over Veeky Forums and people shitposting about moon missions and whatnot, just look at LINK

these sell walls are going to get chomped up



This is why you can never win on a chon coin.

all fud buy now or regret it

Somebody really doesn't want the price go up yet.

sold for more XLM, will ride XLM up and sell half XLM to jump back into ICX within the week. No point to holding it right this exact second imo


You say this but I want it to moon, I am unironically holding 10k.

Good plan actually.

bots have been keeping this down for 4+ days now. good time to accumulate. i heard it's being listed on a big exchange tomorrow tho

>buying a coin when it's 50% up

So you are not the only one who heard the rumor of another exchange listing tomorrow, hmmm..

Iron hands, literally just hold a month and reap huge gains, screen cap this

it was in a thread last night with no proof.

I got an extra .4 btc from Req today by jumping out of ICX, and just got back in now because of pic related

the official twitter account retweeted it, but it looks like it's been deleted since then

honestly, usually when people say 'will buy in a week later no point in buying now' is exactly when the price starts to go up and you'll be thinking a week later 'fuck why didn't I buy in sooner?'

It broke out, noICONers on suicide watch. TOP KEK, I've been calling it since 2 days ago. KYS you dumb curryniggers who doubted my TA.

>tfw I jumped out of ICX last week and went straight to XRB

Wow price almost where it was two days ago.

wow, means consolidation and price action to occur. shit fud but solid try

wow +300 BTC in volume in like 1 hour must mean nothing kek, your fud is no good here

come on baby snake, break out.

Get in! This shit is about to moon.

I drew this yesterday, just waiting for spikes to join the ride friends. In the meantime imma grab some free % from xlm & req


This is what it looks like.
Higher volume pairing for ICX guy

>draws some arbitrary lines

I'm dying.

ICX has more volume so it's a better chart to study. The lines are trend line for a falling consolidation wedge, when it enters the wedge with a negative, it has a high chance to come out positive. The time is the only thing arbitrary. This is how I make money and why you will always hodl and make 1/5 my gains.

you can laugh all you want but he's right and he's making money.

>ICX/ETH pairing has more volume
>Volume on the bottom of the chart indicates a decreasing trend, which also follow this structure's forecase
Idk why you guys think you're a different species when these charts translate into the psychology of buying and selling a product. You just have to adjust for manipulation, ezy pzy

The fuck are you talking about satan? BTC/ICX has 3 times the volume of ETH/ICX.
>make 1/5 my gains
What are you talking about you dumb nigger? The fact that this break out was obvious at least for the past two days does not make his retarded excuse for a TA any less retarded. I'm over 50% of my portfolio in ICX by the way.

mate are you high or something you dont seem to know whats going on

What's going on brainlet?

>The fuck are you talking about satan? BTC/ICX has 3 times the volume of ETH/ICX.
Not on my exchange friend.
>make 1/5 my gains
Yeah because you don't use TA so you're probably just a HODLR. When your coin takes a break, that money is just sitting there. I can set up meme lines to know when to put money back in there, while I go put money else where for a 5-10% increase per trade.
>Muhh taxes
Oh wow, I have to pay $250 for a $1000 trade that took 10 minutes lul.

I’m 80% in ICX. Only ~300 cause poorfag. But though I be poor in fiat, I am rich in faith.

Seems like your TA was wrong

>Not on my exchange friend.
Your exchange is irrelevant shit.
>Yeah because you don't use TA
I do use TA and I do swing trade. Those meme lines you drew are bad TA you dumbfuck.
>Oh wow, I have to pay $250 for a $1000 trade that took 10 minutes lul.
>paying taxes
Top kek. Are you a commie?

Funny because those lines predicted the outbreak you faggot.
>Not paying taxes
Haha, yeah cuz i'm not a nigger

WHat are you talking about, it broke the trend line and now i'ts breaking out. I stated earlier the time is arbitrary, what a bunch of mouth breathers we got in here.

Where will it stop boys?

>Funny because those lines predicted the outbreak you faggot.
Your TA is a broken clock. A blind retard could predict this break out.
>Haha, yeah cuz i'm not a nigger
Taxation reminds me of niggers, because both steal shit they don't own.


reported to fbi for tax evasion

Fortunately I'm not a cuck from burgerland. We don't suck taxman's dick where I live.

Mainnet in 3 weeks, get ready for 100%