Alright guys

The FUD is starting to get to me

I have a decent amount in Bitcoin (BTC). Tell me it’s not a worthless shitcoin going to 0. It’ll come back even when Tether implodes right?

I’m not going to lose all my money, right?

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it's the king, it's all normies know, in 6 months i bet you it's back at 20k, if not 25k

that being said i'm more keen on eth for 2018 cause of smart contracts user

ur gonna make gains either way, just hold until you hit your moon and don't look back

You're going to lose all your money.

>30 dollar fees

Sell your BTC and put the money in DeepBrain Chain. It's about to explode. It has corporate partnerships with Samsung and other companies already. The chinks are going to buy it up as soon as it gets listed on Hyoubi in a day or two.

It’s over

But honestly do you think normies want to move that shit? Do you think normies trade with memecoins?

I don't get that really. I used a segwit address with my nano ledger today sending shit to binance. Cost me $10 and took like 5 minutes. I was really surprised.

Dont listen to the FUD spread by Ver.

Bitcoin is king and I tell you end of 2018 it's over $100.000. Just wait till it gets added on New York Stock Exchange and laugh at all the pink wojacks.

Uhh have you seen ripple recently?

Segwit is amazing. Transactions go trough very fast and fees are reasonable.

>not using bitcoin cache

Psst... Ethereum

Unfortunately when fairx is released every alt currency will have a USD pair...

This makes Bitcoin redundant as nobody will ever need to buy Bitcoin to get in to other coins.

Fairx is judgement day and it's not too far away.

Buy more BTC. Day trade it or hodl. BTC is king. All other cryptos follow its lead.

Bitcoin is not fast and cheap like it was originally intended, and it cannot scale. It's technology is first-generation, proof of concept. Proof of work is slow and wasteful of energy. Proof of stake encourages coin hoarding instead of spending. Ripple is the future.

Until fairx.... xD
Seriously people need to move into a coin which has something behind it... because once Bitcoin is no longer the glue that ties alts together it won't be needed.

I see it dropping quite substantially.

XRP is a coin designed by and for billionaires and trillionaires.

$90 Trillion - global paper and electronic money
$70 Trillion - global stock markets
$215 Trillion - global debt
$215 Trillion - global real estate

Asumming a supply of 100 billion coins, if 1% of these assets moves into XRP, that's a $5.9 Trillion market cap, or $59 per coin. For XRP to hit $1000, 17% of global wealth needs to move into XRP. If the circulating supply of XRP is kept at the current level of 38 billion, only 6.5% of global wealth needs to move into XRP.

Ripple is an inside job. Ripple is owned by the same people who own the central banks. Ripple may never release all 100 billion coins into the market. At some point they may "donate" tens of billions of coins to various central banks and then the central banks will use small portions of those reserves to intervene in the markets every few years. They could use XRP as the new global reserve currency for the next 80-100 years until the supply runs out. Then they abandon it in favor of something else.

Yeah and Betamax should have crushed VHS, but it didn't.

Lots of cryptos can make fast transactions with 1,000+ TPS. Tomorrow, an even better crypto could be created. The technology is not what people are buying. People are buying the network of users. Ripple has been working with the banks and fortune 500 corporations from the beginning because if they can get the richest people and corporations in the world to use their currency, the rest of the world will follow.

Other cryptos are targeting the thousandaires. Thousandaires control only a small percentage of the world's goods and services. Therefore, any currency used exclusively by the thousandaires gives access to a small percentage of the world's goods and services.

The users are more valuable than the technology. Ripple is creating a currency for the billionaires and trillionaires. The thousandaires will eventually use whatever currency the billionaires and trillionaires use, just like how we all use worthless federal reserve notes, and even measure our crypto gains in FRNs.

This guy knows what's up
Tick Tock bois, Casper gonna fork us to the moon
>guaranteed 8k EOY

Maybe you think that a currency with better properties than fiat can win simply on its technical merits? No. The currency with more users exchanging goods and services will win, regardless of its technical merits. Although having good technical merits will certainly help. Why hasn't Raiblocks or one of the other lightning fast, scalable cryptos already beaten BTC? Simply because people still want to trade goods and services for BTC, even if it is slow and expensive. If major, fortune 500 companies announce support for XRP it will result in rapid market adoption because of all the customers, goods and services represented by fortune 500 companies.

Look at it this way. A few car dealerships have already announced that they will sell cars for BTC. Compare that to Ford, or GM, or VW announcing that they will sell any and all of their cars for XRP. A local coffee shop accepting BTC, compared to Starbucks accepting XRP. A corner grocery store accepting BTC compared to Costco accepting XRP. Do you see that the scale of customers, goods and services is totally different?

Yeah but we aren't comparing that...

We are comparing a blue ray to a fucking VHS here...

Why would people use Bitcoin if they could buy straight in to all the more useful coins with cash.

Bitcoin is slow, expensive, inflated, tainted by bad press... people will move on to the FUTURE of crypto while all the Bitcoin bagholders panic on where to finally get out.

>bank buys XRP to make transfer
>XRP moons
>other bank finishes larger XRP transfer
>XRP crashes
>bank 1 gets fucked when they just wanted to make a quick transfer
there is no way any bank will accept that kind of risk for a simple transfer

Ripple is the phoenix currency. Ripple is the debt jubilee.

Apparently this has turned into an unexpected ripple shill ... another bad choice but we'll just let time decide

They haven't run it up to $50 Trillion yet. Ripple has been quietly selling and giving away XRP behind the scenes for years. They sell it or give it to large corporations and investors. They don't want to influence the price on the exchanges. They want to help each other get into position before they run XRP up to a $50+ Trillion market market cap.

If you can hold, no you wont lose money.

If you can't, you will.

If you trade it, you could make x2 btc, because it will drop to low levels. buy back at 10k 8k, 7k.

Margin trading long will be incredible too.

Im a magic chart reader user (seriously). Its just a new June BTC will be back in approx 2.5 weeks.

Just trying to help the thousandaires see the big picture. Ripple is designed by and for the billionaires and trillionaires. Whatever currency they choose will be dominant.