Do something siaaaaaaa

do something siaaaaaaa

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It's not supposed to. At x10 it's cloud space will cost as much as google's, nobody wants that. It's the coin for which is better to stay low.

same goes for upfiring, only retards apply the same logic of price = usefulness of a coin
piratebay is free of charge, I don't see any point for ufr to reach extraordinary market cap

Obviously the amount of sia required to pay for storage goes down when the price of sia goes up. Lol, how can you be this retarded.

You really don't understand how Sia storage costs work, do you? The price of storage does not depend on the price of the coin - hosts adjust the price to match free market competition. If Sia goes up, Sia/tb goes down.

Idiots, honestly...

It's ~220 sats right now, what's the peak gains for this coin realistically?


Rly tho :(

1200 in 6 months is what my telegram group is calling for. 300sats short term. I have a small bag

I bought 1 million SC at 45 sats, already sold lol

>my telegram group
>300 sats
>at 200 sats now
lmao, wow a whole 30% bold call in a bull market where something 3x's every day

This is a sleeping dragon

Caress it, feed it, groom it and watch it grow...

One day it will be big enough to carry us all on it's back and fly us beyond our childish dreams of moons.

This is the coin that will take us to Nirvana brethren, it was only meant for the patient.

i'm in.

Dont comment before you understand. It has no connection with Sia price. It is cheaper than and will be cheaper than Google drive. And it doenst need to be cheaper coz it provide privacy.

How will the release of ASIC miner before July affect price ?


Set a stop loss or keep an eye on it though, these coins can crash at any point

gonna blow skyward at the first hint of upward momentum

Just been moving sideways for days, come on sia

Lucky I only chucked in $50aud lmao

Does anyone here mine Sia or rent storage? Im looking into doing it myself