Selling house for crypto

I am thinking of selling my house worth 77K EUR in Eastern europe for 10 different cryptos (7k ea) raiblocks XLM etc.

we had a huge debate with my parents and they say crypto is just worthless digits but house is forever.

what would you do? I have a small apartment (fully paid, no mortgage) + 20k usd AND a 77k house that I am planning to sell for crypto. Worst case I have a place to live and rice to eat (I am used to it)

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Dude, it's just stupid. Stop it,

you're retarded

High risk, high reward. Wouldn't do it

Sup slavbro
Dump those 20k in
Why TF a house right away

Depends, if you're a pussy faggot like these other posters you won't do it, but if you want to be God tier you will.

You will be losers like them if you don't.

XRP is a coin designed by and for billionaires and trillionaires.

$90 Trillion - global paper and electronic money
$70 Trillion - global stock markets
$215 Trillion - global debt
$215 Trillion - global real estate

Asumming a supply of 100 billion coins, if 1% of these assets moves into XRP, that's a $5.9 Trillion market cap, or $59 per coin. For XRP to hit $1000, 17% of global wealth needs to move into XRP. If the circulating supply of XRP is kept at the current level of 38 billion, only 6.5% of global wealth needs to move into XRP.

Ripple is an inside job. Ripple is owned by the same people who own the central banks. Ripple may never release all 100 billion coins into the market. At some point they may "donate" tens of billions of coins to various central banks and then the central banks will use small portions of those reserves to intervene in the markets every few years. They could use XRP as the new global reserve currency for the next 80-100 years until the supply runs out. Then they abandon it in favor of something else.

It's not an entirely stupid idea.

I mean, crypto is like a casino with incredible high odds to win.

You might lose it all though, but since you diversify it might work. Definately go for xlm ;)

>Eastern Europe

Very likely he is Baltoid, which would explain his retarded post

If you believe that we are not at the rear end of a bull run, go for it

Do it. You will be a millionaire. Great courage required. Valiant indeed!

listen to your parents varoslav

Lots of cryptos can make fast transactions with 1,000+ TPS. Tomorrow, an even better crypto could be created. The technology is not what people are buying. People are buying the network of users. Ripple has been working with the banks and fortune 500 corporations from the beginning because if they can get the richest people and corporations in the world to use their currency, the rest of the world will follow.

Other cryptos are targeting the thousandaires. Thousandaires control only a small percentage of the world's goods and services. Therefore, any currency used exclusively by the thousandaires gives access to a small percentage of the world's goods and services.

The users are more valuable than the technology. Ripple is creating a currency for the billionaires and trillionaires. The thousandaires will eventually use whatever currency the billionaires and trillionaires use, just like how we all use worthless federal reserve notes, and even measure our crypto gains in FRNs.

No fomo dude
A house is a house
Mostly it sounds like you went a little too crazy in how you talk about crypto with your family. Scale THAT back a bit.

Everyone ITT taking the bait

You should do it, experience Libertarianism when the bubble pops in a few weeks lmao.

Don't do it faggot, with a 20k investment you'll get good gains, don't be a stupid faggot and be smarter, if you're not using that house then you should put it up to rent, then the money you get from there you put it in crypto and you still get to hold the house and more investment.

Maybe you think that a currency with better properties than fiat can win simply on its technical merits? No. The currency with more users exchanging goods and services will win, regardless of its technical merits. Although having good technical merits will certainly help. Why hasn't Raiblocks or one of the other lightning fast, scalable cryptos already beaten BTC? Simply because people still want to trade goods and services for BTC, even if it is slow and expensive. If major, fortune 500 companies announce support for XRP it will result in rapid market adoption because of all the customers, goods and services represented by fortune 500 companies.

Look at it this way. A few car dealerships have already announced that they will sell cars for BTC. Compare that to Ford, or GM, or VW announcing that they will sell any and all of their cars for XRP. A local coffee shop accepting BTC, compared to Starbucks accepting XRP. A corner grocery store accepting BTC compared to Costco accepting XRP. Do you see that the scale of customers, goods and services is totally different?

Unironically put it in ETH, with Casper dropping soon and the fork incoming, we're realistically looking at 8k EOY
Live in your apartment and chill til then
>ez pz

Ripple is the central bank, corporate, government debt jubilee. They are going to pump $Trillions into it and reset the global financial system.

1 year ago that would be a decent idea. dangerous but decent.

today the market has filled with normies. it's about to collapse. don't be a sucker. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE MORE OPPORTUNITIES IN THE FUTURE!!!!


U only have to x2 then u can buy ur house back and have crypto investment

>mu-muh bubble bursting
Hey grandpa, it's bed time, people been saying that for years

Don't sell your fucking house dipshit

Possibly the dumbest idea I've ever heard in my life

just do it

houses are made of stupid particle board, blow away in heavy win, rot with a little water deposit gone unchecked

crypto is forever

you can't win if you don't play

>bubble isn't real

need more fresh blood in crypto. Thanks for your money

Only shitcoins like BTC and bcash are in a bubble.


Do it fag

>Only shitcoins like BTC and bcash are in a bubble.

thinks whitepaper and website is proper due diligence

name me 1 fucking blockchain solution that solves a problem?

Ripple is not limited to its supply. They can print further more, if needed, but not at this time, yes.

stupid fuck, only invest money you already have. dont sell house fagget

Don't do it idiot. Especially not for those shitcoins

sell your house and take a margin loan of 770k for maximum gains yw

dont do it

just buy some UFR, you can keep your hose and still make mad bank on the moon mission

Do it so we can read about your suicide from the news when the bubble pops. Nah i think we're gonna read alot about that already. Dont do it.

thnx everyone. I think I will use the money I have and not sell the house. IO think I was getting too greedy seeing all these cryptos go up

good decision. 10k$ is more than enough to make it.

Just like with the current paper and electronic currency that people use every day and has a gobal market cap of $90 Trillion. Limited supply is a selling point, but ultimately it doesn't matter. What matters is the network of users who trade goods and services for a given currency. IF/WHEN the banks and fortune 500 companies announce that they are doing business in XRP, you will see $Trillions flow into it immediately. It will go nuclear.

I took out a 50k personal loan and have a 150k portfolio right now.

Not all of us have an 850 credit score.

Whatever you do, don't waste your money on raiblocks, that shit will lose you a house

do it so you can entertain us with your suicide post later

Buy coins from those that panic sell them
you have to wait