So biz, what's your favorite altcoin and why is it FUN?

So biz, what's your favorite altcoin and why is it FUN?

> (Relatively) Low marketcap
> Spearheaded by industry leader Jez San who has decades of experience
> Has hit every single goal on their roadmap
> Has already won multiple awards
> Blows every other gambling crypto out of the water in terms of graphics, usability
> Diminishing supply due to token burning mechanism
> Regulatory compliance
> Will be dropping their mainnet release in less than 30 days

This will go 10x by the end of Q1 2018. Are you ready to /have FUN/?

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Bought the dip also hodling 500k see you in lambo land

I dont invest in PnD coins.
1$, 4b marketcap?
> Deluded

I think $1 is easily attainable. Let's do this.

Why do you think the only coin on the market with a usable product that has a specific function cannot attain a $4 billion market cap, at least?

> Implying 4b marketcap is a lot
> implying

> only coin on the market with a usable product, pajeet pls. You're fucking retarded.

Have you done any research on FunFair that makes you think it isn't capable of rising to that marketcap? Or are you assuming it can't because of the recent shilling?

Top kek and what do you use your other coins for besides buying drugs?

Literally the only token with real world use case...thank god pajeets have low IQ

Lamboland !!!!

Look at this FUN cult, retarded faggots
> Literally the only token with real world use cas, you're a fucking dumb motherfucker aren't you?

fuck this coin, dropping my funbags on yall faggots

Solid coin for people with iron hands.

>normies can understand the concept in one sentence
>less than $1 a coin
>backed by well known investors
>getting consistently mentioned on “coins to watch in 2018” lists
>product launch this month
This thing is going to moon so hard

got shilled this coin and i'm comfy
Waits patiently for moon, it'll come lads

The only possible way you could have bags is if you bought within the past couple days. FUN is a long-term hold, their product releases later this year and once casino operators are brought on-board, FunFair has a legitimate chance of being the most popular Ethereum dapp in 2018. Their games look great and players get the benefits of provably-fair gaming without the problems of other blockchain gaming dapps (transaction fees for every wager and long wait times) by using FunFair's state channel technology. It has an appealing use-case and provides benefits to both players and casinos. If you bought FUN with purely short-term intentions, you are really missing the big picture.

fucker i was told beginning of 2018 there would be some kind of release

Don't you dare scare me away from this coin

They're releasing their beta platform in the next 30 days which will allow for the games to actually be played on the mainnet for the first time. It's a good short term hold too imo


Q1 is the FunFair's public release and Q2 is on-boarding of casino operators. The biggest gains will be for those that buy and hold FunFair long-term, which is what I'm doing.

HOld it is, can't run from fun

I bet youre like me a few months ago. see a coin called "fun" assume its a shitty meme coin, dont do any research and dismiss it. few months later actually read into what they are doing and the team behind it... TAKE MY FUCKING MONEY


I liked the memes, but didn't DMOR. Once I did, I started accumulating. I wish I got in at $.02

I bought at 830, when do I make money

Remember antshares?

The name is silly and genius by design.

Every normie will understand what FunFair casinos stand for. A cool edgy crypto name won't help with that.

Wait till the public release

Well Ive got 3500. Would buy more but I cant withdraw any more. The first thing Ive bought into, seems to make sense.

I’m 80% ICX and 15% FUN. Planning on liquidating 75% of my ICX in late January to buy more FUN.

I've got 200k + fun right now. All money earned from profit. I'm actually considering dropping 5k more from my bank account into this. Although that would mean i'm sacrificing my ease of mind of having no input money risked.

Is there any good funfair/starfox memes for this coin yet? Or do we have to wait till it reaches a dollar so we can get some sweet space memes.

This guy runs FUN
People should look him up if they don’t already know.

This 100x

Give it time. The memes are brewing slowly, just like our roadmap.