They're trying to shake off the weak hands now

they're trying to shake off the weak hands now

crash these alts with no survivors

lightening network is a scam this shit isnt going anywhere

>loses over 30% of its market share in a month
>"they're shaking off the weak hands"

No, the smart money *AND* normies have already begun abandoning this archaic joke and moved to next gen crypto.


thanks for the update Roger

>Lightning Roger
how did you know my name?

Were you in the latest Marvel movie?

you gotta understand that BTC isn't about its tech any longer, it's about the ability to transfer wealth

is not a currency because fees
is not a store of value because significant amount was lost in few days
what is the actual value of bitcoin?


>it's about the ability to transfer wealth

it's doing a pretty good job. sold my bags to stupid fucks at $18k. transfer of wealth right into my pockets.

did you invest in alt coins with with that wealth? bitcoin surges up and down, drinking that milkshake
who's in charge?

>did you invest in alt coins with with that wealth

for the most part.

>who's in charge?

the jews?

>Bitcoin goes up 5%
>goes down 5%

you kids are so cute

it's down 30% from ath though.

looks like a majority of us are still hodling

if ur portfolio isnt 25% btc your never gonna make it

It's down 30% after going from 9 to 19k in a week. What the fuck did you retards expect?

those massive btc buy and sell walls you see at critical support and resistance levels, manipulating the price

why is all that money in btc? what kinds of people are playing around with that kind money on the exchanges? think about the actual wealth they must have in fiat outside of the exchange. i don't think they give a shit about a transfer fee, much less how practical it is to adopt as a currency.

i expected it due to the RIDICULOUS media coverage it got, that's exactly why i sold at peak normie fomo. why the fuck would i hold when i have an opportunity to sell at the peak of a bubble?

The coin that bashed others for being shitcoins is now the ultimate normie shitcoin lol

If you listen to legendary investor Jim Rogers, he says throughout his entire career, he's never seen anything go parabolic without a 50% technical retracement.
Look at what's happened, BTC was steadily rising up to $7,000 when it suddenly moons to $19,000
A 50% retracement means it will fall to around $13,000. Throw in a little reflexivity and what we've seen matches Rogers 50% fall precisely.
That doesn't mean its the end of Bitcoin, it means it's had a healthy correction in line with expectations.