Poor baby what did they do to you

poor baby what did they do to you

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This is the bottom
200 has been defended

Buy now

Kek. Chink Lee dumped on you faggots at the top. Stay fucking deluded.

>They said Buy now when it was $360
>They said Buy now when it was $300
>They said Buy now when it was $250
>Now they say the new floor is $200, Buy Now
What's different this time?
Testimony from a real LTC survivor

i think its time to call it quits, anyone else?

Yup, sold all my ltc for XLM. Can't see litecoin being anything anybody cares about when better crypto get listed on coinbase

everyone on coinbase got JUSTed

this shitcoin follows bitcoin everywhere it goes. the ultimate bitchcoin that's what I call it

so glad I sold today and bought more LINK and Req...Already made up my loss on that POS

we'll see whose laughing when it moons and I buy a hot tub full of sexy dudes

BTC is the problem. It either has to moon, or drop much further to initiate capitulation and allow crypto in general to remove the dying elephant from the room. Eth, ltc, bch, even ripple, aren't going to make big moves until BTC does something one way or the other.

Also Korea situation is a problem for short term as well.

I can't believe it was fucking £3 last year. I'd totally left the cryptosphere since summer 2016 and I had no idea. Fuck.

>I buy a hot tub full of sexy dudes

Yep, moving all my LTC slowly to XRB now. LTC made me some good gains, it's time to say good bye. I can't see BTC/LTC making good gains this year since there are a lot better tech out there.

bottom is around 125. it will fall further down. whalebro cashed out.
discord.gg/bqhaaC this is how i know.

>bought 18 at 96
>sold enough to cash out initial investment of 2k, buy some ETH/REQ/XLM/FUN
>will continue to HODL my precious 5 LTC out of respect to Litedaddy

have 70 LTC from around $30.

Was thinking about all in into XRB but then the "FUD" got released today, and was also thinking XLM was probably a better choice but didnt act as XLM is mooning now

I might be stuck with these bags....

Hello friendo user.
I turned my ltc into eth then xlm. Up already. Cheers

Hey user, what app is that?


Sell it. Sell it fast. Fuck Charlie lee for killing it and his lame excuse. Does Bezos sell all amazon bc he works there. Faggot charlie

There really isnt any reason for it to ever moon again. Unless the autist chink has an actual good surprise for 2k18, this coin will just stall forever.

This. He straight up said that LTC was overvalued by 90%. Get out before it hits sub-$100.

What he said.
You plug your trades in manually and it keeps track off all the ups and downs. Roughly a 2% margin of error but it could have been user error

all of those entries will be just fine when we are flying at $1000+

At this point, its your guys' fault for holding it in 2018.


I just want to break even at this point
>$340 cuck here

I bought 50usd worth at 393 lol then 1ltc at 303. I was Brand new

>>$340 cuck here

same. brought at 340. sold at 280. should have sold at 320 but I wanted to break even too. learned my lesson for being greedy.

Bagholder bro, nice. At least I’m not alone in this cold cucked world

Weak hands errywurr.

LTC may not hit the highest but it will hit ATH next year. give it a quarter or two.

new money has barely even started entering crypto and ltc remains the lowest priced of the 3 easiest coins to buy.