Best exchange that you use

bittrex good?

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Bittrex is alright

Just like her, bittrex is nice, but something is off

use binance dummi

have you made money from the referral code?

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Use iiiiit

But anyways, Binance is the best I lost so much sats on bittrex because of its slow af servers, then changed to binance and I'm now up 400% total in december.

>Not using a decentralised exchange
For me, it's CryptoBridge. They'll be adding ETH tokens and CryptoNote coins (like Monero and Electroneum) very soon.

Bittrex has a giant lawsuit against them from shitloads of people with their funds locked up on the site.

Use Binance (Invite code: 12898898) or Kucoin (Invite code: 1cg72). Both instant sign-up and with solid referral programs, and they don't need your identification documents for large transactions.

Kucoin's probably the better of the 2, you can buy their coin and receive payouts in the form of various alts daily.

I use bitstamp to trade, and bittrex for charts.

>bittrex for charts

easily the worst charts in crypto.

>30 seconds delayed on a good day

binance is easily the best exchange going atm

so pretty much, buy btc on coinbase(phone), move it to binance, exchange it to whatever i want

exactly. and instead of coinbase, get verified on gemini. fuck coinbase

also, welcome newfag. buy and hold to watch your pile grow

instead of btc, buy eth. it will land in your binance account faster

Id recommend bittrex but at the moment they dont accept new customers.
Binance is the next best option, but you will need to transfer some bitcoins, eth or ltc to start trading there since you cant buy coins with fiat there.
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Binance is the best crypto exchange.
-3 million users.
-No KYC required.
-Constant new listings.


fuck i already got verified on coinbase, stick with it or move?

Binance no questions asked

coinbase is fine

do both. gemini seems to be verifying pretty fast. my buddy was verified within a couple days this last week.

if you stick with coinbase, check this video so you dont have to pay as much in fees:

Move to GDAX, you log in with the Coinbase username and password(same company) and inferior fees

KuCoin has all the best new moon missions
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thanks bro appreciate it

of course man.

gl out there

I already 4x in the past week. This PnD thing is too easy. Comfy af..

bittrex is scam.
deposit and withdraw fees are pretty annoying.