BNTY Sell wall

BNTY Sell wall.

What would happen if I just buy this ETH and BTC sell wall? They're not that big. I could do it. What do you think will happen?

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I'm pretty sure BNTY would skyrocket. You would essentially be getting free money.

do it!!

Shit will start going up we were goong up last night and got whaled again apparently.

I can’t say for sure itll start an instant moon but this coin has an easy 50 cents/1 dollar in its future easily.

- Thus the constant whale rape.

I would give you my first born son. Battle of the whales.

In fact the whale you'd have bought it off would probably commit suicide.

Do it, bought in at 19 and 24 cents show the whale whose boss

I'd advise against it.
He's dead set on keeping this down and he has thousands of eth and plenty of tokens to play around with.

trying to get people to buy your sell walls OP? clever

T. The whale

I mean its been continually trying to take off for 72 hours now, plus it would fuck that horseshit whale thats been keeping it down.

Eat up the DBC sell wall instead.

Spit your last breath at him.

Break your back, and crack the oars.

Bounty Whale holy grail.

Holy shit the cunt whale brought it down all the way to 225?


Do this, if you want to actually make money.

yeah i'm still up, but fuck this whale

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Nah man. OP will be stuck with bags for a few weeks. This guy is gonna bring the price lower and lower.
He has the resources to halt bnty. Don't be an ass egging OP on to do something retarded.

I expected to wake up to .19 cents at least we were growing pretty organically.

This kid is fucking autistic at this point he can’t be gaining anything and hes losing potential thousands.

Doesn’t make sense.


Hey asshole whale whats up.

Want to at least explain your thought process on keeping BNTY down theres no weak hands left shitter.

Why is this cunt keeping it down? Is he accumulating? He'll end up strangling the coin completely

>what if BNTY was kept down by its own team

I know. The hype will continue to dissipate as it stagnates over on kucoin.


Stop being a butthurt fag already and think about it logically. The entirety of the telegram group, all the yt vids promoting this coin and Veeky Forums pink wojacks aren't enough to break through.
It's absolutely idiotic to even suggest trying to ask somebody who probably only has a few hundred eth to his name to try. He's gonna keep dumping this prices down until he breaks the majority of the group into selling at ico prices or even lower.

There are no big exchanges with huge volume to save this now that Binance won't happen for janurary and even the month after possibly depending on if it even manages to get into the next binance community vote. On the off chance it does it's not guaranteed to get first place either.

Anyone still holding onto this coin is far too optimistic. He will get his way, he and others will get them at a discount, then he'll allow it to pump while he has a chunk of bnty.
The whale probably has a bot do his dirty work and then he comes to dump the price down occasionally.

just got more BNTY, so comfy at this price

thank you user

only reply in this thread that doesnt smell like straight nigger

He would put up another sell wall. After 4 straight days this dude ya hundreds of thousands of not millions

I already 4x in the past week. This PnD thing is too easy. Comfy af

fuck off pajeet

shoo shoo pajeet

hodl BNTY to the moon!

you smell like shit and curry

We will go to the moon if you kill this whale

Just look at this faggotry, should have woken up to .25 cent bounty this morning.

I hope somebody literally murders this whale.

fucking hate normies, go back to plebbit you fucktards

Logically, REQ wasn’t supposed to increase in price until well into Q1, much less test $.90. Logically XVG wasn’t supposed to breakout 35% after McAfee trashed it and the team failed to deliver on a promise for the third time. Logic is what loses you money in crypto.

im very comfy, just bought more BNTY


This whale is very dumb to be honest. Keeping the price down for what? The price has stabalized and there aren't that many weak hands left.

He's probably botting, or just wants to make the safest gains possible.

Which is completely killing the momentum of a great coin.

More neetbuxx than he has brains, and he missed the NYE bitcoin rebound alt pump.

I don't know, OP. Something tells me we're dealings with higher forces here. You might buy just for another, bigger one to be put up.

This user is right. Patient + money = you win every time.

This is honestly really irritating. The wealthy suppressing the non-wealthy like always

Let's just hope it's actually for that KuCoin contest that ends tomorrow. He'll get to bag 3000 NEO or somewhere up there and hopefully he'll fuck off then and enjoy the gains together with the rest of us.

What contest?

That might make sense honestly, its kind of the only thing that does.

Hey guys was out to get something to eat.

Thanks for the insights. The risk of getting stuck with huge bags without volume picking up sounds too big for me. That combined with the fact that autistic whale might have a lot more BNTY to sell.

jesus fuck when do you realize you bought a shitcoin...