I just want to make some money so i can move far away from my alcoholic parents


Its called a job

start with watching a better streamer, ice piss went to shit after rs

invest in UFR and BBT

watchu mean dood

Is that you? Jesus Christ I'd kill myself If I looked like that

What an ugly cunt

I feel ya, was great having my dad kick down the door and beat me up last night.

t. ETH/XLM holder

chu mean homie

what arm thing homie

DBC. If you invest 2K now, you could have 100K by the end of the year.


Join the navy faggit

You should had cleaned your room you little ungrateful faggot

ice is not that ugly dude

this photo is about a "popular vlogger" known as "Enza Denino"

she's crying cuz her son has autism. Google it

Not that ugly? BRO what the fuck OY VEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

stay mad cuck


It was clean, and just got the record I'm not joking. I was minding my own business when he kicked down my door and asked why I didn't come down when he was screaming at my sister and they got in a fight. It's fucked me up pretty bad to the point I try to avoid him at all costs.

take the trade pill
become a plumber and invest all savings and live frugally
youll be out in no time


this dude has autism or something ?

smack your dad in the mouth and kick him out unless he's sober
Put your mum over your knee and give her successively harder bare-arsed spankings when she sobers up
Thank me later

Just to let you know you have exceptionally high chances of becoming an alcoholic too