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Feels good fellow linkie.

what a great day for my portfolio its been

You are right. And I still won't buy this garbage when it hits 10 cents again.

instead he 10x at other coins
instead he 10x at other coins
instead he 10x at other coins
instead he 10x at other coins
instead he 10x at other coins
instead he 10x at other coins
instead he 10x at other coins
instead he 10x at other coins
instead he 10x at other coins
instead he 10x at other coins

link is shit user just accept it

get some UFR



I got 2x on LINK and sold the fuck out back in October. I rebought a small, and nicely profitable, bag when it hit the low a few weeks ago.

I'll always think of it fondly cos of the memes, but seriously the opportunity cost of holding it is ridiculous.

fuck u guys time the market, this board would have been milli'ners buy buying req at 3 cent. but no lot off ppl sold it due to retards like u fudding it. once LINK fomo starts u cant even catch it until 20$ link. this is one of the coin not mooned yet. fucking no one selling it. dec 1 st link is 15 cent , now 69 cent. already 5x in 30 days. its going to be 50x minimum in my march end. screen cap this u foggot.

sure, pajeet

admit it guys, you didnt actually catch all those moon missions did you..
you've actually have had less gains than Linkies in the past couple months havent you ...

I bought link on every price. But always as a buffer, and then i would extract it before a leg up came to gamble it on bitmex. Feels bad

That's cos I bought REQ instead you double nigger

>Measuring value in USD

I wouldnt buy link if i was falling off its last crash and it was the only thing that could save my life.

>muh sats

Just a reminder that REQ uses LINK. If REQ moons then LINK will follow.

why, because the memes triggered you? you let forum fags prevent you from making sick gains. grats

you had to be retarded not to catch at least one moon mission in december
i personally don't hold shitcoins without usd pairs, but even xmr, ltc and xrp made me plenty money in december alone
what link did? 2x?

only for month, after Jan, link will take over the lead positions. both moon together. I am in both ,comfy as fuck. because of biz retard fudding, I sold 10% of req,link in my stack but no regrets.

How many links do I need to make it? I'll buy them all right now.

Link is at nearly 7x from ICO.
And if you're basing a coin's potential on its past performance instead of its actual merits, then good luck out there.

I have a whopping 50. Making an actual purchase next time it dips.

Eh... I'll buy some more when it gets dumped again.

I would never risk buying your bags.

Link will never be this cheap again. Someone tell me what I need. I refuse to wagecuck forever.

It's like 3x ico right now. Dunno where you are getting 7x from

I just bought LINK for the first time ever

I resisted making a Binance account for so long but I finally broke
2018 new year new me
now im a stinky linky too

You need 10k minimum, 100k+ is mansion yacht and lambo land

I Feel like us linkies aren't that stinky anymore!

Kinky linkies more like it. Bitches will suck my dick from that back when they find out i'm a linkie millionaire!

>Dunno where you are getting 7x from
I was talking about in monetary terms.

>Link is at nearly 7x from ICO.
who cares?
fucking ripple, laughing stock of this board did 10x in one month
and you didn't bought it at ico, didn't you?
you are one of this bagholders who bought at 20c and then spent 2 months making 10 posts a day with your pathetic whining, asking when will it go back

Buying 35k is that enough for a nice home and car and to never work?

You seem butthurt for some reason. Deal with your issues.

Yes 100%

We should hit $100 potentially even in 2018 once all in revealed.

So you will be A-OK

>you didn't bought it at ico, didn't you?
pajeet spotted. lmao

>You seem butthurt for some reason. Deal with your issues
at least i am not deluded link autist
posting same deluded shit 10 times a day, like it would actually change anything

Proud to be a link marine.

well i hope you made enough off of ripple to buy a toilet

What are you doing with your life, lmao.

>well i hope you made enough off of ripple to buy a toilet
why would i need a toilet when i can shit in designated link posts? i mean, you guys love shit, otherwise why would you hold bags of it for so long?

You'll be a mulitmillionaire easily

>Dunno where you are getting 7x from
Yes you do, you penis.

Just filter out link threads and shift click the ones that slip through, you deserve to stay poor

>he didn't sell link at .70

>you deserve to stay poor
said eternal bagholder

pls be real
pls be true

i buyed 25k at 0,25$ and im only going to sell it at 100$ min.

Don't get in yet if you don't have any, wait for a small dip

Do you even know what bagholder means?
Link is a hair away from its ATH, there are literally zero Link bagholders right now.

>Up x5 in a month
You're being retarded on purpose, stop it

Can anyone explain the huge volume difference between REQ and LINK?
I don't understand how so many more people are buying REQ over LINK. If LINK had this volume the price would be astronomical.
Is it still that under the radar?

when something starts running like REQ it draws attention from all the momentum traders who dont care what the coin is

People have been fudding link for so long. Link will be bigger than req

That makes sense. So likely to get dumped?

>Is it still that under the radar?
Req is the darling of places like Reddit right now for instance.
They don't seem to realize that Req is merely one of the literal thousands of use cases for Link.

yup. REQ sure is great huh. so cool. but it literally REQUIRES LINK to function. full stop. without LINK, REQ is garbage.

it's only a matter of time.

i mean who knows

im not about to try to call the top but... yeah probably

Link is focused on the tech, and not marketing.
>Veeky Forums is the only general hub that understands it.

There's really zero doubt left in my mind but thats easy to say when we're up. All in LINK btw 200K sitting comfy. 2018 gonna be a fun year.

Link will overtake ripple. It will be what Google is to isps.

When we all make it we should have s yacht party

>Veeky Forums is the only general hub that understands it.
This is what amuses me

I'm a 70K Linkfag from ICO, haven't sold a single one, only bought more on EtherDelta as soon as it dropped.

You'll have to pry them from my cold dead hands, I am retiring at 26 from passive LINK gainz

68k here, bought at 18 cents. For now I'm happy with my LINK stack, but should it ever drop in the future, I will be there to buy it. Here's to $2 in the short term and $100 in the long term.

soon you'll be able to afford a nice cat to teach you how to use the potty. 2018 is your year, pajeet. year of the toilet, indeed.

I've worked in finance for years and you all must understand that the existing systems and infrastructure that Financial Institutions have are so deeply intrenched into their day to day processes and they also represent MASSIVE investments.

One day things will run on a completely overhauled tech that will incorporate blockchain and the like, but we are many years off.

In the meantime those same Financial Institutions will be salivating over the ability to integrate Smart Contracts into their daily processes. They stand to save millions if not billions in fees.

And even when the tech is finally overhauled the ChainLink Network will be completely mature and the trusted world standard, because off chain data will always need an Oracle.

Always remember The Oracle won and ended the war.

im 21 yo i need more to retire im going to buy another 5k Links the next week

nigga as soon as the workweek starts and people get back to trading this is going. Up you have a few more hours to buy sub 70c then it's gonna be at least $1 a link from here on out. i'm finna help you bruh, get a zero interest credit card and buy some right now senpai. Look at that fucking chart when people start paying attention tomorrow it's over

ooga booga click clack stop throwing your chicken bones on the sidewalk.

>im 21 yo i need more to retire im going to buy another 5k Links the next week

nikka the black community love chainlink. Veeky Forums and the brothers are going to the mothafuckin moon. Check out the facebook group, Black Linkies Ltd. We'v got CEOs and MB and As in there finna talk about the future of global finance. Shit nigga, I'm a CEO myself. Ripple the white man and (((their))) coin .

Link will set you free senpai

i am not amused.

I have an ETH-wallet on Jaxx with 2-3 ETHs.
What happens if I send my LINKs to the same wallet as my ETHs?

Rory us so baller. I wish I was paid in link tokens

LINKlets are truly the bottom of the food chain.

When I put 4k USD in SUB you LINKlets were already talking about your shitcoin and how it would make you rich. Now my SUB is worth 100k and you LINKlets are still daydreaming about your gains...

25x gains since September. Checkmate LINKucks.

it looks like jaxx doesn't support erc20 tokens, so you won't be able to see or send them from jax but they'll be there since it's an ethereum wallet and you can see them on etherscan.

you'll have to use another wallet like Myetherwallet ot send them.

senpais help i need to accumulate more before it blows how can i increase my portfolio? do you think if i sell when it hits 0.7 and put a buy order up for something like 0.6 usd i could get back in?

I really don't know. Link is flying on no news and partial vaporware.

Yes, a bunch of coins have done better than Chainlink so far.
Your point?

>Link is flying on no news
The initial golang release is coming in a few weeks or months.
It's very normal for the price to rise in anticipation.

100% LINK holder here.

It's been a great couple of days but this has been a market-wide altcoin boom for the past week so it's not like LINK mooned on its own.

Still, good gains. I'd be very happy if we could reach $1 soon, seeing as REQ is already more than 2x marketcap of LINK.

don't try to downplay this with the bullshit meme of "everything is mooning".

How about the LinkPool article yesterday? The rowlingstone write up revealed today? LINK fudders want you to believe nothing is going on with this token smdh

Why's LINK mooning then? I'm all ears.

>t. pajeet trying to get people to buy shitty SUB with a fake delta portfolio

exactly, over the last month that link has gone up the total crypto market cap has stayed around 600 billion. Everything is not in fact mooning.

Can any fellow Link Marines give me 8 LINK? My OCD is triggering me at 1867 LINK I want a solid 1875.


Post links?

Link went from rank 100+ to rank 87 though.

Link's been on a steady uptrend for five weeks, user.
Link isn't mooning, it's trending.


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