You have less than 5 days before I move on to shilling Reddit.

What's up guys, I'm here with your hourly Payfair (PFR) shill thread.

The Market Cap is still at a low 3 million. You know what that means right?? M-o-o-n mission.

I told you about it when it was $.02, I told you about it at $.03, I even told you at $.04 and now I'm telling you about it at $.05, don't be the guy who has to buy in at $.10

With only 100 million tokens, Payfair should have no problem reaching at least $1 once the project is up and running. That means an easy x20 if you get in with the early boys

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Here's some of the basics on the project:

Payfair (PFR) is a decentralized escrow and P2P crypto-exchange on the ethereum blockchain. If you're too daft to understand what that is, it means you will be able to sell your crypto directly to buyers for FIAT.
Yes, this could literally get rid of the cant cash out meme.

But its not just crypto, potentialy Payfair could do FIAT to any crypto, any crypto to any other crypto, crypto payment for contract work, etc.
There's potential for this to become a huge market.

Everyone and their boomer parents will be using Payfair to buy crypto and to cash out when the time is right.(tip:never sell, always hold)

low cap best cap, im happy for you to shill this user, we need to spread more attention

also op, look into PFR, BBT and HAT, all low cap with great potential

Another cool thing about Payfair (PFR) is the potential to make money just by holding the coins! That's right, It's like you will be getting paid to make money.

While the exact numbers will be up to a community vote, currently you need $200 worth of tokens to form a trust node, and $250 for an escrow node.

And even though you can only buy Payfair (PFR) on Etherdelta it has still managed to have a great healthy grow in its first month.
The developers are already working on getting it listed on other normie friendly exchanges and that alone should bring us a nice bump in profits.

Now check it out, the exchange will be ready by February and an IOS app in Q2 will help get Payfair to the mass adoption level that will not only take us to the Moon, but potentially Pluto.

One of the concerns I've seen come up is "Why would I trust a random stranger (escrow) with making sure my money stays mine"

Okay, I get it, it could seem like your putting to much at risk on the hands of strangers, but you don't even need to use and escrow with Payfair (PFR). Its just an option. If you want it can just be the seller and the buyer making a transaction after both parties agree that their requirements were met.

Now let's say you do want to use the escrow for extra security, From my understanding you transaction will be handled by 3 different people. They are all anonymous to each other and to the people making the transaction. The transaction will be approved after three consecutive approvals from the escrow participants.

And what keeps the escrow participants from misbehaving? Their own tokens will be at risk for bad behavior, there will also be a rating system, and people who use the service will be incentivized to rate by the giving them lower fees for participating.

here is a post from the telegram. google "payfair telegram" to join. the devs and community are active.

"Hello, dear friends! Today we want to remind you that this week our website will be updated: This week the main page will be the Payfair platform.

1) Soon, you will be able to sell and buy PFR and ETH after testing the platform.
2) At the moment, we are fixing bugs and evolving the functionality of the platform.
3) We ordered a promo-video for marketing in masses. It will be complete in January.
4) We will be listed on the WandX exchange
5) We listen to our community and we will hold a voting process and possibly we will peg the trust-node to the number of tokens and get rid of fiat peg

P.S. Guys, please vote and leave your comments ;)"

ill be around for the next hour or so answering question



when will it moon my friend, and how high?
t. 10k pfr holder

news coming jan 5th.
im holding for at least a year, but if i was looking to flip quickly i would wait until February.

My comfiest hodl of Q1 2018.

Stop shilling here, OP. These autists will buy high after early Feb hype

same for me.

I hate etherdelta.

Couple of whales were destroying sell walls today. I just want to buy more before it moons.

2018 will be huge for us brother.

Threw in $100 just to see what happens

so much this.

consider it the normie filter for the early moon missions.

Your job is done here PFR Soldier, russian brothers won't forget what you did for the nation.
Let them buy at ATH now.

How can I run a node? I currently have metamask but I have enough tokens to run a trusted node.


They will announce this soon, they said they were on holidays and will be back at work the 4th (they are russians)

Yea I have a really high amount of payfair. It went up so much today so I was very happy.

200k PFR checking in

daaamn. what price did you buy in?

Thank you

3 cents.

I wish I would of brought in at 2 cent but I hesitated.

Reddit is not ready yet

I already 4x in the past week. This PnD thing is too easy. Comfy af

Jesus christ we are going to be so fucking rich lol. If this shit wasn't on the worst exchange ever imagined we would be lunar already.

Cheapest way to get etherium to that shitty exchange?

it is cheap because it's only on the worst exchange.

in the future i will specifically look for low m cap coins only on etherdelta

Normies REFUSE to touch ED

17k reporting in. Would buy more, but poorfag. Bought at 4 cents. Thanks OP! I'll probably flip this though, don't think I'll hold, unless my other shitcoins moon and I can afford to let it sit.

Good. More for me.

17k you'll do fine bro., esp. when it hits 50 cents and def. when it hits $1. Just hold and forget about it don't get eager to sell when it hits 15 cents.

This coin can only go up.

Don't recommend flipping it. But it's your choice though.

cool. definitely wait to sell at $1 if you dont plan on holding long term.
it would be stupid to sell before that.

Flipping before major announcements and new exchanges, attaboy

Lol it went up 30% since I last commented...

everyone is realizing the potential and holding their coins.
check the books, so few are willing to sell. the price is gona go crazy

Yea I already 2x and bought it 36 hours ago. Glad I got at least 40k!

CMC cant even keep up with the price right now.
check the order books on ED.
it's at $.09

Where can I buy?

Etherdelta only. And if you complain that's why you're not going to get in on early gains.

retarded piece of shit its literally written here just read you fucking imbecile

Thanks user

Dont shill reddit till its on a normie exchange, their memory is short and they cant etherdelta

ill be heading to reddit after the team gets back on JAN 5th. hopefully with some more news for the shilling.

i gave my Veeky Forums bros enough of a chance.


More now

Dang good find. Sending over 10 eth to ED now.

Fuck sakes boys tripled since this thread

This is a $100M marketcap coin right here. That's 10x from here.

ok i clicked on team link in the website its empty. thats the scam

The site is a demo you pajeet

they had the website with all the info, but changed it to display the demo and some stuff broke.

they will be changing the website very soon and updating the whitepaper.

you can buy now or wait until it is updated. your choice.

Literally just go look at the last commit on the repo. It's huge and code quality is top notch.


Faggots payfair is shit!

Buy Privatix (PRIX) this shit will moon the coming weeks maybe days! Great team, far more experienced then SUB and MYST.and they already have a milion + customers. Shill this everywhere user and create awareness for this undervalued gem!

"Demo app not include smartcontracts system yet"



To be honest you should probably not trade crypto if you can't read simple instructions. Did I say check commit activity? You're literally that faggoty project manager that asks people how many commits they had today ignoring the fact the last commit is so big it lags your computer. Stay poor though

It looks like a scam : look at their russian FB account =>

nothing for most of them.
they just posted a picture of 3 lads on computers.

It looks like confido

FUD trying to accumulate. sorry mate, you had your chance.

>scam : look at their russian FB account =>
>nothing for most of them.
>they just posted a picture of 3 lads on computers.
loooooooool they got funded millions at ICO and they are still in a schoolroom and print their company tag on white paper? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Well accumulating is over sorry bud. You'll have to take what you have.

Lol just a fking picture. That is your proof. I mean, are kidding me ?

It is not a proof in any sense.

By the way I did not say it was a scam, I said it looks like a scam.

now i know you are talking out of your ass.

the ICO made $120,000

sorry friendo, buying at $.10 is still in moon mission price, so dont worry.

i didnt present it as proof of anything, im the OP and just sharing more about the project. was gona post that pic anyway.


>Bought 12k an hour ago
>It's up 100% already.

What the flying fugg

look at my previous post man, I posted the exact same link.

1. Click on the VK link in the 6th item. They are almost empty.
2. Click on the 3 itemwith the proof that the devs are working. It looks like a joke.

PFR is FUDding proof fucking despajeetos
" funded millions at ICO " fake news only 215K
"Demo app .. LOOOL "
" Shilling PRIX " totally different product

Try harder

Up 500%

... Jesus christ really? You need a VK account it's just like facebook for Russia

Also commit 5 days ago,

Looks pretty real to me

OP what's your buy up to price?

Going to take me a few days to get some ETH and sign up for etherdelta.


Bought at 2 cents. Sell when?

I'm not sure I'll go that high. I already have a 30k+ stack though

Hey OP, when did you first post about PFR? because i bought in a month ago... thanks if it was you!

> Anonymous (ID: GLHza7tL) 01/01/18(Mon)13:02:07 No.5729633▶
>Bought at 2 cents. Sell when?
Lol I got annoyed by all the shilling and finally caved too. Guess it was a good choice.

oops, i thought you asked what i bought at.

This is almost guaranteed $1 coin, so even at $.20 that is a x5.

the only reason i wouldn't buy is if you know of another project that could make you more money. but this is looking more and more like a sure thing

no problem. by informing others we all end up making money.

Fugg, when to sell? I’m up over 200%, every time I open delta PFR has jumped even more

Oh btw if you guys want another payfair level pick checkout bitboost. Really early adopter coin right now but they have a professional team and a really good whitepaper.

wait until february and re-evaluate if you still want to hold.

this coin will be paying dividends monthly, so maybe never sell.


Fuck that shit I'm not selling at a dollar. If it reaches a dollar it will go much higher.

Sell for what you feel comfortable with, hold some long term so you can set up your own masternode for passive income

How much for a masternode?

$1 would be a retarded exit point, it will have proven to be able to gain value and will still only have a market cap of 76mil

currently a trust node is $200 worth of tokens and an escrow node is $250

trust nodes will be pegged to a set number of tokens in the future after a community vote.

what do you like about them most user

sorry if this is a shitty question, but do you have a ballpark on what kind of returns we would get on the nodes?

This is actually a pretty quality coin. Might pick some up later. I'm all in PFR rn though

Anyone looking to buy just wait it'll drop sub 6-7 cents tonight, weak hands selling.

So I'm new to PFR so I've never communicated with them or anything so can't speak to that side. I'm a dev who writes code at all levels of the stack.

Take the last commit.

This was 5 days ago. If you're a dev I won't need to say anything else but if not I highly recommend having a trusted developer friend look at it for you. They will assuredly reach my conclusion, the code isn't copy pasted(I checked), its modern ES6/ES7 and they have consistent style.

But honestly I like low MCAP low circ the most.

it's going to depend on how many tokens you have and how much $$$ the platform processes.

TFW almost fomo'd out of PFR into REQ last night but told myself I wouldn't FOMO again and it paid off

PFR community has hands of Iron

ok got in at 0.0000149000

threw 140 bucks at it hoping for the next 5x-10x mission

dont fail me faggots

Don't fall for this russian confido. Some guy literally destroyd the founders (who don't even know how to code) in the telegram and they banned him.

This coin is a joke. literally confido 2.0.