Privatix (PRIX),An Undervalued Gem?

Alright faggots , i want to thank all you anons who shilled me,Link,REQ,COLX and BNTY. i made a lot of profits and i want to give something back to you faggots.

I found this shitcoin someone shilling here and it really looks undervalued and promising.

- High quality whitepaper
- Unique concept & execution
- Responsive development team
- Solid roadmap
- 6,5m(!!!) Market Cap at the time I'm posting this.

I really like the fact the company already has an existing user base and how easy it'd be for the team to migrate them over to the decentralized VPN, as well as the concept of airbnb'ing unused data.
I also like the name of the company personally, it has a great ring to it.
The icing on the cake is the low supply/low market cap.
Also people are becoming aware of Privatix via word of mouth, and I believe once the company has hit a significant milestone in the tech development,
some efforts will be focused on exchange listing/marketing, at that point it'll spread like wild fire.

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Thanks user this really looks promising.


shitcoin by a pajeet

buy BNTY

At this moment they are working more on the tech so that is why it has stayed under the radar.

Bounty is a shitcoin
Buy payfair

Like it gonna buy some!

Thanks just sold my car.

On these shit exchanges you can find the unpolished gems. Just do it user you will be rewarded.

Thanks to the user that told me about this yesterday, managed to get in at a good price.

The team mentioned that they are making progress towards getting this listed on "higher volume exchanges" so I'm optimistic that this could hit close to 100m market cap

You did good user once this shit gets on some proper exchanges it really has a chance of exploding. I bought some today. It really looks promising from all the shitcoins on ether delta.

I will gonna do some own research! See you on the moon!

I hope so. It sure has a lot of room for growing. x3 or even x5 is not impossible.

shhhhh still accumulating

Btw this is not some PnD i really think this is undervalued if you compare this to SUB and MYST.

I'd steer clear of VPN related crypto unless they have some way of ensuring that exit nodes won't be held liable for any nefarious traffic that goes through them.

Ok which exchange is the best to buy this on?

Whitepaper page 62.

We will develop a legal framework to help exit node owners (Agents) to handle situations when
they are accused of improper activity by someone who used their node (IP address) .

A legal framework? What does that even mean? How are they going to offer legal protection across borders? This is the main problem MYST had.

And if the IP of the person using the service is being recorded, what is the point of using the VPN at all?

I always use EtherDelta, i never used the other exchanges.

It doesn't fucking matter, the main thing is that they have Soros and Saudi behind them pulling the strings. That shit will moon.

This is what they say in their whitepaper:

The basic concept behind this proposal is that certain responsibilities will be transferred from
Agents to our company. We will provide to all Agents a document stating that we as a company
lease their network for our use and resell it. This document will contain the Agent’s node IP and
hash in blockchain and the Agent will be able to download it from his dashboard.
For example, in the event an exit node was compromised by criminal activity and police make an
investigation, the Agent can print the document and give it to the investigators. Based on node
hash and timestamps, the investigators can find on open blockchain related and relevant
information, and also contact us and make request for additional data.
We will also try to provide legal help and assistance to investigators and compromised Agents in
serious cases at our cost. We will take out some insurance as well; insurance that we can extend
to all our Agents in future to cover these types of expenses, should the need arise.
Anonymity is the basis of our network. Of course it has certain risks, but in response to these
risks we are going to free Agents from legal responsibility rather than stake out every user.

And this ^^

AAAAAAHH! This exchange is shit. I send some ether and going to buy some of this shitcoin.

You will make it user this will be the new Moon it has so much room for growth and has so much potential look at SUB and MYST.PRIX has a far more experienced team and they already have a milion + customers. Shill this everywhere user and create awareness for this undervalued gem!

This actually looks good thanks OP. Going to buy a little bag!

Just do it user this shit will explode in a couple of weeks. Maybe days!

Thanks again OP the more i read about this the more i want to buy!

It really looks good i know. Just DYOR and you know this shit will explode in a short time! And with this low cap you will make a shitton of money!

And also check their blog.
They have bi-weekly updates:

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Ill see you all on the moon!

Thanks faggot if it was you. We shall meet on the moon then! And please help me shill this more!

Anything about new exchanges? You cannot buy shit with this volume.

Exchange listings
As mentioned in our previous updates (1 and 2), current market conditions remain very turbulent. Exchanges have overflowed and even collapsed. We’re still waiting to have our application reviewed in larger-volume exchanges, and we’ve even made some progress.

Unfortunately, we’re not at liberty to reveal the details in this update, but we’ll publish the news as soon as we can—hopefully, very soon. In any event, with time, token liquidity will be good enough, so there’s no cause for concern in the long run.

No official news yet but I'd try to snag some on etherdelta if it dips

Yes the volume is low at the moment i bought some today on etherdelta. At some point it triggered my buy order. It just need some more awareness to gain momentum.

Thanks user did not know this. Seems promising.

Guys fill your bags before plebbit founds this gem. it is already mooning a bit. But still undervalued. This should atleast have a marketcap of 30+million.

bought an eth worth at double the buy price on accident
shot the price up an insane amount on coss/eth
you're welcome

user that sucks! But this will be 30$ to 100$ with only 1,182,668 circulating supply this is not impossible to achieve! Just hodl this for a while and you will be rewarded!

No prob my little faggeeto!

No need to coax the original shiller to shill.

It has started.
This is a sleeeeeeeper.
I wish u niggers would have let me accumulate more though. Look at my small snag on PIECE OF SHIT YOBIT this a.m at half price. BIG Thx to the faggot who sold me that.

DON'T MISS THIS ONE.. SUB 10$ is a steal!

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thanks user
i'm not terribly upset, i'll definitely still make money once this picks up for sure

Listen to this faggot!!

It sure will user!