If any of you remember me:
I bought OMG at $0.4 and shilled it here.
I bought REQ at $.035 and shilled it here.

Now that I've cashed out of both, I have another one for you.

Biggest corporate partnerships out of 99% of cryptos.
Real company behind it.
Normie fomo (30k+ on whitelist, only 4k passed KYC).
Has announced partnership with Singaporean government alongside IBM and NVIDIA.

Not available for trading yet, but when it is, masses will fomo buy.

damn looks good!

One of the first times the often used statement 'all-star' team is true, holy shit.

This is what DBC should've been.

Theres a fake token on ED, lets leave that for the pajeets

Obvious shilling is obvious

did you even care to take a look at it? Nothing to shill, not even on any exchanges yet.

Stay poor faggot

this shit is too complicated for me. Ok, so I "bet" on AI agents and they get tokens for it? This helps me how?
If this were a business or a software library, nobody would care. This would just be one among many libraries that people can or cannot use if they want to publish an AI agent aka. algorithm.
I just dont get why this uses the blockchain. I guess it really is just shoehorned into it to provide incentives for users. I mean I guess that's okay, you just use the money aspect of blockchain to try and get people to develop more and better AI agents.
Doesnt inherently have anything to do with blockchain though and I see zero synergy effect here. I mean I only read it for like 3min, someone else might explain it better. It doesnt sound like token holders get anything except some rather useless right to vote on which AI agents they like and this is called staking.

req was at .35 like two days ago retard don't pretend you're smart, it's shilled here 24/7

Agreed. If any crypto will make it, then Snet definitely will.

If you notice, every coin I've called (OMG, REQ, SNET) has one big thing in common. Can you figure it out?

Nah, it's basically an AI marketplace to buy/sell/coordinate AI services.
AGI, the token, is the currency used for the services.
It's on a blockchain because it's trustless and decentralized.
Right now AI is both controlled by big corporations AND isolated in their own silos.

SingularityNET connects them all together.

Dude, $0.035. Not $0.35 -- I got in after the ICO dump. Can you read?

Any estimation of when it'll go live on exchanges?

how to buy it on ED if its not officially listed ?

People are already buying under the hand for x5. So i guess this would be a nice mark.

Shortly after the tokens are unlocked for trading.
Major exchanges contacted the team telling they'd list it, free (not asking, since the team isn't making deals with exchanges).

Tokens aren't unlocked for trade yet.

Yep. I've been trying to buy more for 2x but no one is selling. I got offered over 5x for mine already, though.

Thanks, OP. Now delete the thread.


So i cant buy it.

Im so furious for missing white list this gem was on my radar for over a month


You can when tokens are unlocked! Be ready though. Price will rocket as many are waiting.

How? Where? For fiat?

Which exchange can we expect this to be on?

ERC20 token?

You can buy mine for x20 at any exchange in the upcoming weeks.

"Currently SingularityNET is one of the most pioneering and important projects in the blockchain world, so major exchanges know us and already contacted us. We have decide to make no formal arrangements with them and to not support or otherwise facilitate any secondary trading or external valuation of AGI tokens. However, some of those major exchanges have told us they will list AGI tokens after our initial token sale, just as they list many other tokens including some utility tokens, but in full independence from us."