Why is this shitcoin mooning so hard? Im in it but what the fuck

Why is this shitcoin mooning so hard? Im in it but what the fuck

>tfw all-in in XLM and FUN
This year is going to be great

Normies finally realized youd make more money with xlm than ripple at this point

when its dumb?
i dont know when i should sell

I just FOMO'd in using the rest of my BTC.

Did I fuck up or am I Gucci?

you literally haven't been paying attention then


enlighten a brainlet, is it because of IBM?

They have a ton of good news and they are the LTC version of Ripple.
This is going to hit 1 dollar in a month.


It's grown beyond that now

>The levels of comfy I'm feeling with half of my stack in xlm

>actual usability

XLM will rise beyond ripple in the next 2 weeks.
2$ when FairX gets released at the end of February.

How can you be all in on two coins user? Please enlighten me

>left out xlm atms

>should I FOMO in at ATH and watch it drop to 0 sats?
>Should I avoid FOMO and watch it rise to 1000x?

The eternal crypto question

"The Stellar Community prioritizes marginalized people's safety over privileged people's comfort. Community leaders will not act on complaints regarding: Reverse racism, reverse sexism, and 'cisphobia.' Communication in a 'tone' you don't find congenial. Criticizing racist, sexist, cissesixst, or otherwise oppressive behavior and assumptions."

That was my dilemma with ripple. I was thinking of making it like 1/3 of my portfolio at 30 cents, but it jumped to 75 cents and I was convinced the risk/reward wasn't worth it at that point. Then it just kept going.

meant to reply to

Stay mad sjw

they're a network, not counselors

Enjoy not being rich and living in your trailer home kek

Zoom out and log, faggot.

>calling this a shitcoin

weww lad. some SJW copy pasted the community guidelines of nearly every bigger company for XLM. must boycott them now right? Leave your feelings out investment.

XLM tearing down the massive sellwalls on bittrex atm. The 400BTC wall is now only 180BTC thick. As soon as it surpasses the 4000sats, it will explode. My body is ready.

FFS does this thing ever stop mooning?

this is the time to get lambos guys.
It's a fork of Ripple. Look at ripple valuation

stellar will be $1 within a week so you're all good

Trips confirm, this buy pressure is ridiculous

I'm wondering how long to hold for, do I sellout at $1? I dont wanna get greedy lol


7-8000 satoshi, screencap this

3-4$ ea in three weeks.

HODL xlm. One coin you should HODL.

we're jumping up the top 10 list boys. crushing it... lets take down litecoin, kek

>measuring alts in sats



Use the decentralized exchange to buy whatever you want when it launches in a couple of weeks.

Korea is on this shit, pic related.

I'm thinking of selling my XRP to go all in with this. What does Veeky Forumsrael think?

shoulda listened

Same here bro.
We are gonna make it in 2018

Refueling , 4200 lets go

Yes. It's a better version of Ripple that will at least hit one dollar in a couple of weeks. It moons and then goes sideways and then moons. Buy in on the sideways trading.

XRP already mooned.
XLM will still go up to 1$ at least

its already crashing

about to buy more

The Dubai government is now doing a city wide pilot with XLM.

Im happy it 2.5x’d for me but sad i only bought $1200 usd worth

Various anons were shilling in the last day or so some bews would come and it would moon

If you grab it at 50 cents you are going to 100% double your money in a month. This is a guarentee, in crypto, do you hate money?

>backed by IBM and wells Fargo
>fairx will kill normiebase

its been overbought right now, sell it and wait for it to stabilize around $0.40 then buy more. New floor is here.

>stabilize around 40

No. Its too late , theres to much hype for this coin . Its not stopping , the floor is gonna be 50 at the lowest

>future top 5
pick one.



>fat fingering a 5 instead of 1
wew lad

Im afraid to sell at the top, for the last 3 days there seems to be no top

im just gonna leave it there


"Shitcoin" you're an idiot sell your bags, you're not worthy!

The floor is now 47-48, fool


Guys, I'm all in at the moment. Do you think I should stay balls deep through January, or should I go one third each into XLM/REQ/LINK? Which will do better in the next couple months?

This, i did the same thing when ripple exploded. I shold have just held. Im all in xlm right now.

All in until FairX launch. It will be at least $1 by end of January. Probably more like $2-3.

just hit $10k thanks to this baby, initial investment cashed out

>cashing out inital investment now
Nigga u coulda waited 2 weeks for $1

yeah I'd much rather invest in a project that prevents PR disasters with this kind of stuff, even if I think it's bullshit. Stay poor Kevin

It's been removed, user. Leave it be.

i cashed out a while ago senpai, i'm not selling any XLM anytime soon

Is it bad to have 1/2 my portfolio in this, 1/4 in XRB, and 1/4 in trashcoins like REQ/ETH?

Seems to me like getting XLM below $1 is a steal. Promising future for this one.

XRP and XLM till we die bro

XLMfags are defending this. Pathetic. What a leftist poor mentality.

xlm will follow xrps movement. take off was bit delayed there but finally moving up. should be 2ish by end of week.

Should I jump off XRP and put it all in XLM?!?!

bls resbond

50% + 50% = 100% all in

XRP is going nowhere at least for the next 2 weeks

Should I take everything out of XRP and dump it in XLM or am I too late? Why is XRP so stagnant?

Me Too! Fuck yeah

Defending what exactly? We're all willing to remove SJW cancer, yes. But the issue has been resolved when they altered the guidelines.
Disclaimer: I'm an alt-righter.

Are you concerned that this will affect the price?
Fuck, there are legitimate reasons to go after XLM, actually based on the tech. Either FUD using those, or don't do it at all.

xrp literally just went a shit ton in a few days. it doesnt always move. gotta level out before next one.

>nobody in this thread supplying the real reason for the moon

Enlighten us. PnD?

>pnd in top 10 market caps
hahahahahaha jesus people on this board really are stupid as shit

Good thing everyone getting rich off it is a straight white male lmao

Im not the only one all in on these fucking coins? Sweet

This is the gambling mans choice.
I'm riding this train too brother.

> Hey guys, our pajeet group is going to PnD Bitcoin tonight. Who wants in?

Only mega whales can PnD top 10 coins brainlet.

The first thing I ever saw of xlm is them fucking around with online shopping in Nigeria. Then a bunch of 'banking for the unbanked' nonsense. Of course it started as SJW nonsense, just like powr.

But lumens are going to be part of every financial transaction on the planet eventually, so I'm going to let them bank my currently unbanked white male wage slave self.

Explain to me why this isn't going to just crash like a mofo any minute now? I want to get in but just looking at the chart is doesn't look promising.

Also why did it moon so hard the first time?

Not a pajeet this is an honest question.

You think you're being clever but you just come off as illiterate

>Also why did it moon so hard the first time?
IBM rumors, conference, and other news.

Same as you. Is this a good time to go in or is everyone about to get pajeet'd?

We'll be talking about $5 lumens in a couple of weeks, and the people who doubted $1 will be seen like flat earth believers.

It's backed by IBM and partnered with Wells Fargo via FairX

It's the first professional cryprto.

honestly, whether it keeps mooning or if it actually dips down much lower, it doesn't matter, the future is set for gains, it is one of the contender coins to rule them all. never too late.

Same thing with XRB. The chart looks like it would crash at any point, but it kept going up.

Because it has a working product, strong partnership, and not some vaporware chinkcoin.

Because its better than Ethereum at what ethereum does.

Also, fairX will use Lumens, and that alone will facilitate a large number of XLM being burnt forever. It's literally only going to go up from here in the long term.

my airdrop is now worth $7K

Hype get out once you can make bank don't hold or you will lose out on money

The RSI is dropping again, I anticipate the mooning to continue in a few hours after this dip