Sent BTC to a LINK address

>sent BTC to a LINK address


you're joking, right?


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It will never confirm, so send it again.

oh no no no no

how can that work?



Newfaggot here, what's the problem?

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no problem, support can reverse the transaction and he can resend it


so what ends up happening? The warnings say your funds might be lost if you do that. Is it true?

What is the supposed problem then, I mean?

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You can only send the type of coin to an address that the address is for. That wallet was for LINK and he sent BTC to it, so best case scenario he just gave someone a bunch of BTC but realistically it's just lost somewhere in the void of cyberspace now. Either way he's not getting it back

OP is just new that's all

Pretty much this,

Just go to, send them an email and they can roll back the blockchain to get your coins back

Oh I thought a wallet address can cover many different coins at once, shouldn't there be some kind of contingency for this?
Like an error message that the transaction isn't possible?
Can't believe OP blundered BTC like that.

Only token platforms like ETH and NEO can store multiple tokens in the same wallet. Bitcoin is it's own blockchain


I remember when I was a newbie and I tried sending a non bitcoin crypto to a crypto address it simply didn’t send but that was from an exchange

Welcome to the future of cryptocurrencies. Rolling back wrong transaction is for goyim sheepies.

Being that's it's decentralized it'd be too difficult to verify every randomly generated wallet address exists, I guess.
The wallets that cover many coins usually just have multiple different addresses for the different coins.

Would they actually do this?
Not OP, just curious.

No of course. How would they know that destination adress is actually wrong, and that op isn't trying to fool some guy that have recieved it?

You mean you sent BTC to an ETH address, of which all start with 0x


XRB doesn't have this problem :^)

No lol the folks working at it don't even have the ability to do that

It's impossible, that's why it's secure. If there was a way to guess that someone has the private key of a valid address, you could potentially steal its funds too.


No, it's not true. They just put the warning there for legal reasons. Go ahead and try it yourself, send some currency to the wrong currency wallet, it will just show an error message and a funny gif.

nice bait.

holy shit 2018 has barely started and we've got a "Derp of the Year" moment.

I'm sorry for your loss OP.

just call viabtc and ask them to alter the blockchain.

how to bitcoin guyz

someone once sent 50000 doge to my pokershibes account