Time to come clean, who slept on XLM?

Time to come clean, who slept on XLM?

I sold at .28.

Oh well.

I didnt buy enough...shoulda went all in a long time ago.

been sleeping like a baby on 300k XLM since 800 sats, kek

still holding
thinking of selling my arms for more xlm honestly so i dont panic sell right fucking now

Anything under $1 is a good buy on Stellar. It will go to $5 this year if not more

Bought at 0,13. 1500+ XLM. Poor af, but still something.

1600 here, will we make it user?

3551 here, ill hold your hand until we do, STRONG HANDS

FIrst coin I got interested in, I've been waiting for my Coinbase ETH to clear for days now. Missed out to a point, but it's going places so while salty, I can't complain. Already up quite a bit with what other bits I could scrounge together, though I could've been sitting double easily.

XLM is the only long term I trust and I in time, I know I'm going to proven right.

Had 14k xlm but sold for a profit of 200 dollars hahaha

>Bought at 500 sats
>Thought I got meme'd by a rocket coin
>Sold at 300 sats
C'est la vie

Can we have a moment of silence for the user who said he sold at 2400 to "buy the dip" yesterday night

Went all in yesterday morning. No brainer play when Ripple ran out of steam.

>tfw only 2k lumen
i'm only up like 500 bucks, but that's 500 bucks I wouldn't have otherwise
>tfw didn't go all in

Got in at 800 sats
Got out at 950 sats

Dont be like me. A weakhanded cuck without a plan.

But now im back with bigger stack.

Lets get it boy.

I bought $300 worth of lumens, got 1400 total.
I am so comfy because I have almost 3x since I bought.
Please let me 10x

I had my finger on the sell button last night at midnight.

I said, "user, you know stellar. You love stellar. Stellar is the future. Don't sell"

So I didn't sell.

I bought MORE!


Bought in at 1550 originally and 3100 the second round.

Over 5000 lumens in the bank

We dont deserve this blessing.

Holding BCH waiting for the next pump so I missed this one. Congratulations to everyone who bought XLM, happy gains!

this was supposed to be my long hold, why the heck is it mooning so violently so early?

Word of mouth and hype. It has actual usage, there are very few coins with trustworthy promises out there. You'll see people shilling others as trustworthy, then you read their plans and see they just want an early game PND off fresh coins. Trust me, XLM is one of the big boys long term, and everyone is catching on now.


Only 2500 here but if this goes to 5$ by eoy I'll be happy

I didn't just sleep on xlm, I put a buy order at 3k sats hoping for a dip and I got it

It really did hit .50 cents

it blew off to 55c actually lmao

I went to sleep, and when I woke up my gains were 30% up.

Bought 10k at 0.02 /comfystudent/

i bought at 650 and sold at 810 sats

Have 4k XML. Give me some 10x gains, please.

this growth seems to be from the hype related to the new xlm atms in asia. when i support coins im super bullish so no matter the price i always grow my bags. i knew it would break the 50 cents mark, and i still think it will reach the dollar in 2018. my only regret was not finding it soon sooner. and yes i still believe in safex.

bought at a loss and just made my profits back. when would be a good time to go all in again? 3700?

its a great long term hold, dont trade for pennies.

I regret buying it 0.36 and then it dipped to 0.33
but now I'm hodling while I'm grabbing my balls

also "nice trajectory"

The logo doesn't appeal to me so I never bought in.

The logo is literally a rocket ship to the moon you retard


Sold 80k at 1600
Sold 105k at 3630 earlier today
Sold the rest 145k at 4120 15 min ago.

Bought them at 380
Good shitcoin.

I only have 300 XLM. FML, how far and fast is this going?

And the hyper success of Ripple. It's a better version of Ripple.

I have 50k XLM in my hardware wallet. I masturbate inserting it in my anus everynight before going to sleep.


120k xlm tokens @ 0.17 here

My body is ready.

Got 1x the value i put in 3 days ago.

New floor at 54 cents

Choice. I'm about to go to vegas and can't keep tabs on it well until I get back on Friday. Think it'll break a $1 by then?

Is it smart to put 400€ in right now or should i wait for the next drop?
I'm kind of scared to miss it since it hasn't dropped in like 2 days.

>43 / 5 / 40 / 1
ripple will be destroyed during transactions thus increase value, my question does stellar do this? plus ripple is for banks i think you will get faster gains from the jews. a 50 50 portfolio would be a good idea.


You’re gonna make it bro just trust hold and never panic sell

This moon is the best way to ring in 2018 lads

Source on the first claim? All I've seen are rumors.

its at the all time high due to them implementing ATMS in asia. a very hard call to make, sorry for you loss.

literally noone can answer that question but you sorry.

REQ/LINK are better though so idgaf about Stellar

what? thats the whole point of ripple, every transaction will destroy a little bit of it to stable the massive supply. now imagine banks transferring billions daily until one xrp is like 10 to 20 bucks thus the burning slows down. its on their site man, shit its everywhere.

look at this lucky fuck. good for you. im about to make my first btc.

How can you say they're better when they have different uses?

better gains

Idgaf about the tech

As far as I know, the burn rate is so slow that it'll take decades to have a significant effect.


you will either x100 in 2020 or lose everything

I didn't sleep.

charge your phones

Haha sold 15mins ago
ICX now bitches

Just hold nigger. First day of q1 and fairx etc aren't even announced yet. Xlm gonna be over a dollar ez

>was about to sell when the sjw shit happened

true, but banks trade billions of dollars daily and it wont just be the american banks using this currency. i expect 5 dollars by 2019 so its totally a safe buy.

Too busy in the moon mission

Bought literally 100k more on this dip

Went all in on 750 sats. My first good trade.

They already deleted it.

>mfw my first two buys were XLM and REQ

this crypto thing is ez

I bought 1800 at .31 and another 600 this morning at 0.41.

What are the chances I will make 6 figures?

inb4 he buys link and loses a lot of money

>offload my bags this morning
> starts to moon two hours later


Bought 13k at .21 and 2k at .40. Comfy.

Look at these lumens as $1 bills. If you can get one for $0.50, why not sell heirlooms, star wars figurines, even fucking blood plasma to get more.

I'm fine with a 10x by June

>>offload my bags this morning
Fucking moron

>selling the comfiest hold
user.... why

>offloading before FairX

A cuck through and through

how long after fairx do you unload lumens if you just want USD or more crypto? do you hold it for years?

Buy the RSI dips. That's what I did. I'm up 15% from yesterday

Actually if you want to buy, buy in now

Hold it until you've made enough money to live the rest of your life in comfort, then cash out.

We're basically placing bets on FairX. If it comes out and is a piece of shit and doesn't function / is obtuse, then drop it, unless there's some other reason to continue. That's the thing with XLM, it's designed to bring this shit en masse to the normie world, and people are failing to realize that still, somehow. Yes, other coins have similar functions or plans, but they're already clearly more obtuse and harder to work with. People are afraid of crypto still because it's not simplified.

Depends what percent gain you want?

A sane option is to take profits on the way up, not unload your entire bag like a panic selling idiot

I'm 100% sure this'll hit 1 dollar before the end of January.

Let's just hope it stays down until I can drop my paycheck in.

The only 3 I've ever held and will ever hold are REQ, LINK, and XLM, all gotten under $0.15. Meme magic give me strength.

I sold 10k of my babies trying to increase my stack with a shitcoin. I loved my babies and I want them back, but I have no idea how to turn fiat into crypto on such a short timespan. I miss my babies

My god you are missing this local dip
RSI looks sweet for reaping, but its still at the mid point, we'll see.

Stay tuned, i'll find a good entry for long term holders.

Very bullish on this because Lumen is better than Ethereum.

user, I tried daytrading XLM and I just ended up losing coins. Buy now or get left behind.

>dare calling them your babies if you were willing to sell them
You deserve to miss out desu. A curse upon you and your household. May you stay glued to the earth as you watch all our rocketships leave you behind.

tfw didnt sleep on xlm but slept on req

As soon as i post this, its t aking off to 3700s

Hows REQ doing?

Poor user, He will be remembered when this reaches $20

RSI on what timeframe? Noob question but the internet doesn't give a decent answer.

same question for you.

Or a good book with information, I'm willing to learn evyrthing. This is it for me, if I want to make it it'll be in the next two years with crypto.

>buy now with money I don't have

Nigger I'm 100% in