What's gonna be next crypto to be added here?

What's gonna be next crypto to be added here?

I want to get in on it early because once it's exposed to the normies the price will moon at least 10x like BCH.

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Get REP and GNT. Hodl.
XRP not happening.
ETC very unlikely.
XLM plausible.
MKR, a little further out when that system matures.

are there any indication GNT will be added? Golem seems pretty niche to be added.

its xrp


Bch did not moon 10x. It went up barely triple at one point and is now only up 100% from before it was added to coinbase



It did triple but they cucked everything by disabling everything while BTC was dropping and people got scared to buy

This + OMG and BAT

imo, best chances are

in a thread recently some guy claimed that an ether wallet that is probably polychain capital was accumulating huge positions in Golem and ZRX. They have close connections with coinbase.

its NEO

How has no one mentioned DASH. By far the most likely to be added. I'd bet it'll be DASH and XRP.

I saw this the yesterday user, seems legit

Why is XRP not happening?

Some test code leaked last summer. Seems they were experimenting with ERC-20’s, REP and GNT in particular. Could be nothing, but they would make sense- Coinbase seems like they want to add tokens that are useful, and CB can be a vending machine for these, as opposed to a bucket of shitcoins for speculators to pnd.

XRP does not fit coinbases guidelines for listing.

also look into decred, that would meet coinbase's guidelines very well and they've presented there before. DCR has had healthy growth too

Doesn't ZRX compete with coinbase?? Why list a competitor?

BCH will launch outside US this month. Coinbase didnt add it everywhere due to the drama after US launch

Coinbase has criteria for addition, XRP doesn’t fit. Coinbase knew full well of XRP’s existence when the criteria came out, the criteria almost seems written to exclude them. And Ripple was a top 5 market cap coin the whole time.

As legit as Ripple itself may be, however much banks may make use of Ripple tech, XRP is a useless shit token.

>implying a company can't change their guidelines to make more money

Thank you to those who shilled me XLM and REQ.

>he doesn't know fairx and stellar will kill shitbase

neither does bitcoin lol

>Implying coinbase wants to list worthless shit just to make money
Then why havent they listed 10+ coins if that was the case

Don’t let /pol/ catch you saying that


>worthless shit
>makes them money
which is it, brainlet? they haven't added 10+ coins because theyre so underwater with support work just with the 3 coins they had when the normie invasion hit

Bullshit, they could have added them long ago

The Ripple team is actually working on adjusting to those guidelines. They've been in the works for sometime. Expect a major announcement in a month. Believe me or not, it's gonna happen. You just gotta choose whether you wanna make money or not. But you didn't hear this from me.

Time will tell dude, but the more diarrhea Coinbase splashes onto their site, the less special Coinbase listing becomes. Hence, standards. They mean something.

You know the answer...

It's Monero...


It's FunFair, every insider know

Pretty easily Ripple or XLM. There is nothing else right now.

I'd hope it's neo since it's developing and the team has been transparent since day 1.

But I don't actually think it's going to happen.

How will they address the centralization problem? Ie, there’s almost no nodes and what there are are owed by Ripple

BAT, REQ, but hopefully not cripple.