also this is probably gonna be like 75c to a dollar by the end of the month if not sooner, so your gonna get gains even if you buy this close to ath

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Agreed, fucking whales are crazy. At least we can stay comfy with 4% daily gains until it is listed on a bigger volume exchange.

Unironically this is what happened with BNTY while you people fudd'd it mercilessly.

You deserve this.

These fucking whales are scum. Don't you already have enough coins? Just let us fly to the moon instead of killing the hype around a promising project.

god that huobi listing can't come soon enough, i'm sick of these whales.

how do the whales keep the price down?

newfag here

6 months from now people will be killing themselves because they didn't buy back in January.

They accumulate lots of coins and then put up HUGE sell walls, which causes normies like us to panic and sell. After the price drops, they buy at a cheaper price and REPEAT






Cheap Sell Walls
And probably a cheap buywall to keep the price action within a range they can accumulate or distribute

just bought some
no clue what it is but it has a cool name and kucoin is shilling it so it can only go up

Is this a joke?
If it isn't: The whales place massive sell orders, for hundreds of thousands of dollars. People see these orders, and knowing that it will take forever for it to get filled, place their sell orders below the whale's huge sell order. People also get discouraged seeing massive sell walls (which prevent the price from going above them until they are filled) and don't buy in.
DBC currently has the most obvious price suppression that anyone has ever seen. There is some piece of shit whale who has been desperately trying to keep the price down to accumulate for when it gets listed on Hyoubi.

Shilling this shit hard.. how many u holding OP?


litterally 100k

> Just let us fly to the moon instead of killing the hype around a promising project.
Seriously. Without this fucking whale, this project would have flown to fucking mars already. In the slim chance that this never takes off, I am blaming the fucking whale for killing the hype around an extremely promising project.

Ok, isn't this good for us ? We can get it cheap too

Honestly though, this whale can get fucking slayed, we just need a bigger whale to gobble him whole and one bite.

I'm thinking it's the same faggot who's doing it to BNTY.

Why is/are these whales ONLY targetting BNTY and DBC on KuCoin I WONDER?

this does not kill hype it builds hype as people see the price is not tanking and are more willing to buy in seeing the increased volume.

It is good for people who haven't gotten it yet. But it also risks killing people's hype around the coin and impatiently pulling out because they don't want to wait. DBC is going to take off when it gets on Hyoubi regardless, I just wish this whale would stop keeping the price artificially low.

pic related

only sort of, it let's you get in cheap, but it also means there's a chance of this project slowing down and not mooning as hard as it could have without the whales

Because they are projects with a low marketcap on a low volume exchange, yet they have more recognition than coins at similar marketcaps, so they are bound to go to the moon. This fucking whale should know that everyone on Veeky Forums fucking wants his ass dead.

What is going on?
This bot is buying all of the wall, is it another whale?

So is it really worth buying into the sell wall? I see some buy walls forming, surely the whales expect the price to go down?

The whale is buying his own wall to make people FOMO.

that's equal to 2 ETH per buy, right?

its most likely the same whale buying his own wall, to win in the DBC trading race

What a guy

Killed big portions of 182 ETH wall with arbitrage trading on cost of that fucking manipulator whale
while getting 4 extra ETH
thank me later anons

Literally TRX, with buywalls and sellwalls of 10-20BTC in every price

BTC is sitting higher? shit that might be the way to go to eat through future walls. You're doing gods work user

nice its down to half

not much, but ocassionally there are spikes where i have orders sitting, then immediately changing to ETH and buying up that monster wall
free 4.3ETH from whale so far
thanks based whale

we're getting there, next 200 wall

The wall was at 2Mil before. Now it's 600k. WERE GONNA FUCKING MOON BOYS

yeah this strat is great, i 10x'd bnty this way

im a small fish again now though, only 889 dbc so arbitraging is too small to make a difference right now

Theyre trying to win the contest senpai hold your titties

It's going to be hard to gain traction until it gets on a bigger exchange. KuCoin and LBank just don't have the volume.

Anyone know what ICO price was in terms of eth and usd?

*blocks our path*

Every fucking time

do you just buy in ETH and sell to BTC?
how much do you need for it to actually be worth it

this is clearly the silence before the storm

I went from 391 dbc to 967 dbc doing this, but yeah, that's only a $60 profit, probably wasn't worth it unless this shit hits $1

until when is contest?
have 220k DBC ocassionally setting up 20-40k sells on BTC and hope to get a spike, worked a couple times so far

No, people look at the 24h/7d change and if they don't see an increase, they see a bad investment with no returns and take their money elsewhere.

>first time getting very early into something and ignoring the fud
>some fucking whale keeps the shit from mooning
and its been mostly like this since getting listed
just huge sell walls

This whale is the single biggest faggot on the planet. I hope he knows that everyone hates him.

>implying cryptos are homogeneous goods with their price as the only defining characteristic

I sold at 180 and bought at 182 for a loss of 1k DBC. Am I doing good?

If you don't mind waiting weeks or months for some returns, yeah. God knows how long that whale intends to sit there, hopefully it's really just for the contest that ends tomorrow, but Bounty has the same problem without any such explanation.
If you only have a small budget and need some gains to reinvest, you will get desperate with every passing day that your money just sits there or even slowly bleeds away. At one point you might say "fuck it" and sell and invest in other projects that actually move. That's what whales usually speculate on. They have tons of money, they don't care how long a few hundred thousand dollars are sitting there, they usually have the one or other million to play around with.
However, it's also a bit risky in case the project dies in the meantime. In that case, the whale has accumulated for nothing and possibly wasted a good chunk of money. But of course everyone else who was still holding out will get burned, too.

Can you explain what you're doing for a newfriend with nothing better to do? Converting the DBC to ETH during spikes to take adv of the whale's sell orders? How does that increase your holdings?

I lost 5k because I daytraded and fell asleep.

In reality they may not be but for dumb money that's about all the research they're doing

Look up Arbitrage trading.

The opposite, right now DBC-BTC spikes occasionally, so you sell for BTC when that happens, buy ETH with that and use it on DBC-ETH, expect a 3-6% profit but do it 20 times and you'll double your money.
Just calculate the the DBC to BTC to ETH exchange rate and compare it to the DBC-ETH price

walls are coming down

what they said
just punched 183 wall with 10 ETH while making a profit
feels good

So calculate it during the small spike? Can I do DBC > BTC > ETH > DBC this second? Newb to flipping coin, don't wanna fuck myself over.

that was an orderly divestiture at 182. Onward!

Complete newfag here who opted all into this fucker.

Holy shit, what is this feel? Put in measly 1ETH when it was at 130 because poorfag, but the gains so far are great. Did I do good for my first buy Veeky Forums?

Yeah you did. I got in 189eth. Possibly very stupid of me...or not...we'll see

congrats buddy, that should be enough to have a nice stack for the next moon mission

Yes. Would probably hold for at least a month. Cash it out and then put into another 1 or 2 coins for more gains. Repeat.

First rule is buy high sell low. You need to up your game, user.

it's moving up a bit quickly now, so it may be hard to get the timing right within the time it takes for your orders to go through

don't worry user. that good feeling will be shattered soon when this dumps back down to 100. every new traders needs to feel it at least once

You're not a poorfag. I'm a poorfag I could only put in 0.1 at 80

Thx I'll just stay patient and wait for it to slow down if I decide to flip out and back in for small profit

Oh shit here we go

with how much % of your dbc would you do this?

anons what are the chances they havent dumped all of the 900million public tokens?

is there a possibility we just get dumped on when the new exchange lists


How do you calculate it fast? I can't compare ETH and BTC prices I'm retarded.



is deepbrain gonna make us rich??

biz lambo meetup in Vegas whos down?

Thanks lads. Feelsgood
I'm already feeling the fomo with all the REQ talk going on, so I'm prepping my ego

All the people looking for quick gains are probably going to dump on the new exchange

yea i think people write bots to do this quicker and automatically so it's easier. i might try this when i get enough capital for it to be worth it

BREAKOUT IMMINENT oh fuck I'm gonna love waking up tomorrow

Veeky Forums, I went all in on this coin. I fucking pray for that 1 dollar at end January.

Bread dumped like a motherfuck when it was listed on Binance, but that's the only time I've been burned in crypto. Dunno if new coins are always or mostly like that.

to the moon my high IQ individuals

Are you using coingecko or some other site to compare the price of ETH and BTC?

I can't believe we're at 190 again, thought a major dump would happen by now. Looking good so far for the upcoming week(s)


What did they mean by this?

It's moving up so it'll be difficult to do now but during the wall it was easy.
Calculate the price you'd need it to peak to to make a profit and either set a sell order at that or wait for the price to spike to that or something close enough, DBC-ETH was constant because of the wall and ETH-BTC is almost constant so only the selling had to be done quickly.
And use the lowest ask for ETH-BTC and DBC-ETH and not the lowest bid while calculating interview with CEO of Feng He (investment group) Kevin Chen for those who are interested. Sounds like an interesting project but I'm a brainlet desu

That he's fucking gay.

Guys, I'm in from 170, will the price increase be significant in term of week or so? I just have some BNTY and considering to transfer it to DBC, but i dont want to sell in loss.

Pretty significant man. Huobi incoming.

perfect intro info, thank ya. I'll do my own due diligence with the rest of it

Bounty is a fucking meme coin.

DeepBrain has potential far beyond the current crypto environment. It's literally a coin ahead of it's time.

looks like a nice house
just bought 10k more

All, you don't lose much if you make a mistake unless the coin is going orbital

calculator?forget about the decimals, if DBC-BTC is 0.00001110 and ETH-BTC is 0.0567 just do 111/567

if i'm on Kucoin i'll use the exchange rate on Kucoin

Buying up all the sell walls while making tons of profit
gotta love getting free money from whale manipulators ;)

Doing the Lord's work, and getting rewarded.

>calculator?forget about the decimals, if DBC-BTC is 0.00001110 and ETH-BTC is 0.0567 just do 111/567

I still don't understand, user..

i love you user

Anons we can do this buy the thru those walls
We need to slay these whales
At some point he will give up
If u don't have a cukoin yet make one and also get some kucoins as I expect it will be a good year for the exchange
Also obligatory code shill because noone used mine yet

I only have $20 worth at 160 ethsat. Can't decide if I want to buy more or not.

I'm up 2 BTC from DBC, though I cashed out because I don't trust the whale. This coin will probably moon eventually, but due to upcoming events like Bitcoin crashing and Raiblocks being added to Kucoin people will drop their DBC bags to FOMO onto those trains (because taking a 10% loss is worth it in order to avoid losing 50% from the crash or gain 2x from Raiblocks). That means DBC will crash and remain low for a while, much like BNTY.