Sleeping giant will wake, mark my words.

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not when it's only on some shitcunt exchange

inb4 muh XRB

this isn't XRB

>XRB is better

Actually in all seriousness I agree that COLX is a sleeping giant

Bought few hundred thousand at .003 cents. Tripled since then and it's not even on cryptopia yet.
Kek expect heavy mooning should easily 30x my money.

anyone worried about the masternodes cashing in?

What about the pre-mine? That's worrying

kek. the entire supply was pre mined and traded 2-1to cv2 holders with unclaimed coins burnt. cv2 holdings were both mined and stake and the genesus block was created for a 20-1swap of col with cv2. im not sure what current dustribution looks lije but there is a block explorer at presstab. point is, pre mine is intentional.

Haha. This is motherfucker is so passionate about COLX he wrote a folk song.

I have a MN. I can say that ROI is so high that it wouldn't make much sense to cash in for a long time. I will probably just cash in my MN rewards quarterly and keep the MN running.

I got one yesterday after the price drop. So far I am getting 1425 colx every 3 hours. Not bad, its about $115 per day.

They COLX over ECA. ECA seems to be he way better product with way better ROI

Bought 40k and sent to wallet, does anyone know how big of stacks I should split this into for staking?

They dont even have a website.

Last github activty: 3 months ago, I pass.

They just tweeted that they are doing website upgrades.

How many do you have?

The long guide mentioned splitting up the 500k balance I'm not sure if that's necessary for my small amount to maximize staking rewards but some advice for this would be good.

apparently you need at least 10 million COLX which is a bit over 93,000. at $115 a day, assuming no change in price, it would take 2 and a half years to make back that masternode investment.

someone tell me how this is even a good idea

It's a good idea because there will be a big change in price

I have 10 million. I bought most of it a few days ago at 20 satoshi and I thought I would purchase the rest so I can get a Masternode.

yes exactly

Damn I only have 550k.

What is COLX trying to solve?

Just a nice user coin funded by a good community. Its a nice project and I see it having a good future

have 300 $ in this coin just in case :)

Is the only way to store this coin by downloading the entire blockchain? Takes up over a GB.

>I have a MN
Based. Are the returns listed on the site accurate?

I only have half a mil COLX.

You dont give them the 10m coin, you brainlet. You can cash out whenever you want.


When will Delta and blockfolio will correctly desplay my gains?

split to 10 4ks.

Ofcourse, I'll be honest. Currently holding this bad boy. But I am sure they will rise in price because of a few reasons:
1. They will have a massive coinburn soon
2. They will be listed on cryptopia
3. They will release their whitepaper very soon.

Take this information and do with it what you want, but a smart investor recognizes good patterns.

probably when it gets on cryptopia. much bigger exchange than anything its currently on.

They better do something after ECA updated their website and roadmap . ECA better product better staking rewards and better ROI with more room to grow

This is the definition of a shitcoin. Avoid at all costs.

Will 1 ETH in COLX be enough to make it?

They don't even have a whitepaper out and their tokens are being sold? Reeks of a scamcoin.

Whitepaper coming this month, why critique something you don't properly read on? You are ruining this website..

Okay pajeet.

A whitepaper after 9 years? That shitcoin exists since 2009.

what kinda fucking sleeping giant was at 2 sats just a week or two ago get teh fuck outta here

Again, this is false. They forked off of PIVX this year, and finalized the coinswap. Don't understand the hate, wouldn't mind this coin taking over Verge.

I bought XVG @ .002 USD and now I'm doing the same with COLX, kek.

You do you! I truly believe this coin will make some threads, and a lot of angry people telling us it doesn't deserve it. Currently holding 27.999 of them for ,01 dollar a piece. Patiently awaiting it to moon

who else is excited to see how much staking yields?

Me. I have 250k in the wallet as of 3 days ago.

This piece of shit coin mooned from 1 sat to 100 in a few days and thats when you decided to get in? lol

Never change Veeky Forums, never change

XRB Mooned from like $0.05 to fucking 3 dollars and it still woulda been smart to get in at 3 dollars you moron.

if anyone cashes in a masternode before the end of 2018 they're legally retarded.

I got 5m, wish I had 10, could never afford that now.

Wondering what to do now, gotta get staking setup

Biggest mistake of 100 lifetimes.

I only have 2m... wish I had 5m haha

Kek getting in shittopia and releasing whitepaper really isn't anything special.


yeah i know, still grats for us both, it's life changing money for me, i'm really thankful, got in at around 2 sat, hope it does well this year, jan 1st and it's green so that's good.

> (You)

seems to be holding steady at 60-70 sats after mooning to 90 sats.

Thats really good considering it just jumped up from 2 sats. If it was a pump and dump itd already be back down to 2 sats or something so it means we have healthy growth on our hands

watch how to send $800 with only like .20cent fee.
Plus its a good privacy coin.
You hate money if you have not invested in this?

How long do you guys think I have till this hits 100 sats for good? I'm trying to day trade up to get a masternode but I need to 2x one more time. I need a week or two and I can throw more cash in too.

COLX looks like its really going to be the next XVG, IOTA, REQ, NEO type blowup

Is this listed on any exchanges? Would throw a few bucks at it.

coinsmarkets and tradesatoshi. It should be on Cryptopia within days because they crowdfunded the exchange fee.

Coming to exchanges soon! Now on minor exchanges, but listing on cryptopia pretty soon

my feeling is that it's getting close. they just updated the blog and are preparing to destroy coins, then putting it on cryptopia, not much time left.

yeah i found out about 4 days ago and put 10% in

its getting close i can feel it

you see it having a good future because of those reasons? not anything to do with the actual technology? lol, wtf. sounds like a shitcoin.

ahahah I bought colx at 3 sat, lmao thanks for reminding me

I already 4x in the past week. This PnD thing is too easy. Comfy af

obv the tech is there as well.

Dumped this for ECA. Better community and more promising tech.

Collosus mcal: 42 mil
ALQO mcap: 13 mil, superior tech and breathtaking whitepaper, high quality technological ecosystem after 2 months of being out.

hold both you broke ass pajeet

I own both alqo and colx, they are good coins

PoW Algorithm : Quark
Premine : (#1 Block) 100,001 ALQO (0,17% of PoW)
For 10 Masternodes, going to be burned after 1 year.
PoW Blocks : 2 - 475200
PoS Blocks : Starting from 475201
Block Time: 60 Seconds
PoW Max Coin Output/Supply: 57,879,300
PoW ending: At approx October ~ November 2018
Masternode requirements : 10,000 ALQO
Maturity: 111 Confirmations
Adresses: ALQO adresses start with the capital letter "A"