N-now its time for bitcoin to moon r-right? i didn't miss all these moon missions for no reason.. r-right...

n-now its time for bitcoin to moon r-right? i didn't miss all these moon missions for no reason.. r-right? surely holding the king's bags will pay off soon..

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>he still holds the dead dinosaurcoin
made 3100% in 2 months by being all in on alts, not even budging during BTC bull runs
ICX and REQ are literally going to make me rich this month
KYS buttcoiner


I'm sorry user-kun, it's time to let him rest though......

Do what this user says. It's over. Buttcoiners on suicide watch.

>holding bitcorn

I have 100% faith in $100k BTC by 2020.

>7x in 3 years

so funny hearing all these fags talk about how BTC is dead, when just a few weeks ago it was literally raping every alt and everyone thought BTC was the one true coin now and forever.

you are stupid if you think that can't happen again.

Wait, it's 2018 already, isn't it?

>not being satisfied with 7x in 2 years
>being so poor you have to bet on shitcoins to have a portfolio value over 5 digits
Get off my board, pleb.

>yes, diversify into these nice coins theres a gud goy

I sat on the sidelines after the btc rally and watched every single shitcoin moon without me like a fucking cuck. I don’t know how corefags still care about btc when its possible future gain will be much much less than any good alt

sure thing, champ.

Bitcoin holders are retarded

Started with $800 in November. U mad?


>having to concoct jewish conspiracy theories because there's no actual argument in favor of holding btc

you're gonna make it man, don't let anyone tell you otherwise

bitcoin is basically the only coin you will see on CNBC or Bloomberg

it is the only real widely accepted financial instrument in the crypto space
you will NEVER, EVER see some shit like stellar lumens in the wall street journal

just hold your BTC and wait for the institutional money to keep pouring in

why would you hold bitcoin while waiting? just make money trading alts like a smart person

Bitcoin holders are the new fiat conservatives. It's time to move to XRB.

>this is what corecucks unironically believe in
Can't hear over my 3100% gains.

>t. kike/jeet/leftypol

why are you getting mad at a simple joke user?

>immediately extends the conspiracy theory to include me, while also accusing me of being Mad

>the absolute state of nu/biz/

so which one of the 3 are you?

You are posting on a /pol/ colony Raj. Get used to it

The moon? When Bitcoin's scalability is sorted is when it will go to alpha centuri.

This, trade alts and earn some into btc that way for its future mooning and cash out some for immediate profit


I'm whiter than you, and have a higher iq, so didn't fall for pol memes. also not a lefty

Oh ok

This is the log chart to bitcoins adoption. If it doesn't have a use in the future it will fall bellow the bottom line.

And the quality went to shit the moment you 80 IQ untermenschen from /pol/ entered.
I'm a 100% European aryan by the way, you dumb amerimutt.

literally this
until then, have fun playing with shitcoins

How long do you reckon we have?

>until then
Enjoy your dinosaur. 37.8% and falling.

the quality went to shit because of Jeets. obviously. Pol was always here

So you are a euro aryan but right wing views make you upset? merchant memes make you upset? ok then...

ok, enjoy your shitty bandaid solutions like LN.

>implying I'm upset
>implying I do not enjoy kike memes
Nice strawman nigger.
Funnily enough, It's the same rhetoric every single time I'm arguing with some /pol/tard. The hivemind meme is real.

lol, I'm not evening holding any btc.


pls be my gf

Its not a strawman, look how the convo started

>its the same rhetoric
You hate /pol/. But the question is whether you hate pol (the children and controlled opposition) or you hate the right wing Ideologies. So which is it?

Like when they talked about Bitcoin Cash which immediately cucked Bitcoin because it raises all kinds of red flags. On National television?


>right wing Ideologies
I'm an ancap so right wing by definition.

Then I know who you are. The ancaps here are the most retarded people on the planet

Im the Fascist from Ininftychan, would you like to get btfo in debate for the umpteenth time?

>Then I know who you are
Who am I?
>unironical fascist
I thought it was a meme lmao.

well you are probably one of the 3-4 ancaps o biz that make the ancap threads... You get btfo in debate every single time

>I thought it was a meme lmao.
Of course you do, youre politically retarded after all

you are so fucking cute, can i show you my dick?

everytime alts moon a new wave of newcoiners pour in, doubting the king and then it's pink wojak seaosn


I suggest you to check out this group discord.gg/MSrbH9z

Sometimes we find a moon and at worst we get surefire 10% gains you can get within a day, the community is pretty chill too. I've been here for two weeks and I've made x3 gains, while before I was a damn pink wojack who bought ath bags.

Never made an ancap thread, you nigger-tier IQ individual. Go back to your containment board or ideally to rebbit, you newfag.

Literally the exact same shit happened in the spring/summer, first BTC mooned, then it dropped and everyone was excited about alts and doubting BTC, then BTC dipped even harder and justed every single alt and the entire market, then BTC mooned even harder and justed alts even harder for months. Same shit every time, with a new cycle of newbies to post wojacks when there shitcoin drops.

Mio is my wife.

pls be my gf!!!!

>hates bitcoin
>measures his portfolio in it

Btw I made 200k by holding BTC since 2013. 2017-era cryptofags are so retarded and cute

She's Ritsu's wife you fagit.

I don't measure my portfolio in BTC you fucking moron. I posted my BTC chart just to spite you corecucks, who just a month ago kept memeing about BTC outperforming alts.

Ugly as fuck

>pic related literally who