Are there even enough Lambos being made for all of the crypto millionaires...

Are there even enough Lambos being made for all of the crypto millionaires? I don't think they will be able to keep up with demand.

Also, what amount of money do I need to have before I even consider buying one?

When you don't have to ask yourself if its alright to buy one.

The whole caviat of getting into crypto is to make an sound investment. >emplying the entire cryptomarket is not bullish and not supported by day trade fags.

Your car should be less than 1% of your net worth.

So no cars until you're a millionaire basically. Lambo equals roughly 25 million net worth.

This is how I view it.

so I just need 5 million strat coins right now to be a millionaire in a month.

The fact that this is a genuine question and isn't being said ironically anymore should be terrifying all of you.
It's fucking impossible not to be doubling, tripling or more your money right now.. no matter which coin you picked off coinmarketcap. This is complete mania

>because of all the newmoney crypto incels, lambos become commonplace
>old riches stop seeing lambos as something worthy of ownership
>lambos lose their value as a status item, leaving crypto incels again at the bottom of the totem pole

Nobody is stupid enough to buy a fucking lambo, dumbass. It’s a figure of speech

lol kys

>what amount of money do I need to have before I even consider buying one?

What kind of fucking mongoloidian question is this? Are you some kind of handicap? Firstly, you're either a 3rd worlder or 8 years old if your life aspirations are to buy a Lamborghini, secondly, affording something is totally fucking relative. You can buy one as soon as you make enough to buy one, but you'll have no money to trade again or eat. Or you could not have a fucking pointless sports vehicle as part of your trading and money making life.

Did anyone actually bought a lambo from their crypto gains?

Seems like a meme only thing

That is the point of the question. I am asking what net worth is needed for it to not be an incredibly stupid decision.

Lambo should be 5 percent tops

It would be a very stupid decision if it doesn't already naturally fit into your style.

Oh no, all out of Lambos! Now we have to drive all these Ferraris, Koenigseggs, and Maclarens.

>Seems like a meme only thing
The meme was started when during the late 2013 boom when a /g/entoomen bought a Gallardo and the image was posted there a lot.
Gallardos are pretty basic tier and go for as low as 50-60k used.

By this logic a millionaire should be driving a 10k used BMW? Okay


I wouldn't buy one, cars are money sinks in general, Lambos require double of every maintenance cause they're like two engines stuck together on top of the parts all being super exensive

20-50 Million

$0 - $25,000 can be a shitty used car that you maintain yourself

1/10th isn’t 1/100th genius autist boy.

And if you make under 25k and can’t afford a cheap older civic/Corolla/accord/Camryto drive and maintain yourself you deserve to be poor

If you make such little money on a permanent(!) basis you can't afford a car AND build net worth at the same time (which is what this website is about).
Just gas, tolls, maintenance parts, insurance and registration will drain your budget to the max. Of course students or someone just starting out might go for a car to improve the situation, but if you're permanently stuck you can spend the money better in other places.