I was banned for 24 hours so I couldn't post anything last night because I made an offtopic post here.

But as you can see I did not sell my 1MM. Holders win. Happy for all you who invested on the moon with me, I'll see you on mars next then Saturn.

Once again, this coin is 10x guaranteed.

Happy new years!

Can you explain how this is different and more viable as an actual platform than

fistnigger is that you

No, I can't lol

I know what DBC does, but not really familiar with Singularity, although I know singularity isn't focused on business (b2b specifically) and is also run by a giant faggot who looks drunk and on shrooms constantly. I do know that Singularity has stated they are not competitive with DBC and hope to partner with them in the future, so they are different technologies.

No, but I figured out who fistnigger is on twitter.

who the fuck is fistnigger

He is our champion

a metaverse legend

Who. Post the twitter.


The sell wall is about to fall. Anyone who wants in on a moon mission better get the fuck in right now.

I think hes just a massive autist who probably dabbles in psychedelics, if we were to follow the trail of maladjusted geniuses to the pot of gold this is a good one to follow IMO, his talks on generalized AI are very

With S.IO, I think the real key is broker nodes coordinating complex tasks and assignment to sub-process nodes, which really scales up the potential complexity. Will take a look at DBC for sure.

Kucoin. My referal code is 1dda6 if you would be kind enough to input it.

This isn't even your fucking screenshot fucking liar

Fuck can't buy any DNC until my BTC deposit is confirmed.


This referal bonus will bless you with gainz and moon missions in 2018:


Lets make this the best and one of the most popular exchanges in 2018. Cheers anons.

thank u based i went all in after ur first post :)

It's mine

Lol how could you possibly fuck up the white in the background of that so bad

>h-he must be lying!

Ok. Don't worry this is going 10x, there's plenty of time to buy in. It's not even ranked on CMC. Once it hits top 100, your window to buy in closes very fast.

>tfw bought in less than 2 minutes ago and i'm already up 0.1 BTC

thats what macs do

thing is, if DBC hits $1(10x from 10 cents), what's stopping it from going even higher?

Nothing, some more exclusive crypto influencers have been talking about DBC for days. It's going to be enormous, I'm holding the fuck out of this one. I want 1 milly.

are some of you in disbelief that someone can have 140k worth of an altcoin? there are plenty of people who have this much and much more....stop limiting yourself and see the opportunities.

typical self-limiting normies i tell ya

what ATH are we gonna reach today, frens?

the basic mechanics of a market

alrighty, also biz bros what happened to the CND hype? seems stuck at 10 cents lol.


fuck biz i'm lower 4 digits in this shit, better deliver, i'm a poor neet faggot with a family

>NEET with a family

Jesus fucking Christ, user. Sort yourself


Holy shit you're gonna be rich.

DBC crew to the moon!!!!!!!!!

3.8k DBC im gonna make it right?

Do we know when the Chinks will get their hands on it? I just want to know when to expect the moon.

Circulating supply OP?

About 1 billion

They said after 1/1 on their website so possibly today or in a few days

so i've noticed that both yesterday and today, the large buys are occuring when asia is waking up. just some more evidence that demand will be high once it hits huobi