New Years Blockfolio bread

New Years Blockfolio bread
My first six figures. What a way to start a year.

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Congrats user!

Heres mine, first time breaching 400k happened last night. We are gonna make it.

What app is that you're tracking in?

XEL is gonna be the best sleeper of 2018, bought it last night when I saw some whispers on crypto twitter

I already 4x in the past week. This PnD thing is too easy. Comfy af..

Congratulations user, I hope I will follow your track ! 9.5K here


Still not much gains, wondering what to buy, any recommendations rich anons?

holding xvg and moon long term

Thank you kind sir. The future seems bright.

Anons please take a look at my portfolio. I think I am holding too much LTC (few days ago I had 500 LTC and no XRB and REQ).

Should I buy more XRB? Or REQ? Or any other coin?
XRB - I think this is the ideal coin
REQ - pretty interesting and the market cap is way smaller than XRBs market cap, so it can moon easier?

I would like to invest perhaps 100 LTC.

Who else all-in here? 25x gains so far since Sept.


>I could have bought 3k XRB when it was under $1
pls end my life

Is this the best most optimal folio at the moment?

Looks insanely sexy

rate me pls

forgot the image doh

Dont feel bad user. I bought it for $15. Basically I paid $50.000 for it (actually i converted 200 LTC for this).

Oh and actually, this whole blockfolio cost me around 300 Euro in electricity cost. I mined LTC way back in 2013. Comfy af.

I want to make half a milion out of it and then gtfo.

holy fucking shit, and I bought it at $2 but just 45 pieces as I had gone all in on another coin at that time and didn't have much faith in XRB at that time

BTC and XMR were some of the weakest performers in 2017. Drop those bags and get Dash and ZenCash. Coinbase announcement for adding Dash is tomorrow.

Nice holds there, ‘grats!
Take a serious look at LINK.
Not to sound shilly but LINK.
XMR is actually my comfiest hold knowing it is the truest Cryptocurrency and is already in use.
Been holding LINK, REQ and LRC since they were babies, through all the mémés and fud. Fomo’d into stellar at $.33 and I’ll never look back.

Link for the lazy? And why do you like it?

>100k portfolio
>mostly in LINK
>holds 1 BTC for sentimental value

literally me.

We are a special breed, user. I made this gif for us.


patrician taste. stop before i start sucking your dick.

fucking madman

broke 80k right before the ball dropped last night. feels good

what is the last one?

I have about $700 invested in like 15 different coins.. these gains in pennies aren't doing anything for me..

Oh I’ll be making more!
Loopring, a DEX protocol working closely with NEO.
Too diversified, pick one or two coins you’re sure will moon.

It's on bittrex.

broke 350k today. good start

poorfag here, should I just put everything on DBC and hope to win the lottery?