Blockfolio rate thread

hows it lookin boys

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nice shitcoins


I'm up 13 grand in one day.


too diversified if you actually want to reach the moon

Did I do the right thing going from left to right?

how much did you start with and how long have you been doing this for?

u better fucking rate me right now

Nice folio's anons!

How am I doing so far?

you should consider stop what you're trying to do and slowly kill yourself. because you suck.


You done good lad.

rate me pls

Rate me please

You're doing it the right way man. Just buy the good shit and hodl.

Been in since may got xvg at 5 sats I started with £5k I put £100 in to xvg and here I am... can’t handle what is going on though so had To move some out
It’s here bro put £200 down back In may, too little too late I’m afraid

What app are you using?

nice. would sell payfair and buy XLM tho lol


can’t see you down on earth there bro

consider coming on the moon to come see me

i'm 45% REQ, 45% XLM and 10% garbage. i bought in today, will i make it?

Thinking about dropping XRP for some QSP but not sure if XRP will moon when it gets on normiebase

respect, im holding xby also, i dont have balls of steel to go all in tho

Can I get a rate? I promised my mom a horse (20k) by EOTY and promised a lamborghini to myself the year after

What does Veeky Forums think of NAV?


Youll make it

went from 6 to 4 coins. Still overdiversified?

no balls

no moon

My body is ready for the upcoming BTC yuuge pump!

Not enough XBY

jesus nice one.

I've got to start on this too now.

The project is pretty much done as it is. It might catch on, but there likely won't be huge upcoming surprises. The finished product is already there. It depends on mainstream adoption.

you're fucked, cute 2018 bags

you got your dick 300k deep in a shitcoin
thats not ballsy thats straight up retarded

with 317k do you really need other people to validate your opinions

Monero, NEO, BCH and ETH, 4what?

If he just got in recently, it might not be that dumb. Whether BTC dies or not, it will likely rise again before dying completely. If any of their fixes actually work to solve the fees and delays problem, BTC will rocket back to where it was not long ago. It's really that that's killing it IMO.

Every day it gets easier to make good decisions and I make more money.

Except I sold 1000 of my XLM put it into ITNS. I hope that doesn't fuck me over.

I got in in June with 5k

>tfw sold my xlm at 2500 to buy dbc

A-am I still gonna make it bros?

2k18 gon be gud


love xby
has been
good start
revise pls

Started in October with 3k

Just broke 10k yesterday, initial invest 2500 in late June. Just fomoed into XLM after wanting to get it yesterday but not doing it, sold most of my ARK for it at least, since it hasn't done shit but it had more than doubled my initial investment.

Sup guys, nice portfolios.

I don't have the luxury to diversify though


Started June. Invested 30k. How am I looking guys?

That's good then.

might make it

Started with 2k a few months ago

Pic didn't attach.


TRX and ADA... I don't know man, sounds like you're following some shit advice.

That's great. Time to jump out tho, it might have one good LN pump until people realize that LN is mathematical garbage that won't save BTC.

Good luck buoyy

Pretty fucking solid.

Where did you get most of that growth?

BTW, you can still hit a million by March if you invest half of that into REQ right now.

I've read that they are going to hire the same marketing team that did coca cola and unilever... this coin has huge x10, x20 potential.

No XRB, shame.
NEO (asia pump shit)

LTC and BTC? I'm not even gonna comment.

most of the coins been traded and maintained by my bespoke robot

3k usd equally divided in ADA, QSP, TRX, LINK, ARK, XLM, REQ, ICX
started with 100 bucks in september

2018 will be huge for you
Also, how is that app called?

Yes i know im a poorfag. Any suggestions. Thinjing of cutting my ltc and brc into stellar once the dip comes.

Small fry reporting in, started with 150.

Icx is my only longterm rest are for quick flips.

Started a month ago with 0.1 BTC

Lmao if real but I doubt it

>Behold, tfw. set before me this year was a blessing and a curse.

If you refer to thos android app, it's called Delta. Two coins that I don't trade with bot are MCO and Link. These two will stay for long, especially Link.

The bot took 3 months of 8am to 2am 7 day per week work. But it was worth it, I'm a developer myself with years of experience. I've included only a couple of closest friends to use it. Actually it's main idea is dead simple: detect market cycles of coins that even in the worst case scenario I wouldn't be ashamed to hodl. Sell with at least 30% profit. But potentially wait till another wave cycle beginning. That's it. No chase of pumps, just steady, but guaranteed portfolio growth.

/biz, we all gonna make it!

Started with around $550

needs more UFR


Dude, by EOY you will show off a portfolio worth of 200k. Screencap this

>holding a coin with old technology and dwindling market dominance
>holding a coin that will probably barely even 2x by EOY

Shiggy diggy nigga

3x only?!

I wont buy xrb more than 10 dollars out of stubborness

1 ltc always for good luck

Some btc to snag an altcoin dip

This guys is on some obscure shit

I like it.

Brb researching

Ditto, very good choices

Rate my shitcoins

not shure if that will help you.
You can either be 1. early, 2. be smarter or 3. cheat.
I was just earlier and took insane risk.


u will make it. future millionaire

down 7k in 3 minutes, nice

Most from NEO then OMG

Do you project holding onto those projects long term?

Regardless I still like to know about tech I haven't researched yet even if I missed the initial run. It gives a better understanding of what's considered the new baseline of expectation in blockchain development. That way it's easier to separate the gold from the chaff.


How long until Lamboland?

should I just put everything on DBC?

>you're only up 300% in 30 days!?

The absolute state of crypto.

And graph go go with (started early Nov).

Feeling /comfy/

I don't have enough to diversify but I'm optimistic for 2018. When I hit 2k I'll start moving some more money and try and make it. Wish me luck lads

mirin your stack fellow xbeliever

swap xrp with eth and you'll do better

Req and xlm will take you there
Enjoy your gamble
Consider gambling on 0x, steady gains

I know I'm retarded...

Diversifying with less than five/six figures won't do much for you. I still have a few hundred dollars staked in a half dozen coins (ark nav rise qrl mco nxs neo) but my majority portfolio is in REQ XLM and ZRX with some ETH LTC XMR OMG minority holds. I'm probably way too diversified desu. With low capital access it's better to concentrate on 2 maybe 3 projects and focus on using 50%-75% stop limit orders to keep your overall gain average high. That's my current strategy anyway and it's been good so far.

I got burned by holding legacy coins (BTC and LTC) for too long instead of moving into better alternatives. Won't make that mistake again I hope.

when i was all in xvg i went from £360k to £250k in 2 hours, also the opposite happened though...

Jesus christ nice iron hands there then

>Do you project holding onto those projects long term?
I already hold them pretty long but will continue so until they get into top10-20 territory. Then I will diversify out a bit.
Only those obscure projects will give you >20-30x. If you have like $5k or less I wouldn't bother much with the major hyped coins.
If a coin is already in the top 10 or 20 it will basically flow with the market +-5x but doesn't have the power to make solitaire missions to other galaxies like going from page 2 to page 1 on coinmarketcap.