*silently goes to pluto*

*silently goes to pluto*

This is a top project to look at for in 2018. People sleeping on this. Enigma will fundamentally change the way we think about smart contracts and the entire structure of them.

If you had put $1k into Enigma ICO just 2 months ago you would already have $5000.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to get in sub 200m marketcap. This project is led by a team of MIT graduates with backing from MIT itself and Alex Pentland as the top advisor who also happens to be one of THE MOST cited authors in computer science HISTORY.

It's not too late to get into Enigma and make massive gains with it.

This is a new exciting space Enigma is challenging and we're still early.

It's gaining traction fast though, reddit doubled in a week. Don't get left behind.


Yes yes yes, I'm still recovering from the orgasm that was REQ, I'm even deeper into ENG take Mr out of the solar system, baby

I'm also in this now. price prediction? I would jizz if it went anywhere near $100/ENG

Wasn't this like $3.50 around Christmas? It'd be great if we could reach another ATH.

I'd say it's not too crazy to see it go ~$30 by EOY2018. Who knows how crazy it can go in 2019

It's pretty much ATH sats right now.

Why is it mooning NOW though?
There is no news that I know of besides there telegram hitting 10000 members.

Can Kisagun said he has something coming out soon that will make early investors happy.

5000 subscriber AMA

News doesn't have to spike everything. Smart investors get in BEFORE that happens.

Anticipate moon missions, don't try to hop on while the rocket is launching. That's how you get burnt by the exhaust and left behind.

I'm already on this rocket, I just want to know why one of my long holds decides to explode.

ascending triangle breakout at 21k sats. sell target above 30k sats

and here it goes, this piece of shit can't even sustain a 10% gain before giving it all back and crashing down to 17000. getting ready to sell.

Fuck off, I can't buy today, why couldn't this shit just wait one fucking day?

Stupid question.... but fuck it, how does enigma fare vs. hashgraph? Does it have a future if hash graphs become more relevant ?

Huh? Corrections happen on the way up to pluto


it's an ERC20, it's built on ethereum. so I could be wrong but I thought that meant it was intrinsically tied to the ethereum platform

it's not ffs
i want it to go down so i can buy some more

500ETH sell wall..

I read it was suppose to be a block chain agnostic which is good , hopefully block chain stays around and DAG doesn't become to relevant so I can make some $$

and its gone!