Invest 500$ in which coins?

Tell me

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DBC, whale fucking off soon.


KIN if you want 5k by next week

You seriously need to sell DBC right now
t. memelines expert

2million DBC wall was real got eaten up

REQ before $1, easy money.

xrb sure



FUN and XLM. put half in FUN right now. Put the other half in XLM once it retreats from this run.

unironically this

Enjin, they release their multi-wallet this week.

Dragonchain it's going to 5x, screencap this


How high can it go ? Hasn’t it mooned already

High risk/reward:

Guaranteed gains:

This. Get into REQ before its too late, it could be the next ETH.

FUN has the biggest bang for the buck if your patient for it to launch.
REQ LINK and XLM all have $5 potential this year.

I would say once XLM or REQ correct they would be the safest x2-x5 you can get for $500

LINK is a little more risky but it could reach ethereum levels of growth

How high can it go

when you say patient, how much? I'm getting some money in a week to dump, and I'm considering FUN. I want it to stay under 10 cents though.

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Only ARK is real.

>Just got 8000, feels good man.

100$ by 2019.

RCN OR LMC. Go all in on either.