What do yall think about this chinkcoin?

get more tron?

Just bought a shitton

chinks will support their own and they are richer than the jews, already bought at 0,036$

Get in.

Just bought 333k.

I have like 15k, get in, we have dogs, bikes, n shit

>he is trolling eth by releasing a pic with dogs and prices

nobody asks why supercell would make a collecting game with dogs that looks like its based on a collecting game with kittens thats 1 month old

this, just wait for a time when chinks withdraw from the crypto trade ban

When will it moon tho?


literally alibaba coin

Few hours, China is still sleeping

Justin Sun is chink, so how could he tweet 5 hours ago about this dogo game?

tron is a safe bet for $1

it's going to be a slow steady rise to the top buddy. you better just gtf in now.

why does every chink dev look like a state/corporate plant?

ive never stayed up late ever

So when is it expected to hit 500sats? And 1k?

By the End of 2018?

if that happens, it will be over for you too

This is one of my moon mission hope coins, along with FUN. I really hope it takes off. Good founder and good fundamentals. Also asians. Good stuff.

If this hits $200 I'll never have to work again, will be free of debt, will have the power to buy my mom a nice house and buy shit I don't need because I can.

Lol if tron hits 200$ I'll be richer than bill gates so it is unlikely to happen the crypto market is generous but not that generous


What the fuck do these dogs do? Pls explain

Pretty much this

Never forget the chinese and their spending. I doubt it'll happen but jesus christ am I hoping it will.

they are lol