Alright Veeky Forumsfags, sell me on ada. Why is it stuck in the 66-72 seems like a good steady hold if you don't want fluctuation. Will it ever surpass ripple, reach 2$?

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it doesn't even have a working product and its in the top 10 do the math


And Ripple isn't a cryptocurrency, and it is bouncing between spot two and three

ADA in that tange because your mother vagina extremely loose

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people don't give a fuck what it is if they can make a buck on it
In the long run that will not work out for everyone though.


Happy New Year.

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Should I move all of my XRP into ADA for january 5th Mars mission and stop at the moon?

I would.. what has XRP got lined up before then?

I sure as fuck would

Centralized shitcoin vs. proof of stake passive income

HMMMMMMMM really makes you think

At the current moment, i don't give a crap about the technology. I'm all about becoming a millionaire.

You don't need a million to buy your village...

hold your xrp then. will be worth a fortune


not you, just him

Really short sighted my dude

I'm already in Cardano, but I truly believe in Ripples goal.
Cryptos will not succeed in overthrowing banks within the next decade, but Ripple can surely beat the fucking SWIFT payment system, which is a 40-year-old piece of garbage technology. It's a literal nobrainer for me.
However, as said, ADA has more going for in in the next 5 days than XRP has.

>who cares about tech, i only want to make money!
>i truly believe in this new tech that will surpass SWIFT!


lmao the absolute state of Veeky Forums shills

It'll keep going up desu, all the way to top 1 on CMC.

Prove me wrong.

Typical people in crypto for money

what am i shilling?

not you brainlet, the guy you're replying to

>stuck at 66-72 range

It just got there. It was stuck at 35-50 for a week so can you just relax?

i only care about the goddamn money