Myspace of crypto

>Myspace of crypto

eth is the facebook

Most likely true.

But the best alts at the moment like XRB or XLM are the Instagram of crypto

xrp is twitter

BTC: friendster
ETH: Myspace
BCH: Facebook

What is the Youtube of crypto?

BCH: facebook, youtube, google

What is XMR?

At best BCH will be imgur of crypto





Lightning network is the Duke Nukem Forever of crypto currency. HAIL TO THE KING BABY!!

Why is bitcoin still keeping price over 13k? The hype is dead

Veeky Forums of crypto.
5 c/han is verge.
8 c/han is bulwark

what a perfect analogy.

nah xrp is more like snapchat
popular with its users but shit in the market

normies keeping it afloat, also people cashing out of other coins to take profits keeps it up as well.

what, nobody actually uses ripple, in fact, nobody actually uses any of these fucking cryptocurrencies lets be honest.


Bitcoin - Nexus
Ethereum - Netscape
Ripple - Internet Explorer
Monero - Mozilla
Cardano - Chrome

how u lyk dem applez

REQ = Paypal 2.0

thats not true,
i own an ethtank on the blockchain that made me 0.4 eth

It's enterprise, it's basically only used by banks etc