10 Reasons Why Electra is About to Absolutely Explode

10 Reasons Why Electra is About to Absolutely Explode

As the new year starts with a beautiful array of green candles and moon missions, I’m sure most of you are taking a bit of smart profit. When looking for a reinvestment, it’s important to examine the quieter coins that have yet to cross over $.01.

There’s many safe and comfortable holds for 2018 and I always encourage you to diversify your stake. Ethereum is sure to blossom into a more utilized network, NEO will make some huge waves, and RaiBlocks might just crack the top five market cap. While these coins are legitimately great deals, their thousand percent increases have already come--these coins have an established floor.

For investors seeking a coin that will bring not only massive gains but also staking rewards, I strongly advise you to have a look at Electra.

Electra (ECA) is a Proof-of-Stake coin which is currently selling for (at the time of publication) 15 satoshis. The rewards for staking give back a 50 percent return yearly until supply cap is reached. 30 billion cap should be reached in 1-2 years. The price combined with the massive POS rewards--which makes dumping a terrible financial decision--gives me full confidence in the potential that Electra holds. I will say it clearly: This is not a pump and dump scheme, this is a real project with very real potential. Any buy under 50 satoshis is an absolute steal.

Let’s examine the uses, benefits, and potential rewards from Electra. Below are ten reasons why I believe this coin will be a great contender in 2018.

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1. Electra uses a NIST5 hashing algorithm.

Electra chose to use NIST5 as its hashing algorithm. This recently developed algorithm has been proven to be more secure and power efficient than other leading algorithms. NIST5 is a combination of the finalists and winner of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology Hash Function Competition(specifically BLAKE, Grostl, JH, Keccak/SHA-3, and Skein. NIST5 was created fairly recently, and immediately saw use by other coins. For a 280X GPU, the algorithm uses 175W and operates around 57 degrees celsius. Compare this to the SHA3 algorithm--this works at 278W and 72 degrees celsius. SCRYPT runs at even higher energy usage! NIST5 will be making waves this year.

2. Wallet UI is due to be upgraded in Q1 2018.

We all know that UI and Graphics means quite a lot in the crypto world. Flashy graphics and detailed artwork give this coin a sense of legitimacy. At the moment, the wallet is a simple open-source UI that doesn’t do much for the eyes but this will all change in just a few weeks. I know certain investors can be turned off by the UI of the wallet. It is clearly bare bones and open source but we must remember this--as the coin increases in value the team’s value increases as well. Graphics are great for catching the public’s eye but what really counts is speed. Which brings me to my next point…

3. Coin Transfer is Nearly Instant.

Right after purchasing ECA from CoinsMarkets, I downloaded the wallet. The entire blockchain history downloaded in under one minute. The wallet runs seamlessly, I’ve had it open for 3 days and my staking position is increasing nicely. I sent my coins over from the exchange and literally arrived in under 3 seconds.

4. The Electra Wallet is Very Simple to Use

A deposit address was created for me, I don’t need to worry about seeds or complicated addresses. I simply open the wallet, deposit coins, and then backup the file. This has great potential for mass adoption due to its simplicity. The number one concern clients bring to me has to do with seed creation. This concept is still scary for brand new adopters. A good wallet can overcome this coin.

5. Atomic Swaps are Due To Be Implemented Soon.

2018 is going to be the year of the Alts. The last day of 2017 and the first of 2018 prove this fact. Atomic swap implementation allow cross-currency trading without the need for a third party or exchange. As more coins can be traded directly (i.e. Raiblocks for Neo and Stellar Lumens for Electra) an entire mesh net of currency is created. No need to waste time, energy, and speed on annoying transfers. What wins in crypto? Speed, ease, security, and energy use. Electra shines in all of these factors. Allow it to be traded for other alts and this coin will be a top contender for 2018.

6. Tor Implemented Wallets Coming Q2 2018

Privacy coins are going to be huge in 2018. Coins that have the optional privacy integrated with a public wallet are going to be even bigger. If your coin can serve the purpose of Monero with a faster transfer than RaiBlocks, which coin will you choose? You only need one coin and one wallet. Pay for public transactions with no sweat, go private if the need arises. Built over TOR, this will be an attractive feature in 2018.

7. iOS/Android Wallet Release In Q2 2018

The potential for mainstream crypto adoption in 2018 is absolutely massive. The mobile world of crypto investing is currently bogged down by having one main distributor. The Coinbase mobile app exploded in popularity right around Bitcoin’s departure from $10,000. The masses are still coming. They are all dying to buy these coins! By Q2 2018, crypto will have survived the bubble myths and adoption will be much easier. FairX exchange is coming soon and will offer much more than the current standard of Coinbase.

8. NIST5 Has Huge Marketing Potential

Have a look at the number of coins using NIST5 here. There’s a total of eight. Eight coins are using the algorithm that is lowest in energy usage. There’s marketing potential just within the hashing algorithm! The public saw quite a lot of Bitcoin news last year. One of the main stories they haven’t forgotten? Bitcoin’s massive energy use and inefficiency. NIST5 solves this problem and provides a huge selling point for ECA.

9. Payment Gateway Integrations Arrive

Merchants online and in retail will be able to accept Electra as payment. Following the integration, Boost phase two is scheduled to start. If all of this goes well, Masternodes will be implemented at the start of Q3 2018.

10. The Current Value of ECA is Directly Correlated to its Acquisition Difficulty.

Currently, this coin can be purchased from only a few exchanges. Coinsmarkets is a legitimate and safe exchange--even if the UI is terrible. Coinsmarkets is easily comparable to EtherDelta. Scary, a bit sketchy and full of “scams”. This is where the investor must step aside from emotion, compare previous market forces, and then make their own competent decision.

Remember, you’re not supposed to be investing anything you can’t lose. Don’t let that stop you. RaiBlocks was on BitGrail (or coloquially, ShitGrail) and we’ve now seen profit levels not expected until March 2018. Fortune favors the bold. Think of the ones who missed RaiBlocks just because of the exchange’s UI and apparent untrustworthiness. Yes, the exchange had massive flaws and still scares people away. Don’t be scared. Be bold. Electra can deliver and even a small investment at this point could produce massive returns.

At 15 satoshis, this coin has nowhere to go but up.

If you’re curious about the project or would like to purchase coins, please visit the links below.

Coin Market Cap: coinmarketcap.com/currencies/electra/
Purchase on Coinsmarkets: coinsmarkets.com/trade-BTC-ECA.htm#
Electra Project Website: electraproject.org/

tbqh you sold me on it, the tech looks promising and its cheap af so im in

holding 500k.

will i make it senpai.

This coin is gonna be huge this year. Holding comfy 300k of ECA.

4th thread today and these guys still won’t listen. I’ll continue to accumulate up to 20 sats. Should have about 15 million by then

Holding also alot, around 650k. Selling when it reaches 0.50-1$

im holding 40k eca worht 30 bucks. i just tried a bit , to join , and i saw wonderfull real time coomutinty with people who are strong hodlers

Wagecuck poorfag here. I've been looking at ECA for a couple days now and have already decided to buy as much as I possibly can as soon as I can. I only managed to get 2.8k REQ before it took off. This time I'm ready for the moon mission!

shit. Nice stack

What's the reward for staking after the supply cap has been reached?

ok pajeet

where to buy


where to buy?

coinsmarkets.com - its a shitty autistic exchange so when you buy your ECA just withdraw it to the desktop wallet (dl the wallet from electraproject.org) and then withdraw it from coinsmarkets to your wallet, and you'll see how fast this shit is

Will this reach a nickle by Q4 2018?

pure tier 3 shit coin

>I sent my coins over from the exchange and literally arrived in under 3 seconds.
What was the test transaction amount and what was the time?

And why is that?
What means "Nickle"

I'm in for over a million eca

Can't be any worse than Etherdelta. Trading there makes me want to pull my fucking hair out

Thanks for the response. Could you please provide a detailed response on why you feel this way. I am always open to new ideas and would like to have the full story with this coin.

I sent 1.5 million to my wallet and before the page loaded I had a windows notification saying my coins arrived

Send a few


like even just 1. I'm going to send them back to test transfer.

electraproject.org is fucking infinitely loading

I had no trouble loading and getting the wallet.

I also have an amazing ID. Sex in 8k.

5 cents dude


I already 4x in the past week. This PnD thing is too easy. Comfy af..


How do you mine these? I dont want to deal with another weird exchange i've never heard of

You have to buy from the exchange and stake them in the wallet apparently. The more you have, the more you make.

I'm not sure on this one.

.000017 to .00209 USD in less than a month already.

Been reading about ECA for a few weeks now and finally bought my first 200k yesterday.

There's so much to look forward to. Electra will cause a major disruption in the crypto landscape this year

the exchange honestly isnt terrible, looks a bit shit but works just fine. i just bought my ECA on there and withdrew it to my wallet since i'm not interested in any other coins on there (yet)

Nice. Most unique one I've ever had was, "faTgu7ys/"

Am skinnyfag

these are the top holders. No whales that own 50% to dump. All of these people will make more by staking than they would by dumping anyway

I am stupid as fuck

I didn't read it well that they were going to be listed on next.exchange. I understood they were going to be listed in fucking novaexchange.com which is a Tanzania shittier scam exchange.

If I realized my mistake when I first read about it I would have been able to join for the nextexchange ICO for the exchange tokens.

Ok, but what is the point of the coin?
It's looking like they just made a coin to make a coin. No real information on real world use in the About section.

Yo where do you guys your BTC from to exchange? I've been using coinbase and they rape me in fees and the BTC i just bought hasn't fucking arrived yet after like 20 mins. It's never taken this long.

where do you guys buy your BTC from to exchange**

Sending anything to that exchange takes way longer than normal for some reason
Send LTC or doge

cant we buy this coin with anything other than BTC ? i dont hold btc atm

thanks just bought a few 10.000s ECAs

sold up my shitty 1700 XRP and put it all in. I fucking bought 2 million 2 weeks ago then jumped ship as I thought it was a PnD.


Why is the founded anonymous? And what's actually the unique selling product of this coin?


team is pretty weak...

50% annual staking reward until cap
instant transacitons + Tor

That's the impression I got. Reminds me of PIVX.


The web developer and the designers sure aren't
For the others we will have to wait for the new wallet

Well PIVX is doing well. The biggest differences are that ECA does not implement zerocoin like PIVX but instead has extremely fast block validation times because of that NIST hashing algorithm.

I mean, you can hash check the entire blockchain in seconds (and the chain is not that small). Stacking and validating blocks consumes almost no energy at all (compare with btc for instance).