ENG is very quickly becoming a biz favorite alongside LINK and REQ, which we've all made bank on.
You need to Buy ENG if you're on Bittrex or Binance RIGHT NOW
Short term targeting 25k sats or above and we're on a roll!
Long term this is a unique blockchain agnostic (hnng) protocol that all major companies will use to secure their on-chain data. get. in. lads.

ENG REQ LINK is the trifecta of gains this year

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We're tearing through sats over here, where are you brahs??

Good to see ENG making a run. 2018 is gonna be a great year.

On the way to 30k sats!

We saw this coming and we warned them.

Bought in last night at like 18000 sats

Nice more biztards should know about eng

Holy shit it's finally moving! Hopefully it's won't crash hard at the end like last time

no bullshit, no fucking pajeet, but I honestly wish Veeky Forumstards would stop being so fucking retarded and buy into ENG.

I don't want to get a lambo and have to drive it around with a bunch of old faggots, I'd prefer to do it with you fuckin' autists instead

23k is down
24k will be within the hour

so strange that all biz approved coins are waking up at once, im loving it

Veeky Forums we're gunna make it
We the jews now

Finally hit 10k , thanks ENG.


price predictions end of year?

Would buy in if I wasn't so heavily invested into REQ/ICX. The team and concept are solid and the future seems promising. Good luck bruhs

Raiden is next.

I already 4x in the past week. This PnD thing is too easy. Comfy af-_-


20 guaranteed, 50 optimistic

I've got a sell order set at 30k sats in case this thing goes parabolic

You will regret selling user.

fuck off pajeet no one wants to go in your shitty pnd discord, anyone who does deserves to be a poorfag

I tried to tell you biz faggots 3 hours ago but nobody listened.

Veeky Forums is too stupid for this coin desu



in this market? is that all? shit has already 5x in 2 weeks

This is a reddit coin

Meaning its appealable and will moon? Alright sounds good to me

I've been 50/50 into REQ and ENG for a while.

I unironically believe that both will have a double digit billion marketcap by the end of this year. Then I can fuck off to some tax haven and live life on a beach.

I listened, user

I've really been meaning to get into REQ, but it's not on Bittrex or Cryptopia.

Who doesn't understand these guys from MIT have literally thousands of job offers in front of them?
They are so well connected in the tech industry they could do and work anywhere they want.
They clearly think staking their time on a wacky little internet money crypto project is a good use of their time, that will give them good returns. If this coin fails or is a scam or doesn't do what they say, their reputation is tarnished for the rest of their life in tech.
Hell, they've already been working on it for more than a year.

If this doesn't convince you they're going the distance, you deserve to be poor.

60/40 ENG/REQ here.

We're going to make it mate.

This shi is being developed by MIT.

Thats all you need to know. Yoou'd be a moron if you didn't buy in

I think enigma is gonna be great

Check out: reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/7n31ld/an_indepth_review_of_enigma_catalyst_does_it_have/

One of the things that struck me the hardest about it was that they have Alex Pentland as their advisor. I've read some of his books, and the guy is one of the most brilliant data scientists in the whole fucking world, he's a true legend.

Plus he's on Google's board of directors.

Omg Google partnership confirmed

You guys will be no match for the might of Justin "The Next Jack Ma" Sun

Wish i got on this rocket earlier. Poorfag reporting in with only 50 eng lmao

Iv got 5btc and I want in! Do I do it now or when I wake up?

It's at its 24 hour peak, I suggest waiting.

Wait for a dip for a decent entry. But it'll probably have rebound and then some by the time you wake up in 8 hours.

Or you could be unlucky like the ones who tried to get into REQ yesterday during the bullrun, and end up having to pay twice the price. Up to you.

Does anyone know why it's currently rising?
Did something get announced?

Is Wanchain and Enigma doing the same thing?

Or Enigma is better due to being blockchain agnostic, or are both that?

any reason for this moon?

Hype is building. Have seen numerous threads on here recently.

Long time coming.
Its been accumulating for a few days now

Also, here's more on Alex Pentland for those interested: media.mit.edu/people/sandy/overview/

>He is one of the most-cited scientists in the world, and Forbes recently declared him one of the "7 most powerful data scientists in the world" along with Google founders and the Chief Technical Officer of the United States.

> He has received numerous awards and prizes such as the McKinsey Award from Harvard Business Review, the 40th Anniversary of the Internet from DARPA, and the Brandeis Award for work in privacy.

>He is a founding member of advisory boards for Google, AT&T, Nissan, and the UN Secretary General, a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded more than a dozen companies including social enterprises such as the Data Transparency Lab, the Harvard-ODI-MIT DataPop Alliance and the Institute for Data Driven Design. He is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering and leader within the World Economic Forum.

Tl;dr: He's a legend.

ICO had some controversy (hack) and coin released during BTC mooning
now that gains have been nearly saturated in the tier 1 alts (XLM, XRP) the tier 2 (REQ, LINK, ENG) are getting pumped hard
Reddit is loving ENG also desu

gonna wait fora dip and put in a bitcoin or two, I need to catch a break

Anyone else get the feeling that we are 10 minutes away from /hyperbolic/?

Boys the long term hold is paying off.

These bags are getting lighter by the minute

I'm not the dev team behind Enigma, so I don't know what they are thinking fully, but I am now a significant holder of ENG, so I'd like to state my perception.

What I would absolutely love to see is ENG embrace a full smart contract network in addition to the blockchain agnostic part. It's a bigger project, but I think it would be huge. Think ethereum, but re-imagined from the ground up with native sMPC opcodes and data marketplace built in. My concern is that the current scope is too limited, I'd love to see them compete. if you look at the top 20 coins they all are more focused on full spectrum growth for their own project rather than supplementing others with specific services.

My other concern is the massive focus on Catalyst. I know they've stated there is lots of sMPC work going on behind the scenes, but it's not evident. Catalyst is certainly in the spotlight above all else. It's a bit confusing when getting into the project if the Enigma stuff is even still going on. IMHO the enigma stuff should absolutely be in the spotlight and the catalyst stuff should be spun onto a separate website and channel completely. It should take backseat to the groundbreaking stuff - sMPC/Enigma.

It's still only half of REQs marketcap. Don't wait too long, like those people who are still waiting for REQ to dip back to 0.50.

Iv just bought in I feel like the additional profits I could of made would be slight compared to the how high this could go short term.
Just got 20k ENG that enough to make it?

You'll make it. Now hold for a year or more with iron hands.

nice user, keep it up
I like your view mr. IQ
Good call, lot of momentum coming in right now and a nice support level just a couple k sats below

Fuck off

Dont listen to op he is part of pump n dump group

they are targeting Eniggerma

see for yourself

No they aren't youre just shilling your shitty discord group so you can make money for king pajeet

discordjeets are evolving nicely