How many Link marines remained strong once it got pumped to 0.50 in october and then dumped all the way to 0...

How many Link marines remained strong once it got pumped to 0.50 in october and then dumped all the way to 0.10 in november?

Those who held their Link between that dark period are the chosen one, we will run oracles and become millionaires

congrats soldiers, seriously

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just bought in

A moment of silence for the fallen brothers who fell to friendly-fud

May gods watch over you all

ICO fag here who loaded up on Etherdelta once it dropped

70k strong

Going to be a millionaire NEET living off node passive income

I want more LINK but I also want to keep my REQ

I bought day 1 up to SIBOS and on the way down, most recent buy was at when it was last .48. Poorfag minimum wage worker who believes in the dream. 11k link total.

I've been holding since the very beginning. I was actually there when the toilet meme was created.



My hold stack has been on my MEW since Sibos. Lost 10K linkies swing trading . RIP

Don't hold it for too long Marine! Your bowel will blow up!

55k LINK since 0.18$ holding strong. Nice investment so far.

took some profits from icx. time to pump my dear link

.25 is my number. Feels good, man.

Bought in during presale, decided then that I will hold this coin for at least a year.

never doubted LINK for a second

Ico holder reporting in. From treating the pre-sale pools with suspicion, barely making it into the public sale, muh SIBOS, and the never ending train of memes, it's been a wild ride.
And I'm never getting off


In since pre-sibos. Made the original I want to believe -meme. The memes took me through the dip. Now holding content but exhausted. I don't browse biz much anymore, can't seem to find any decent memes anymore, goes to show how great art is created out of despair.


I bought at the end of November around .20c. Not the same amount of pain ad ico holders but I still feel the struggle. Luckily REQ has been blowing my portfolio up and keeping me away from chasing pumps

I believe in Link. Got half my portfolio in it. Im trying to swing/day trade the rest of my money to accumulate more Link. This will unironically be worth 50 atleast EOY

same. I want thios shit to go down so fucking bad. Now that i have the cash to buy. Hopefully this is a PND type thing

Guys, should I sell my 10k REQ stack to buy more link now? I bought my REQ @ 0.26

Buy high sell low bro

First bought at 0.18 then up to 0.44. Held then doubled stack to 5000 during the FUD.

those arent fallen brothers.

those are traitors who left the front line. fuck em

Second Lt Hodlswerth reporting in

we hit new ATH today boys. lets do it 1$ today

my fuckin boi

I hodled but I only had 1500. Feels shit being poor

Just wait till the normies get in this coin, I'm literally shaking and about to vomit just by thinking about that.

We are going to make it boys, $100 per coin end of Q2

Me during those months:


Fuck yes. Bought from post up all the way up and all the way down. Luckily my capital was shit until the bottom of the graph. 17k link later. I'm feeling fucking good.

Congrats to all of you iron handa, it's clear that were going to make it



It was honestly darks times.

Pre SIBOS at 10k sats, I had 16BTC worth of LINK. But was telling myself "It should really be valued at a dollar on speculation alone". Then as it dropped I just kept holding and holding thinking "The market has got to catch up soon, right?"

All the way down to 1300 sats. I had less than 3 BTC. From 18 at peak. In less than a month. But I just had to back my research and know it would pick up. And it did, thank fuck.

IKTF so well bro

We are going to make it, we always knew we would.

Good job. Normally I would call you a fucking retard for hodling like a redditor but LINK is an exception. I think link's going to be the biggest moon this market had ever seen.

Block 478 reporting in. Accumulated on the way till 34k.
We all gonna make it brothers, 2018 will be our year.

Whaddup my dude


30k @ 15c.

Hold strong boys, the pajeets and /nubiz/ are not invited on this one.


I remember post Sibos, it was a very grim and dark time for Link marines. Almost sold my stack because of all the fud but my iron hands didn't fail me.

im grateful for the brotherhood link created for all of us.

Bought in at .25, but I'm poor and could only buy 1,500 at the time. Holding ever since. Believe in the tech. Actually read the white paper. I'm unironically all in on Link. If the main-net launches successfully, this is going to change the blockchain world.

Link is gonna 2x next few days. Dont sell it or u may get burnt

Well, I bought at presale and wasnt scared to sell at the top of that 1st pump in Oct.

Tripled back up my position at 20 cents.

Fucking comfy.

I love LINK.

Its only up like 35% in a week. Im glad i dumpd presale bags after sibos. Hodl is a meme

fuck, i wish i had your balls to sell then and buy at the low.

was still fairly new to crypto and thinking "LINK IS GONNA MOON ANY SECOND"

either way, it's been an absolute pleasure to serve with you boys. the FUD, shitposts, memes etc for link are bar-none some of the best ive seen in crypto

tfw I'm only a lowly 660 link shitter but am very excited

10k Sergeant Major Reporting in

should i keep accumulating?

LINK was the first alt I bought as I was brand new to crypto, sadly I had weak as fuck hands and sold a few days after SIBOS after seeing it slowly bleed value. Now it's too late.

>tfw only 5k stink linkys :(

IMO I’ve had a hell of a lot more luck making BTC with P&D groups. The largest one just hit 64 thousand members.

fuck off

nope you are still early as fuck
Q1 goals is $5, Q2 $50, Q3-Q4 $100\

get in while its still under a dollar, you will not regret it.

Iron hands reporting, held since 0.20. The ETH in my portfolio is locked up/exit scammed by poloniex, otherwise I'm all in

Personally, I think a more realistic expectation if all goes well:

Q1: $3
Q2/Q3: $5 - $10
Q4: $10 - 20

what makes you think this

How much to make it lads? 10K? 15k? 50k?

theres no basis for any predictions at this point. no one really knows anything at the retail trader level

i personally like the lofty expectations
Q1: $5
Q4: $250

I remember February last year. The ETH price prediction threads. I'd just bought in at $17 and thought the people saying $100 ETH eoy 2017 were being ridiculous.

What are these prices based on? You probably think it's impossible that LINK could see such monumental growth because it simply sounds too good to be true. But that's not a good reason by itself. Other coins saw that kind of growth in 2017.

I don't know what the price will be by the end of the year but I wouldn't write three figures per LINK off at all. It's still largely contained on Veeky Forums but if the wider crypto community gets behind it as much as Veeky Forums has when they start hearing about it (and they should - it's a necessary, useful, and unique product) $100+ is easily achievable.

I bought in at the november dip.

It is pure conjecture friendo.


If chainlink can capture 1/4th of the market cap that flowed into XRP recently, we would see the higher end of these prediction.. $50+

You're correct, and my diamond hands aren't selling.

Sony AXA insurance
SWIFT ISO 20022 bond coupon payments
BTC Superconference talk by Sergey in Feb.
SXSW talk by Sergey in March
Zeppelin OS
REQ Network
Origami Network

It also seems like Chainlink essentially has two markets cornered: Smart Contracts & middleware services to combine the plethora of dApps to the API's they need to function in real world use cases.

I just feel more comfortable with conservative predictions. I feel it appears more promising to potential investors in this light, v.s. WE HITTIN $250 EOY BOYS MEME IT!

I don'T even doubt such high price expectations anymore. Why? Because the project is very solid. Far shittier projects had more ridiculous gains. Just look at XRP and LTC. Like 2 times it increased by x10, which nets a x100, easily. Look at Raiblocks or whatever is FOTM/current hype. When the mainstream effect kicks in you're happy that you were early adopters.

Bought on first day of ED listing and held since

Bought my tiny stack of 1400 has remained unchanged.

I've fucking HODL the whole time. Eat my shit, weak hands motherfuckers. Never even thought about selling

15K here. I feel confident
user, am i gonna make it

you need a minimum of 5k to make it.

is it okay if I sell my 25k stack now and then buy back in a day when it's back at the 60c mark?

will sergey still like me?

>when it's back at the 60c mark
simple question: what if it doesn't go back to 60c?

it's not going back to 60. I've been watching the volume, it was at 200 BTC 3 days ago, then it raised to 300, 400 and now its at 498 BTC. This is not a pump and dump this is genuine growth and awareness increase. The tweets from that playbot slut and that one crypto shillmaster with 80k tweet followers probably helped this.

buy it will user.

and if it doesn't, I'll buy back in and will have missed out on a couple green candles in the mean time.
Considering I bought most of my stack at 16c, If I miss the growth from 71c to 80c, I wont be mad.

it is very unlikely anyway at this point. especially in January unless there is some real big drama like Bitcoin dropping 75%. and in the end it would just recover anyway.

Link has singlehandedly convinced me to never buy at an ico. I believe in the tech and have a substantial portion of my portfolio in link, but I'm so glad I bought in at 20¢ because it gives me room to hodl without caring too much. The price could swing down to 30¢ again and I'd still be profitable. Can't say the same about if u bought at 50¢.

steady growth over the last few days, sell now and get burned, but perhaps that is a lesson that everybody has to make to really get it.

somebody make a reddit thread on r/crypto so we can push the moon mission

There are tons of people who got caught out like this. Just read the threads on here

>tfw I sold my LINK at $0.3 to buy back later


Me. Never doubted always bought dips. Always. Always.

people at pre-ico bought at ~9 cents, people at ico bought at ~11 cents.

t. captain that bought in ico

you realize ICO price was 9 cents right?

Thinking that LINK is ever going anywhere near .30-40c again is literally deludded

t. stinky linky

>bought when a hard floor appeared around 15 cents for many weeks

I don't even know what LINK does, but I trust you linkies to meme this shit to $1 at least

theres too much volume for it to be dumped back to 0.30. we have set a new floor at 0.65

congrats linkmarines.

please tell me link is going to go back down soon
fucking please
it was supposed to be my ticket to lambo land and ive missed it

any price under $1 is still a fucking good deal, you haven't missed anything yet.

Link holders are true bros. just intelligent chads trying to achieve financial freedom. our strong hands are what make us unique. godspeed and 5$ by q1, cap it

tfw traded all ltc for link a few days ago

phew,.,, feels good and I'll never sell until the year 2025

God dammit I fucking hate being poor. I only have 44k LINK because my dad refuses to loan me any more money. I explained that his 30% would be over a $1million in a years time but he was “skeptical”.

Now we’re starting to moon and I feel like a lowly rat.

Actually the volume is rather low, but the price increases in a steady pace, no mega pumps, no mega green candles. Just slow and steady, which is actually a strong sign if the price is increasing or sideways with mediocre volume. If volume increases, you better hold this sucker before it does.

Q1 - $5
Q2 - $12
Q3 - $36
Q4 - $100+

Held the token since September. I sold at 50 cents. Don't really regret it cuz I made more with other coins.

lol 44k is great dude. don't let your greed consume you

how is $30k dollars in money poor nigga
you're in like the top 0.1% of wealth in america.

i have half that.. am i gonna make it?

holding 500k since ICO

I'm ready.

Fuck the nonbelievers.

Fuck everyone that called us stinky

Fuck the Bitcoin Grandpas who laughed as their slow bloated piece of shit rose and then fell gloriously

This is our coin, our time, our gains, our lambos, our asian girlfriends.


great move user. litecoin is sooo doomed

>Fuck everyone that called us stinky

I hold the linky, and I will always call you stinky

you will still be a multi millionaire with 44k, whats the problem man.

this gives me the next eth vibes.