See ya on the moon!

See ya on the moon!

I'm ready let's do this!

I bought in because I fell for the memes about "$1 EOY 2028". Please rise a bit more so I can dump my bags for modest 10% gainz

i'm daytrading this shitcoin for 3 days now, already quadrupled my stack

Hold your TRX until end Q1.

Holding , strapped in

what the fuck are you doing

Financial suicide

haha my twitter handle!

i have to aggree with him. WTF man?! Ripple and VERI?

Bought VERI during the dip to 100 , my aunt bought 134 during the ICO at $9 , probably selling out soon

Ripple is cripple selling out soon , I bought in at $0.88 so im still comfy

all those 20 btcs sell walls melting like the twin towers $.$


in two hours it's gonna be prime time to moon for trx

Im ready to make some money

someone shill me on this shit please

its 5 cents for one coin so when normies see it at 1 dollar per coin we can offload

when trx dogs launches, i expect more then $1


That would be nice. Give me my 200k Justin!

nice, i need to spend some time doing that, it seems like a perfect coin to day trade right now i messed around during one moon mission and sold pretty close to the peak and bought back later and got like 600 more coins, im just always worried the next moon mission is gonna be the one time it never drops back down, but i guarentee a lot of whales have been making money with that coin for the past month

Is this shit going to crash again after the moon or will it find a new floor?

its happened at least 3 times now, but this actually feels a little different desu, ive had 2 other coins ive invested in hit new floors in the past week

Bahahaha let's get rich