Friend got me into crypto years ago

>friend got me into crypto years ago
>pretended I was too hesitant to buy in while I was dumping in spare cash like a madman
>buddy (and I) both get rich
>continue to keep the secret, act bummed whenever he talks about crypto
>he lets the money change him, becomes very flashy/public about his wealth
>tfw loses it all in a year and a half from family and friend gibsmedats and the consumerism jew
>tfw he's in the middle of a brutal rape from the IRS to add insult to injury
>tfw my wealth has only grown while nobody even knows
>tfw have only cashed out a portion to buy a decent sized plot in Montana under my personal holding corporation
>tfw literally zero deviation from my middle class habits
>tfw I have enough to never work again but I haven't even quit my job
>tfw I'm never telling anyone
>tfw I'm never cashing out
(((Luxury consumerism))) is designed to knock you out of the upper class, it serves as a check on the potentially disruptive power of new money. Being a galaxy brained secret millionaire is the comfiest feel in the world, the elites push propaganda like pic related, they don't want more free men in the world. They WANT you to flaunt your wealth to your friends, to buy the lambo, the yacht, the mansion. Only if you manage to divorce yourself from the materialistic rat race that keeps the normies hypnotized will you enjoy the taste of true freedom.


>itt: stories that never happened

rule of thumb should just be only buy luxury items when its small change for you. and not the kind of small change that if you buy 100 different luxury things it still adds up to 50% of ur networth.

if you make it in a week ( and not just lucky gains but steady income) then you can buy it.

thank you for the story, I'm standing up and clapping for you

>>tfw I have enough to never work again but I haven't even quit my job

Well that's just sad
Stop wasting your life with that gay shit lel

$5M in safe investments living off of safe 2-5% annual returns in a modest cabin in the middle of nowhere where its cold during winter so i can /comfy/ up and watch the yearly Christmas Toradora stream with /a/ is my end goal
up to about $100k now, hopefully $5M by 2020
ganbatte ne, Veeky Forums

you dont need that lambo or mansion or yacht or 3dpd roastie toasties, find what would truly make you a happy boy and aim for that instead

This is such a comfy and wholesome thread.

You're right. Fuck consumerism. Fuck Lambos. Fuck USD.

I don't really care if you guys believe me or not. Even if you think I'm LARPing, the take away doesn't change. If you're browsing this forum, I want you to make it. TRULY make it, not become nigger rich and squander your wealth hedonistically, that guarantees your legacy is a flash-in-the-pan. I want us to be united as free men who can shape the next century of western civilization.

We're all gonna make it, lads

You have done well, Master user.
I see you must have also read "The Millionaire Next Door", judging by your actions. Or perhaps you are just wiser than most by nature.

real freedom is still going to work but not being stressed out about it. If your boss starts pressuring you and you have a million+ in the bank you can just sit back and laugh.

I actually haven't, but it seems like fantastic read! I'll pick up a copy. I hope people like us can inspire a cultural movement of wealth preservation over materialism in the coming decades.

but what yall niggers doing to avoid IRS rape
I mean not cashing out is still risky right ?
What country should I move to when I make it to avoid big tax rapage ?

just make your country in international waters and cash out there
what are they gonna do? make you pay taxes when you're the only citizen of your country? :^)

> I want you to make it. TRULY make it, not become nigger rich and squander your wealth hedonistically, that guarantees your legacy is a flash-in-the-pan. I want us to be united as free men who can shape the next century of western civilization.
Listening to you, I get the music
Gazing at you, I get the heat
Following you, I climb the mountain
I get excitement at your feet

i know right
whats with the quit your job meme
its still good to keep yourself occupied even if your rolling on a lot of doe, to socialise, to maintain a low key status as to not attract the wrong attention in general instead of going all out like a fag at a parade party
and the kind of hardon you get from having nothing to lose or to worry about so you literally just chilling among other wageslaves is the one no high class escort could give you

Kind of.. the ultra rich can enjoy these things anyway. We're all still poor up through the millions. Maybe when we get to 500 million we've made it... Sort of...

Lewd af senpai, damn

god i hope i can follow this path senpai, although i almost want to quit my job just so i can focus all energy on this.

So I should take out a second mortgage?

sell a kidney instead, you can easily scoop at least $150k for one

Good job but your wealth will dwindle if you dont cash out before this bearmarket really gets going

Yeah, except you’re still working.


Yea sell your family's kidneys.

Teach me.

Likely LARP but good message nonetheless. If I made a million, I would slightly upgrade my lifestyle, but proportionally far less than my net worth scaled.

Sell a kidney, invest in crypto, 10x your money, then buy somebody else's kidney at EOY 2018 and pocket rest of gains.

If you aren't leveraging your organs yet idek what you're doing in crypto desu.

>Fuck USD

This so much.

People ask me why I don't sell my BTC...they don't understand I don't care about shiat dollars and that I only want to accumulate BTC.

nice user

it is good to show that you are not a poorfag and have a proper standing because it will attract females like bears are attracted by honey. being poor is a mega turnoff for every female unless you're exclusively fucking escorts.

however never reveal your full power level. the point of having lots of money is however to have unlimited freedom to do whatever the fuck you want to. reduce work hours? do so. buy property to rent it to poor suckers for another steady income without lifting a finger? do so. wanna fly around the world? do so. just do it without talking about it. be happy and gentle as well. enjoy life. you belong to the 0.0001% who can afford things most can only dream off.

PS: still be thoughtful about what you spend your money, don't be a dimwit and buy luxurious shit nobody needs. only buy assets (!)

>hol up so u be sayin if i finna be rich i aint sposedt buy all dem rich white peopl shiet? dayum u mus be trippin firs thang i do is buy dem lambos son na mean son

This, specially since at least 70% of your funds will be always locked because you need to use them to trade and make hopefully enough money to increase your life expenses.
You can easily have a million, but you buy a house, a car and a shitload of expensive useless stuff, good fucking luck mantaining yourself.

because he chooses to

houses (and actually some good cars not bought new) are assets, they don't decrease your networth if you do it in an intelligent way.